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  1. Taumriel 2k PVE 10000x skill 200xtimers Mods++

    Heya, otherwise I can give you some stuff of my.
  2. Server Hosting Companies

    @CitadelServersIf you check his profile, he has also joined Joined3 February So there is something wrong with this guy? Maybe take this to a Lead Board Moderator and see if this guy IP can be banned from the forums/game. And his account getting disabled.
  3. rares rares rares!!!!(ADDED POTIONS) ONE DAY LEFT

    #3 6s
  4. WTA Black Drake set

  5. WTA Black Drake set

  6. WTS Black & White Drake set

    Pls send Black Drake set towards stonecutter
  7. Forest Giant Pristine (Woodcutting Pots!)

    I will be there with Stonecutter and Heervanlienden Only stonecutter will fight!
  8. New fully independent Server

    Also, Xanadu is barely touched, same as Release and Pristine, so on every server you got enough spots to deed Just need to look good. And I am aggreeing with Rasu that we got enough servers atm to fill our hands with work
  9. WTS Drake Hide and Potions

    Received! Thnx for doing business
  10. WTS Drake Hide and Potions

    Okay thanks for letting us know something
  11. WTS Drake Hide and Potions

    When you gonna send this? Never heard anything from you.
  12. WTS Drake Hide and Potions

    CoD 9 and 10 to Stonecutter
  13. Wurm Online | Mol Rehan | Prepare for war

    As a BL-er I can laugh about this video . I hope that Crocodile thingy is real