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  1. Thank you very much its working with the right files, dont know but downloaded the wrong ones. Thanks! o/
  2. FIX: Downloaded the wrong files, the right ones are: https://github.com/Warlander/DeedPlanner-2/releases I NEED HELP! > FIXED i tried to start the DeedPlanner but nothing happens when i start it. I have tried: different compatibility modes run as admin checked firewall downloaded & unpacked several times reinsalled java restarting PC Am I using the right .exe? (DeedPlanner-2-master\src\main\launcher\DeedPlanner.exe) ? Do i have Wurm Online istalled on a specific directeroy/ doest it need any files of wurm online? Here is a dxdiag where you can see my system specs. xxx Thanks for help an replys!
  3. +1 for Chansbi Same opinion, actually it is ridiculous to discuss about it... its a gameplay destroying feature.. think about what happens when a mission is on your deed.... i am sure everyone take care that it will look "beautifull" Gib Text oder eine Website-Adresse ein oder lasse ein Dokument ├╝bersetzen. Abbrechen
  4. Repost: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/131754-cant-start-client-anymore-connection-reset/#entry1353631
  5. Still isnt working, and its much worse now, cant start the game, not even after 50 times restarting.
  6. Fix: go to: control panel > java >general >networksetings and make sure its set to "direct connection". in my case it was set to browser settings, i changed it to direct connection and now everything is working fine. I hope this will also help others with similar problems. Thanks to all that helped! Rainbow ___________________ Original post: Hello, i have issues since is started again to play wurm ( ~3weeks ago). In these weeks it need to start wurm 5-20times until it worked but today i tried it arround 50 times and it doesnt worked. >I deinstalled java and the game already, didnt worked. Also updated to the new version, (java 8 update 65, 64-bit) >Game isnt starting ____________________ the problem: If I start Wurm Online it shows me an Error window: "Application Issues" "Application cannot start" Error: Connection reset ___________________ details: Log (startdata): (sorry didnt found the spoiler function^^) <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><jnlp spec="1.0" codebase="http://www.wurmonline.com/client/" href="wurmclient.jnlp"> <information> <title>Wurm Online</title> <vendor>Code Club AB</vendor> <homepage href="http://www.wurmonline.com/" /> <description>Wurm Online client</description> <icon href="wurm_icon_128.png" width="128" height="128" /> <icon href="wurm_icon_64.png" width="64" height="64" /> <icon href="wurm_icon_32.png" width="32" height="32" /> <icon href="wurm_icon_16.png" width="16" height="16" /> <icon kind="splash" href="splash.gif" /> <shortcut online="true"> <desktop /> <menu submenu="Wurm Online" /> </shortcut> </information> <!-- These are default values, but just to be clear --> <update check="timeout" policy="always" /> <security> <all-permissions /> </security> <resources> <!-- Java 1.5 is not supported starting from WurmClient 3.1 --> <j2se href="http://java.sun.com/products/autodl/j2se" version="1.8+" initial-heap-size="512M" max-heap-size="1024M" /> <property name="sun.java2d.noddraw" value="true" /> <property name="org.lwjgl.input.Mouse.allowNegativeMouseCoords" value="true" /> <jar href="wurmclient.jar" main="true" /> <jar href="wurmres.jar" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/colladabind.jar" version="1.0.0" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/irclib.jar" version="1.10" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/jogg.jar" version="0.0.7" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/jorbis.jar" version="0.0.15" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/joXSI.jar" version="1.0.0" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/jzipupdate.jar" version="0.9.1" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl.jar" version="2.9.1" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl_util.jar" version="2.9.1" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/PNGDecoder.jar" version="0.0.1" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/slick-util.jar" version="b208" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/vecmath.jar" version="1.5.2" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/jbullet.jar" version="1.0.0" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/commons-codec.jar" version="1.4" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/commons-httpclient.jar" version="3.1" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/commons-logging.jar" version="1.1.3" /> </resources> <resources os="Win" arch="x86"><!-- Windows 32-bit java --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-windows.jar" version="2.9.1"/> </resources> <resources os="Win" arch="amd64"><!-- Windows 64-bit java --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-windows.jar" version="2.9.1"/> </resources> <resources os="Mac" arch="ppc"><!-- PowerPC Mac --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-macosx.jar" version="2.9.1"/> </resources> <resources os="Mac" arch="i386"><!-- Intel Mac 32-bit java --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-macosx.jar" version="2.9.1"/> </resources> <resources os="Mac" arch="x86_64"><!-- Intel Mac 64-bit java --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-macosx.jar" version="2.9.1"/> </resources> <resources os="Linux" arch="i386"><!-- Linux 32-bit Sun java --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-linux.jar" version="2.9.1"/> </resources> <resources os="Linux" arch="x86"><!-- UNKNOWN --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-linux.jar" version="2.9.1"/> </resources> <resources os="Linux" arch="amd64"><!-- Linux 64-bit Sun java --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-linux.jar" version="2.9.1"/> </resources> <resources os="Linux" arch="x86_64"><!-- UNKNOWN --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-linux.jar" version="2.9.1"/> </resources> <resources os="SunOS" arch="sparc"><!-- UNKNOWN --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-solaris.jar" version="2.9.1"/> </resources> <application-desc main-class="com.wurmonline.client.WurmLauncher" name="Wurm Online" /></jnlp> exception: java.net.SocketException: Connection reset at java.net.SocketInputStream.read(Unknown Source) at java.net.SocketInputStream.read(Unknown Source) at java.io.BufferedInputStream.fill(Unknown Source) at java.io.BufferedInputStream.read1(Unknown Source) at java.io.BufferedInputStream.read(Unknown Source) at sun.net.www.http.HttpClient.parseHTTPHeader(Unknown Source) at sun.net.www.http.HttpClient.parseHTTP(Unknown Source) at sun.net.www.http.HttpClient.parseHTTP(Unknown Source) at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream0(Unknown Source) at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.access$200(Unknown Source) at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection$9.run(Unknown Source) at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection$9.run(Unknown Source) at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method) at java.security.AccessController.doPrivilegedWithCombiner(Unknown Source) at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream(Unknown Source) at com.sun.deploy.net.HttpUtils.followRedirects(Unknown Source) at com.sun.deploy.net.BasicHttpRequest.doRequest(Unknown Source) at com.sun.deploy.net.BasicHttpRequest.doGetRequestEX(Unknown Source) at com.sun.deploy.cache.ResourceProviderImpl.checkUpdateAvailable(Unknown Source) at com.sun.deploy.cache.ResourceProviderImpl.isUpdateAvailable(Unknown Source) at com.sun.deploy.cache.ResourceProviderImpl.getResource(Unknown Source) at com.sun.deploy.cache.ResourceProviderImpl.getResource(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.LaunchDownload$DownloadTask.call(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.run(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) so it shows up connection error, but i have a connection to the internet. I hope anybody can help me, probably anyone had the same issue in the past. Thanks for help!
  7. Welcome in the Lands of Wurm, in Serenity, Kingdom and homeland from Jenn-Kellon, protected by the Withe Light, by The Holy Three, Fo, Vynora and Magranon, guide us shining bright and free, so our homeland be free off evil, war and tyranny. Me and a friend want to recrut new Players, yes, you read it correctly, new Players, because we know that it is hard to get in the game and figure out how things work, so we want to support them and educate them so they can leave the deed with many knowledge and maybe creat a own deed later. What we offer - A friendly, respectful and helpful atmosphere - A kind of education/knowledge - Food/water - Materials - Skillgain - A home (our deed, Wotansberg) What it needs to join us - Also a friendly, respectful and helpful atmosphere - Teamspeak 3 (link below) - Speaking English - Being from the Jenn-Kellon Kingdom of course We wil guide players, for example talk about to being a prist, talking about the for and against or help to choose which god, or in other questions and problems we will help, for free of course. We also will recruit players, when they dont know how long they will play, only a week or less. They should try it and the best way to try it is to join us so we can help them to figure out the game. Want to join or need more infos? Send me (Rainbowcrashger or Sauerkrautii) a PM ingame (in Local "/tell Rainbowcrashger"), post a comment below or PM in the forum. Thanks for Reading RainbowCrashGer and Sauerkrautii *Teamspeak 3: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=teamspeak3