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  1. Heya, otherwise I can give you some stuff of my.
  2. @CitadelServersIf you check his profile, he has also joined Joined3 February So there is something wrong with this guy? Maybe take this to a Lead Board Moderator and see if this guy IP can be banned from the forums/game. And his account getting disabled.
  3. Pls send Black Drake set towards stonecutter
  4. I will be there with Stonecutter and Heervanlienden Only stonecutter will fight!
  5. Also, Xanadu is barely touched, same as Release and Pristine, so on every server you got enough spots to deed Just need to look good. And I am aggreeing with Rasu that we got enough servers atm to fill our hands with work
  6. Okay thanks for letting us know something
  7. When you gonna send this? Never heard anything from you.
  8. As a BL-er I can laugh about this video . I hope that Crocodile thingy is real
  9. Can you please explain this more? Are they still possible to spawn at a Started deed then? Does this also apply to the PvE server or only for the PvP servers? With the other 2 I agree. +1 for those 2 already, but need to know more about the other one
  10. As title says I would like to sell 12 Sleep powders for a price of 12 Silver. I can deliver but you can also pick it up from S22 on Xanadu. Price of Delivery needs to be negotiated.
  11. As title says: Selling a Black Drake hide Armour set with a Great Steel Helmet For 95 silver or 95 Euro (Paypal verified) This set can be yours . Interested? contact me through Forums (Stonecutter1995) or ingame (stonecutter)
  12. Install Java 8 upd 45, 32 and 64 bits. Other thing, have you tried reinstalling wurm? Otherwise download it from again and play it as a .jar document. If it still doesnt work maybe something at your computer is giving a error which you dont see. If you got other questions please pm me ingame on Stonecutter or on forums through stonecutter1995 .
  13. CoD saddle 71QL with WoA75 - 1s to Stonecutter thnx
  14. Maybe Because it's you??? Yeah maybe a explanation on this would be good?