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  1. I consider the domains to be a bigger issue, but I'm still waiting for a resolution to the ore distribution on Xanadu. If you deeded on an ore field, you have resources....if you're not on an ore field you don't have any resources. http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/112383-rolf-xanadu-ore-distribution-still-not-right/
  2. I wouldn't touch this with a 10 foot pole. Most expensive battery I've seen on the forums in awhile.
  3. Not sure why you'd want WoA on a skilling pickaxe, but it begs the question if the QL of the pickaxe matters to you?
  4. As the title says, I have 30k more dirt for sale. 1 silver per thousand, further bulk discounts, large crates and BSB's available on request. Delivery is free ANYWHERE coastal. Dirt for Chaos can be delivered to Fippy's port on west Deli. For all inquiries, PM Wargasm or Wargsfaith in game, or you can reach me by PM on the forums.
  5. I cannot confirm that no veins in the after map were not originally rock tiles. I did not have the presence of mind to save the old revision without editing over it.
  6. Rolf, The redistribution of ore on Xanadu was a giant leap in the right direction, but ore distribution is still a problem because it's still concentrated on the previous ore fields. As you now know, the "ore fields" (such as the silver field around Glasshollow) were very densely populated with silver (and a few iron) veins. The change that you made redistributed unexposed silver veins to the rest of Xanadu. The veins became iron, instead of silver, and the location of existing veins did not change, although the resource that you acquire from mining them did. The result, is that the veins in general did not change location at all. Therefore, if your deed is/was situated on an ore field, you are still on an ore field (now of various ores instead of one) and your local neighbor, who may not have been on the ore field, still has 3-5 veins in his 30x30 deed, maybe one of them is no longer iron, and that's IF he didn't find and expose them. Let me illustrate further. Here's an example, a prospected copper mine near Summerholt: As you can see, drastic difference between the two. In the roughly 17x17 prospected area, there exists veins of every resource except marble in this particular mine. Now if this was my mine, I'd be very happy to have this for an on-deed mine. This mine has 28 veins in a 17x17 area. That's 28 out of 289 tiles, or 10% resources. Any mine that wasn't previously on an ore field has 4-6 veins in any given 17x17 area if they are lucky. This comes out to 2% resources... very different from those that were fortunate enough to deed on top of an ore field. Rolf, please consider adding more resource veins to Xanadu. Do not simply switch the resources from one existing vein to another, add more veins (like you did when you added iron veins shortly after launch) so that people might have something other than iron in their 5-vein mines. Thanks for reading, Wargasm
  7. I had a friend that hated surface mining so much, he did something in wurm assistant to play a sound when he receives the message "you get some rock shards" as opposed to the usual "you chip away at the rock". If the traders generate a system message that can be detected and subsequently play a sound through wurm assistant (or some other means), then yes... someone could be doing laundry or whatever and listen for the bell to come run to the computer and drain the trader. You wanna know why this makes me upset? Because I earn my money. I go out and dig... mine... imp and enchant tools and sell them, same as 95% of the population, and it angers me that someone's just standing there waiting for a bell to go off in order to make the same money I do with 1 interaction with a trader.
  8. I know from the past public unique slayings (oh how I miss them so) 4pm works for Europe, Australia and the US players.
  9. I was told that if fewer people attend the slaying, they get more blood. In other words, a certain amount of blood is evenly distributed among everyone in local, and that amount is increased the less people there are. If this is true, then there is no need to drag 4 alts on carts to each fight.
  10. Simple solution: Make uniques even harder to kill. Introduce mechanics that prevent 5 people from being able to kill a boss.
  11. Bump to remind everyone to spend their SB this week. RoS is this Saturday.
  12. No. We have enough skills to worry about.
  13. Update: 8k bricks, 2k mortar and 10k dirt are still available.
  14. We will be hosting all-weekend sermons next weekend, right alongside the RoS cast, for all the aspiring priests out there.
  15. Update: RoS got ninja'd, so obviously our scheduled cast is being cancelled. Well folks, the prayers of Vynora's faithful are finally being answered, and Rite of Spring is available on Xanadu. Because of the recent SB refund and in order to ensure adequate "prayer power" to accomodate guests from other servers, we are scheduling the RoS cast for NEXT weekend, Saturday October 18th. The cast will be held at Opelika, E26, in the northeast. We could use 1-2 more Vyn priests for favor, so if interested in assisting with the cast, stop on by. In addition, we will be holding sermons at the Church of the Painful Truth all weekend long for up and coming priests.
  16. As the title says. Free delivery to any server (coastal) except Chaos, Crates/BSB's available upon request. Bricks- 2s/1k - 16,000 in stock Mortar- 3s/1k- 4,000 in stock Dirt- 1s/1k - 10,000 in stock Prices are negotiable in bulk and we accept pick-ups as well. PM Wargasm or Wargsfaith in game, or Wargasm on the forums.
  17. i have 6k dirt at the moment, Wreck. Don't know where your pristine deed is, but you can pick up from me @ F26 on Xanadu. Send me a PM.