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  1. WTB BS Imp and CoC-WoA/BOTD

    Looking for someone to imp a supreme rake to 90ql and casts over 90 power. Let me know your price.
  2. WTA Supreme Rake

    And the 30 minutes is up btw.
  3. WTA Supreme Rake

    30 min timer extension...
  4. WTA Supreme Rake

  5. WTA Supreme Rake

  6. WTA Supreme Rake

  7. closed

    I already claimed that.
  8. closed

    Mail me the soul stealer neck, right stylish, and skull shoulder pads. Thanks.
  9. 46s. Not trying to snipe.
  10. Slaying - Goblin Leader

    Despite not being able to make it, thank you for making it public. Some people still like to have community events, whereas others would prefer to keep it to the elite only.
  11. [CLOSE] WTB Question Rug

    WTB Exquisite meditation rug 70+ql - no enchants necessary.
  12. [CLOSE] WTB Question Rug

    Can close now.
  13. The Quest!

    Decoded. Looking forward to more.
  14. PC Rare Summerhat 99ql (no-drop)

    I have one and they are fantastic. Competent seller and trustworthy. +1
  15. Let me tell you a story

    Oh yes, pre-FF pheasants were scary. I miss the old school days where a wolf would haunt a group of newbies and kill every last one of them. Nowadays, I feel that fighting is easier than the JKH/Wild days.
  16. Hide Yo Gems! Guess Who's Back!

    Well, after a myriad of real life events and a couple sporadic attempts at returning in the interim, guess who has had the Wurm claws dug back into them! I can gleefully say that I have time for Wurm again. All of you that remember me, hello and I've missed you all! And to all of you that I've never met, may we meet in the future and have fun together.
  17. Long Awaited Return!

    Just posting this to let everyone know that I have returned! Hope everyone has been good in my absence. I have many stories to tell, if you want to hear them let me know! If not, well. I hope you have gems to sell! Hope to see you all ingame.
  18. Long Awaited Return!

    Thank you for the warm welcome back everyone. Yep. Not sure I would expect anything less though!
  19. Hey I, know I, hope she don't crash.

    I've been experiencing the kicks in the morning times as well. Michigan, USA
  20. Allow Altar Push/Pull On Drop Tile

    This needs a bump, my church looks ugly because of random location of creation.