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  1. If you were never premium....ever.... your toon gets erased after not logging in for several months (although I don't know exactly how long).
  2. Best thing I can recommend is make bricks for people. Go to their deed, they'll usually feed you and even provide a decent chisel for you. Stand there and make bricks at 1s/1000 using their rock shards.
  3. I say they take it a step further, allow us to make rope from wemp PLANTS. And bow strings, etc.
  4. As the title says... it would be a good outlet for all the rods we could spend our new loyalty points on
  5. Nice exaggeration, but you and I both know that isn't the case. There are 4 legitimate ways to look through cave walls... use them. You have four servers..... FOUR.... spawning uniques, and not nearly as many people looking for them. Stands to reason you should be able to find one or two dragons to improve your drake/scale set with, etc. If 100% of the uniques on all four servers were penned and long forgotten.... you might have a valid point.... but they aren't.
  6. -1 Epic is a PvP cluster. Finding uniques should require leaving deed and spending considerable amounts of time roaming. Lack of population isn't an excuse to make the game easier.
  7. or bash the FSB until it has over 80 damage, then it magically unplants itself.
  8. If I were serious, I wouldn't be trying to trigger 1/4 of the freedom player base with my previous statement.
  9. Pre-existing conditions are not applicable. People that chose to move to Xanadu, despite the lag, are not eligible.
  10. +1, his art is better than the existing tapestries (example: the Battle of Kyara)
  11. That's more like 600+ tiles, and I would know because I'm the one that tunneled the canal to the lake that your screenshot above is originating from in the SE. To reach Summerholt from the ocean, you simply go in the next bay to the east (d24). Since E21 is pretty close to the ocean, the only benefit I see to such a massive undertaking would be for what few people live in the center of Xanadu to not have to go out to the ocean and then in to Summerholt. Not worth the trouble, IMHO.
  12. It also happens every time I harvest 60-70 wemp, and then proceed to drop the wemp into a BSB. There's a few seconds lag before the items disappear from my inventory and appear in the BSB.
  13. I'm not online at 3AM or whatever when Retro typically streams.... but I'm curious what percentage of his audience doesn't already play Wurm.
  14. I don't like a deed bonus based on village population. Many Wurmians, such as myself, don't want 100 villagers in some ginormous deed.
  15. There are several PvPers that make very good quality videos, I suggest bending their ears. @CIRAY@Gladiator @Deathangel
  16. It depends on the kingdom. MR, for example, must have been very expensive because I know they had what... 40-50 deeds? 5 of them just surrounding HoTA. Simply put, it isn't necessary to have 50 deeds to uphold a kingdom... and as such, I don't consider PMK "graphic income" to be a necessity for any kingdom. But that doesn't make me lose value in my opinion that custom graphics SHOULD be reserved for Chaos/Epic kingdoms. We have our foot in the door now, at least being able to dye our sails the kingdom's primary color (red for MR, blue for JK, etc), but they aren't unique to our kingdom, and that's what I want. I would love to see boats with kingdom sails that work like tabards. If you own the boat, and you're on Chaos... the sail of your boat reflects your kingdom's colors. I like the idea for the decoration, not for the economic perks.
  17. I take it personally when someone only comments on a thread exclusively to put words in my mouth, or make irrelevant generalizations like "all PvPers only care about their own revenue". You still have yet to contribute anything to the topic at hand, 4 separate people have called you out on it, and here you are continuing to attempt to argue the finer points of what is and isn't offensive, sugar coated or otherwise not properly interpreted in your warped sense of legitimacy.
  18. No, it isn't worth it. Sure, lead is easier to improve, but they do 12.5% less damage than other weapons.
  19. I don't know what your problem is with me, and I will never understand your deep seated hatred for people that like PvP, but I could make the same argument about "caring for their own revenue" from many people on Freedom. Truth is, I have five concerns with this suggestion, and none of them have to do with "taking revenue from PMK's on Chaos". But since you're clearly here to do nothing but fling poo, make assumptions and troll people, then I'll defer to the others to argue with your stupidity.
  20. We've wanted this for Chaos kingdoms for awhile. For freedom though... sorry, -1
  21. Oh sure.... lets make it impossible to kill someone on a boat. Hey... here's an idea... why don't we remove stamina drain from driving carts, riding horses and even running through the woods too so that nobody ever dies.
  22. -1 You can just as easily switch drivers.
  23. So a villager of mine has a daughter that wants to play Wurm. She wanted to start a new creative WU server with no hostile creatures, no strangers (players) to worry about her young daughter interacting with, and basically just an empty natural server that she could use to build houses, villages, roads etc. I tried hosting a game for her, and it said "connection refused". She gets the same message if she tries to start a local game on her own machine for her daughter. I'd like to be able to play with them, help her daughter when she has questions, etc.... but I've had no use for WU since I used to use it to test certain features.