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  1. 6300 dirt to sell. 6s if picked up on Pristine, at x7, y22. 7s if delivered anywhere on coastal Pristine, Release or Xanadu. BSB's or crates to hold the dirt can be thrown in free of charge. Post here or PM me in forums or ingame (IGN is the same)
  2. Release Green Dragon Slaying

    I can be there, as fighter
  3. Yeah, we'll kick its behind so hard it won't respawn until next month Possibly even later I'm in btw
  4. WTB 65kg Gold lump

    I believe he wants 650 lumps of gold, or 65kg of gold lump total.
  5. Adjusted to the new unified cluster, now delivering to Xanadu.
  6. Apprentice Blacksmith & Mason for hire. Northern Wind Smithy Blacksmithing Tools Awl, File, Hammer, Hatchet, Large Anvil, Leather Knife, Metal Brush, Needle, Pickaxe, Rake, Saw, Scissors, Shovel, Small Anvil, Trowel Iron 50ql 10c 60ql 15c 70ql 25c 80ql 50c Steel 50ql 15c 60ql 25c 70ql 50c Buy 3 tools and get 1 free! Butchering Knives, Carving Knives, Scythes and Sickles use Weaponsmithing instead, and are not included. Keep in kind that only hatchets, pickaxes, shovels and leather knives can be made of steel. Imping Cost of desired QL minus cost of current QL. So imping a 50ql pickaxe to 70ql would cost you 25c - 10c = 15c. Improving any valid item to 50ql costs 5c. Any item with my signature will be re-imped for free. Can be mailed (you pay the mailing fees) or dropped off at the Nothern Wind, x9 y22. Toolsets Basic Toolset Butchering Knife*, Carving Knife*, File, Frying Pan, Hammer, Hatchet, Lantern, Large Anvil, Pickaxe, Rake, Saw, Shovel, Small Anvil, Stone Chisel 50ql 1s 60ql 1s40c 70ql 2s 80ql 4s *Butchering and Carving Knives use Weaponsmithing instead, and will be 30ql. Complete Toolset Awl, Branding Iron**, Butchering Knife*, Carving Knife*, File, Frying Pan, Hammer, Hatchet, Lantern, Large Anvil, Leather Knife, Metal Brush**, Needle, Pickaxe, Rake, Saw, Scissors, Scythe*, Shovel, Sickle*, Small Anvil, Stone Chisel, Trowel 50ql 1s50c 60ql 2s10c 70ql 3s 80ql 6s *Butchering Knives, Carving Knives, Scythes and Sickles use Weaponsmithing instead, and will be 30ql. **Branding Irons and Metal Brushes will be 50ql Steel Hatchet, Pickaxe, Shovel, and Leather Knife (Complete) for an extra 15c (50ql), 30c (60ql), or 50c (70ql) Lights You can find a display of the different lamp types here. Lantern 50ql 10c 60ql 15c 70ql 25c 80ql 50c Lanterns come dyed white at no extra charge. Dye QL around 50. Iron Lamps/Torch Lamps Unit 50ql 15c 70ql 30c Set (10) 50ql 1s 70ql 2s Iron Imperial Lamps Unit 50ql 25c 70ql 50c Set (4) 50ql 1s 70ql 1s50c Silver Hanging Lamp Unit 50ql 20c Set (6) 50ql 1s Gold Hanging Lamp Unit 50ql 25c 70ql 50c Set (6) 50ql 1s25c 70ql 2s50c Brass Lamps/Brass or Bronze Hanging Lamps Unit 50ql 25c Set (6) 50ql 1s25c Lights can be dyed any color. Dye QL may vary. Horseshoes Set of 4 Horseshoes 50ql 40c 60ql 60c 70ql 1s 80ql 2s Buy 3 sets of horseshoes (12 units) and get the 4th set free. Enchanted Tools We are now starting sales on enchanted tools - a full list of our current stock follows in spoiler. Iron Shovel, 80ql, 82 WoA - 1s20c Needle, 80ql, 81 CoC - 1s10c Low Enchants - the cost of these tools is 1c per enchant power. Saw, 72ql, 50 WoA Pickaxe, Steel, 12ql, 42 CoC Pickaxe, Steel, 15ql, 47 CoC Pickaxe, Steel, 13ql, 41 CoC Pickaxe, Iron, 72ql, 53 WoA Hammer, 72ql, 53 CoC Hammer, 72ql, 41 CoC Hatchet, Steel, 4ql, 48 CoC Carving Knife, 32ql, 46 CoC Saw, 80ql, 61 WoA Saw, 72ql, 50 WoA Orders can be COD'ed when possible, or delivered free of charge to the Blossom area. Can also be picked up at x9, y22. Delivery available elsewhere on Pristine or Release for up to 50c, or free with purchases over 2s. Delivery to coastal Xanadu available for 1s, or free on purchases over 4s. Always willing to trade and barter. And if you're looking for a quest, there's always stuff we need in exchange for solid tools. Northern Wind Masons House Building Planned out a gorgeous castle but don't have the materials or patience to build it? We'll do it for you. If you provide the materials, we charge 2c per wall for masonry and tall stone walls, or 1c per wall for carpentry walls and other fence types. Floors and roofs are included in price. If you purchase the materials from us, we charge 1c50i and 75i per wall, respectively. If required, we can also plan the foundations and hand you the writ. Up to 62 carpentry. Masonry Tools Grindstones 50ql 10c Whetstones 80ql 5c Forges/Ovens 50ql 15c Guard Towers We build your 50ql Guard Tower within a day for 2s50c. Our mats, no travel fee - just point a spot and we'll do the rest. Bulk Materials Item Per Silver Per Unit Stone Bricks 550 bricks 18i Stone Slabs 175 slabs 57i Clay Mortar 370 mortar 27i Clay 1000 clay 10i Planks 1100 planks 9i Pile of Dirt 1100 piles 9i Heap of Sand 1000 heaps 10i Marble Slabs 150 slabs 66i Bulk delivered free of charge anywhere on Pristine or Release. Pick up and get a 10% discount! Located at x9, y22. Bulk can be delivered to coastal Xanadu for 1s, or free on orders over 4s. Mason's Deal - Get 1100 bricks and 1100 mortar for 4s. Utilities Nails (Small or Large) - 100 for 10c Frying Pans - 100 for 50c Iron Fence Bars - 20 for 15c Iron Ribbons - 30 for 10c Support Beams - 10 for 50c Concrete - 100 for 75c Mining Iron Lump, 100kg (100 units) 50ql 20c 60ql 30c 70ql 40c Copper Lump, 100kg (100 units) 50ql 25c Silver Lump, 10kg (100 units) 50ql 25c Steel Lump, 20kg (50 units) 50ql 20c 60ql 30c 70ql 40c Coal, 50kg (100 units) 25ql 30c Mining Service 4c per tile mined, and you keep the rock shards. We'll drop them in your BSB's if any are provided. 2c per tile if we take the shards. Any ores uncovered are prospected free of charge. Source Crystals Easy Karma or potions at 10c a crystal. We accept Sleep Powder (1.6s) or Referrals (7s) as payment towards any order. We also accept gems at 1.2c per ql. Now associated with the Northern Wind Carpentry and Farms for all your rustic needs. Will update posts as skills grow. Happy Wurming.
  7. i've dealt with these guys a few times already, and I have nothing but the utmost respect for Memor Nostri both as tradesmen and individuals.
  8. TPRT - Second Hunt - Success! [Please Lock]

    Sign me up for the reserve. Fresh 70 FS, 80ql huge axe.
  9. Pinewood Rope Tool, 96 CoC (48.64ql)

    Let's give this auction thing a try. [15:30:09] A rope making tool, a small handheld spinning wheel with three large nails. It is made from pinewood. You must use a mallet on the rope tool in order to improve it. [15:30:09] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.on..'. [15:30:09] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [96] 48.64ql currently, can be mended down to whatever pleases the buyer. Starting Bid: 3s Minimum Increments: 50c Buyout: 6s Privacy: Buyout only. Sniper: 2h Having this would mean near half as many bowstrings for equal skillgain. Think of what you could do with all those satchels now.
  10. Pinewood Rope Tool, 96 CoC (48.64ql)

    22h bump.
  11. Pinewood Rope Tool, 96 CoC (48.64ql)

    48h bump, a few hours late.
  12. The Pristine Round Table

    I just stood around near the first two uniques and targeted them for combat, and I got the titles. Didn't have to try and land a hit or anything.
  13. [Sold] Sleep Powders

    WTS 15 sleep powders. 1.4s each or 20s for the lot. Pickup at Blossom. Buy 5 or more and you get delivery! Also selling 6 yellow potions. 1s for the lot. PM me or post here. Edit: Sold. Please close.
  14. Very Large Sermon Group. <----- SEE IT

    4 prems here who could attend several sermons daily. Hope this works out
  15. Getting every smithing subskill except blacksmithing from 5ish to 20+ took me from from 42 to 44 overall smithing. Getting blacksmithing from 50 to 70 took me from 35 smithing to 42. Same with carp - getting every subskill except fine carp from 1 to 20ish took a friend from 56 to 60. Getting fine carp from 40 to 50+ got him to 66. So yeah, it looks like the higher the subskill, the more its skillgain affects overall skill. A bit counterintuitive IMO, but it does favour specializing... a tiny bit... in that one way.
  16. Now working alongside the Northern Wind Carpentry and Farms, for those seeking more than metal and stone.
  17. Selling 10 sleep powders at 1.4s each or 12s for the lot. Also selling 4 yellow potions (2x16ql, 2x32ql) fot 10c each, or free if you buy all the powders. Edit: Sold, please close
  18. Give ships some love!

    +1. Could be something small, like a 1ql boat being 10% slower and a 99ql boat 10% faster than a 50ql boat.
  19. House Design Contest! [10 Silver Prize]

    Somebody probably oughta redo the garden, not my forté You need 67 carpentry to build this structure. Materials needed: Small nails=161Slate shingle=180Mortar=730Large nails=76Rock shards=340Stone bricks=640Planks=2325 Pastebin Full album Edit: Thorough edit.
  20. Experience Xanadu!

    I wonder what would happen if this was just a late April Fools prank, and we all logged in on a single tiny sand island with a coconut tree.
  21. Font distorted, not readable anymore

    Okay, I set Font Antialising to On, Font Sizes to default, maximum texture size to No Limit and the UI to Classic, and it seems to have worked. Looks mildly low-res, but works.