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  1. The Screenshots Thread

    A token of failed dreams
  2. A "Real" Viking Ship

    That is a nice ship, Dragen Harald Hårfagre was in my town on it's way to Vínland
  3. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    To follow up on a great artist
  4. Remove CR penalty from small axe

    +1 such a nice viking style weapon
  5. TODAY ONLY - Saint Patrick's Day Party Hats!

    Had no selfie stick so only one toon did to get on the pircture
  6. Wurm freezes by embarking on a wagon

    I can confirm this bug, have experienced it on a large cart and a wagon. Come to think of it I think this was a issue some years ago not sure when it was
  7. Castle Defense

    This might not be the best defended castle but it sure looks nice with some great battles throughout history
  8. So this is why I have a drop of 20 fps making the game allmost unplayable
  9. Mud brick houses + dugout canoes :D

    sounds nice and would give the option to build real shanty towns
  10. Account suspeneded

    Well this came as I was browsing the forums, not sure why but it was scary for a few seconds
  11. Server status: all servers are currently online

    Think this is the post you want to read
  12. Mobs in on deed mine

    ok It seems that this can happen, however I have never seen it in the 11 months this mine has been there that's why I did ask Thanks for the clarification
  13. Mobs in on deed mine

    I am well aware of that mobs spawn inside mines and that they have done that since I have started to play but this is the first time I have seen them appear inside a mine, where all the tiles are on-deed and never been any off deed tiles in the mine.
  14. Mobs in on deed mine

    I have now had a mine on my deed for a very long time and it has been quiet down there. But today as my priest was to visit his magranon altar down the mine there where 2 cave bugs waiting for him down there. The mine is all on deed and there has been a mine door on it since the beginning of it, my question is if this is something new as I have been told that mobs cannot spawn inside on-deed mines?
  15. Coincidence?

    If you look at the Bl towers there are several faces in them, I do not have a picture of it but my buddy could confirm it with me so it was not my imagination