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  1. thanks for the 10 hour SB , even more appreciated
  2. Yes I had that today , I reloged twice , move abt , go into mines , jump on and off , all no good , But I did notice I am sitting on the cart so I am assuming this is a small bug to do with , sitting on carts , which I think is something the Devs might be working on
  3. Yip they are harder , yes I got more FS gain as well ))) 71FS and I just managed to kill one , had to retreat once to heal , but we were both as badly wounded , I like them like this , they were getting to easy anyway
  4. My notes as a new player . I have been playing computer games since 1984 ( with my Old Spectrum ) and there is one thing I am constantly looking for in new Games , Something new . After so many years some games become very repetitive . In Wurm I have found something that is offering me that something with a difference , so far it has held my attention for 5 weeks , which is pretty good as must new games entertains me for maybe 5 days , despite there top Graphics . I Don't know how long Wurm will keep me interested but the mechanics of the game are doing something right because they have hooked a 46 year old veteran were most new games fail .
  5. Many thanks for youre dedicated hard work .
  6. I agree , this media coverage will deffo attract new players , question is how do we use this to give the game and its population a big boost , the more players the better this game gets . Personally I will be going that extra mile to help and encourage the hopefully rush of new players . mind ive only been playing 2 weeks so bit of a newbie myself
  7. Citizen's of Wurm You're World Needs You To stand up and tell all those who DARE to trespass in our World , that we , the people , will not abandon our world or our settlements . So pick up you're weapons , rattle you're armour and conjure up you're blood , tighten you're sinews and disguise fair nature with hard featured rage , then lend the eye a terrible aspect ...and on on my noblest of Wurm for we charge with joy in our hearts . We will not abandon Wurm !
  8. Despite the attacks I will still be playing this game . My full support to the Devs .