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  1. +1 for the suggestion.... but the chariot should still have a little bit of storage as opposed to NONE at all. Like, maybe enough for a small barrel or two. No room for crates or rafts.... well, maybe one raft... but that's it.
  2. 1. Only the creator can dye a bridge. 2. The whole bridge must be the same color. 3. "Pillar" buildings must match the color as well. If all three of these conditions are met, +1 from me.
  3. Such things are not allowed on PvP servers
  4. If you are on your deed, you are not breaking any rules by being on your land that YOU paid for.
  5. Because home servers are stupid. The game has devolved (in population) so dramatically that there simply isn't a need for a four server PvP cluster. Hell, we can't even populate ONE server these days with a decent number of players!
  6. I'll be happy to sell you all the bulk you want for the prices you listed. Problem is, so are the other 500 people selling. I anticipate the price of dirt to increase slightly, now that Nahjo priests are gone. Sure, Fo priests can still cast dirt... but after the ridiculous nerf to chopped veggies I don't see this happening much.
  7. New Elevation would have been fine if they would have allowed PMK's. It was mentioned several times, the devs refused, and they saw the result....Failevation 3.0.
  8. There's only what... a few thousand "WTB/WTS threads for euros that have been closed over the last ten years? Have fun, Pandalet! R.I.P.
  9. Overhauling and rebalancing PvP for the same twenty people that want to PvP is out of the question. I am not frustrated at Budda or the devs for "abandoning" PvP development, I'm frustrated at the attrition of players in Wurm as a whole, which has had a proportional effect to the population on PvP servers. But anyone with any knowledge of PvP whatsoever knows that the attrition of the PvP player base is our own fault... one death at a time. PvP suffers from the same ailment as PvE - lack of players... but the difference between the two is that PvP is much more linear in strategy and results. On Xanadu, a new player might quit the game simply because they suddenly realize the amount of effort required to build a deed, a large house or even a simple 2x2 shack. In PvP, people quit because they die, not to @Enki or to trolls, but instead to simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time... with the help of a few huge axes and a dead horse or two.
  10. Spoken like a blind fool that's never set foot in PvP. You know nothing about balance, development or the amount of bugs found on PvP servers that relate directly to PvE. As for this "majority" you speak of that would never try PvP.... you don't speak for everyone, you speak for yourself. And you yourself seem completely clueless to the fact that experience trumps all (even gear and character skills) when it comes to PvP.
  11. If you're in a WL kingdom, you cannot be a BL priest. Same goes for WL priests in a BL kingdom.
  12. Original question was asked and answered, and several replies have nothing to do with the topic. Mods, this thread can be closed if you like.
  13. +1 for decoration -1 for fruit farming (which the OP addressed) As a side note, I like the idea of being able to control the stage of growth of the tree, so I wouldn't have branches inside my house.
  14. If I destroy a house wall, there's going to be debris. Rocks, dust, wooden splinters, whatever. I don't want players to receive free re-usable bulk mats for tearing down house walls.... but since you mention restoration, maybe it would be better if you got 2-3 plank fragments, nail fragments or brick fragments from destroying a house wall? Then you can use your restoration skill to re-create a few 5 QL planks, having spent 5 minutes to recycle the 3 planks it would have taken you 15 seconds to saw for the next house wall. I can't truly criticize your suggestion until I see the numbers involved. How long do the actions take? How many bricks/mortar do I get "refunded" for salvaging a house wall? The abundance of raw materials used for making building mats makes me inclined to think this suggestion is a bad idea.
  15. Why does every "overhaul" suggestion involve convoluting perfectly functional game mechanics? Farming is fine the way it is. Plant your seeds, walk away for a week, come back and harvest your 6 plants per tile, rinse and repeat. For those that put effort into farming, tending every day, standing there with a rake in hand waiting for each tile to turn "untended", with their farm littered with bee-hives, yes, there is a significantly increased (doubled) yield. It is "cotton season" when I plant cotton, when I need cotton, not when the game says I should plant cotton. If you want the game to tell you when to harvest certain fruits and vegetables, I highly recommend taking up forestry and leaving the rest of us alone.
  16. So we're to grind Archaeology/Restoration to save a few bricks and mortar from tearing down a single house wall? I only see a benefit to this when used on a larger scale. Like demolishing an entire castle when you're preparing to move your deed to another place, or if you're someone that destroys house walls 10 times to make a house look *just right*. Pretty pointless if you ask me.
  17. Sharing of accounts is not a Steam issue. It's a "Wurm isn't making enough money" issue. 100% greed behind this rule change. I will say this - this change is (and should be) targeting PvP kingdoms specifically (and that's a good thing). Having 30 different people log on a mayor toon when a particular deed is attacked is kinda dumb. Same goes for a whole kingdom of people sharing a weaponsmith/blacksmith with uber skill, or sharing out the hash to a 99.99 channeling Vyn priest to cast up your horse shoes.
  18. Cool.... so non-prem alts can spam bulk mats and sell them for coins... BRILLIANT. /endsarcasm Seriously though.... if you want to help the newbies, then add a timed buff for the creation changes that lasts 7 days. This way the GM's can distinguish new players from alt abuse.
  19. So now we have to choose between 10% skill gain or 10% characteristic gains? (Does the increased "bonus" mind logic even allow eligible players an extra action or will the ML only affect things like attaching runes? This is a foolish change, the problem was that followers had no motivation to pray, and still don't. Also, say goodbye to anyone wanting to complete their Rite cast for their Benediction journal without capturing lightning in a bottle and being on at the right place and time.... just like before...
  20. Can you provide the URL that you added to your exceptions list? I want to try this for my friend's machine having the same problem.
  21. Because some of us WANT to kill horses on our deed. 4 speeds, those with bad traits (and we don't have a Fo priest), or culling our herd for whatever reason.
  22. I agree, I also think it should be more than 10% damage. Maybe tier it like the "new" SoTG on PoI.
  23. -1 Unequip your weapon so you don't kill the horse in 1-2 hits?
  24. You guys completely overlook the entire reason for the segregated cluster. Us "veteran" players that want to play in a new litterbox have to sub to play there. If they are "connected" even by portals, then my existing sub lets me play in the new area for free. Not gonna fly with new ownership trying to find ways to monetize the game.
  25. That depends on if B and D are feeding their families (IRL) by selling bricks, or they just need coins to fund their deed's upkeep. If it's for upkeep, okay, go ahead.... hell I might even buy from them once or twice. But the guy that spams trade chat every 5 minutes for three years straight isn't getting my business. Said player needs to go find a real job.