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  1. I'd like to propose increasing their rate of decay significantly.
  2. Retro's Stream Vynora priests + PvP Medium Bows Washing bowls Cogs That's about all I can think of.
  3. +1, although I'm more in favor of removing focused will completely.
  4. Okay Retro.... you attempted to explain the changes (albeit poorly), so my questions are as follows: I would like you to elaborate here. What "spell spam" is a problem? Pillars? Healing spells? Direct damage spells like shard of ice? This is an unobtainable goal. You could nerf every single spell into the ground, and dedicated PvP accounts will all just become Magranon priests for the 25% damage buff. This is the reason people go Mag, not for uber powerful spell casts. Who is "we"? What two three people think they know what the entire PvP community wants? I'd seriously like to know what qualifies you to know what changes are needed for PvP, based on a freedom spar in 1v1. Also before the priest overhaul, a boat captain could take his foot off the gas, regain stamina, then continue sailing. The resulting change to your precious sailing update is that boat commanders are SUBSTANTIALLY more vulnerable to all attacks (even archery) because their ability to block attacks with a shield are 99% compromised once they have run out of stamina. Go to the skirmishes thread and watch Ciray's recent video that shows multiple players dying to archery in under 20 seconds on a knarr. Easily circumvented by rotating personnel. This does nothing to solve your issue. So...the answer to spell spam in your mind is to reduce our ability to stop spell spam? Clear as mud, got it. Vynora is, and should be, the epitome of "spell spam". Shard of ice, ice pillar, damage spells.... it's 100% all a Vynora priest can do (that isn't doable by every other priest, that is). Zero PvP utility spells, no healing spells, and coupled with your recent "unification" of spell damage types, Vynora priests bring NOTHING unique to the PvP table. Your PvP changes, as you can see from the responses in this thread thus far, share little sentiment with the members of the PvP community. I place no value whatsoever in your opinion of necessary changes for PvP, or even the game as a whole, and it boils my blood to see sweeping changes made to a system that is FINE the way it is. Stop catering to the needs of your friends and start thinking about the community as a whole.
  5. These PvP changes are ridiculous. Congratulations on going in the complete opposite direction that PvP needs to go.... down. Oh yeah, and one more thing... The change to cure light/med/serious not being castable on bodies should also affect Focused Will, thank you.
  6. At first, we attributed the lag to the 13 day uptime on Chaos. But, after playing the next day.... only a few hours after the server restart, the "lag" associated with these wagons persisted.
  7. Yes, this assumption is false. I'm not going to clutter the thread explaining why here. That's actually a really good idea. Something crazy like having to make 100 70 ql bird cages on top of a 1g fee. Or something else that is a culmination of skills that will take MUCH effort (too much for an individual, but attainable for an alliance of 5-10 people.
  8. You have to keep in mind there are more "deceased" PMK's than I can count on both hands. If someone (your typical PMK merchandise collector) were obsessed with having every single wagon, even the rare ones like Macedon, Black Legion and Crow Kingdom, they aren't necessarily just interested in the latest PMK graphic from Kenn-Jellon or Pirates, the two newest PMK's on Chaos. They'll want an EMR wagon, a JK wagon, maybe a TC, LoA,, DD or LoA wagon.... and buying those wagons from some other freedomer (or retired member of those kingdoms) does noting to impact the present economy of current kingdoms on Chaos. This is why I don't fully support the "kingdoms need the PMK merchandise income" argument from most people on Chaos. I'm not going to clutter this thread by trying to bother explaining PvP mechanics that you don't understand. I'll simply say you're wrong, and I'll also add that "9-5 players" have been exploited by pretty much every kingdom in Chaos' existence. What "change" would that be? A new form of making currency, selling banners/flags with your alliance pattern? Why would people want to buy them, when they can simply make their own, using your exact same design? Decoration? Okay, then it is perfectly reasonable that they only keep the "Design" if they are placed on that deed/alliance land. Motives for personalized décor can differ, but my argument is against having the ability to not only waive the risk of sailing to Chaos (which is all the anti-PvP crazies like you want to talk about) but also the economic COST to found a PMK.... that's right folks... they aren't free.
  9. You'll get various opinions from various people on all servers.... it all depends on what YOU are looking for in a deed.
  10. And that person is, still to this day, trying to sell what I consider to be a pretty cool graphic to other players. Good luck selling wagons for 50s post-RMT....but hey, God bless him for trying hehe. He came to Chaos, he made a kingdom, and he risked a 30 ql set of cloth armor and a 70 QL huge axe to found a PMK of his own. Oh, and a 50 ql sailboat... He did the work, other people can too. Whether or not my fellow PvPers on Chaos agree or not is irrelevant - because it is within their power to attempt to do something about it....it is a PvP server after all.
  11. Other than your usual attempt at trolling PvPers, I fail to see the relevance of the thread you just linked. You have no idea how the existing system works, you are merely here to pick a fight. If you knew anything at all about how the system currently works, you would know that there's more to it than one person planting a flag on a random spot.
  12. +1 for shortening the material suffix. Maple, cedar, Linden etc.
  13. Not to derail... but didn't they make an official statement (Retro?) that they were going to postpone launching a PvP server?
  14. Let me rephrase the question. What is the purpose behind your suggestion? A new vehicle skin? What's the benefit to using a heavy plow, if implemented by your suggestion? If it's a new vehicle skin... hell... I'd love to have a wagon that looks like an army tank (with my PMK colors, of course!)
  15. Only certain people? Last I checked, the borders of Chaos were open to all freedomers, not just the ones that aren't scared to cross.
  16. Trick.... let me just make sure you understand how tool belts work now, before you rip someone else's head off. That is my priest's toolbelt. Notice the numbers on the left side? 1, 2, 3? Those are different toolbelts. I cycle between them depending on my task, by clicking on the up and down arrows above and below the numbers. Their uses in groups are obvious.... general, farming and cooking. I can easily modify each toolbelt by saving it to a different slot by right clicking on the toolbelt. I even have a 4, 5 and 6 toolbelt for when I'm playing on epic, and the game saves your bindings for those belts even if you are on the freedom cluster. Now, what me and the other posters responding are trying to tell you is... you have 100 slot bindings if you are using a 90+ QL toolbelt. Sure, you can't see all 99 tools on the screen at the same time, but why would you want to? I don't want a toolbelt taking up a huge space on my screen, which is why I choose to use a 5 slot toolbelt for my priest. We are -1 your suggestion because we do not want to see 13 slots on our screen. We don't need that many, you don't need that many, and.... yeah.... those are our opinions.
  17. If they can be CoD'd, please mail the Macedon banner to Wargasm.
  18. -1 What single function can you perform using 13 tools? None. You should use multiple toolbelt rows, group them by things like Carpentry, Smithing, Terraforming, Cooking, etc.
  19. Lets be honest here. This "seed pouch" would hold a maximum of 100 seeds. A satchel already does that, but the OP is asking for the added functionality of devs updating the code as not to require activation of a particular seed to sow a field. While yes, a single seed pouch would allow for planting a 10x10 farm (normal size for your average wurmian that isn't a crazy farmer like I am, you'll have to reload it several times to plant a larger farm... which is part of the reason I use multiple satchels inside my backpack. I simply don't see a code re-write for small scale farming to be a productive use of the dev's time.
  20. This already exists.... use satchels. My priest (farmer) carries a backpack with four satchels inside of it, and the four satchels themselves are bound to my toolbar. I can press the numbers 1-4 on my keyboard, and the game activates the first item in the satchel. So I just hover over the next dirt tile, press "1G" to sow from the first bag, then hover the next tile 2G, 3G, 4G, and it queues up 4 sowing actions.
  21. "You can't handle a hell horse by yourself? You do know which way the pointy end of your sword goes, right?"
  22. I'm going to -1 this, with the exception that if a third arrow type was to be introduced into the game that did require feathers, it would allow the current system to remain in place. I dunno, call them marksman arrows or something, but leave the current system as it is.
  23. If you were never premium....ever.... your toon gets erased after not logging in for several months (although I don't know exactly how long).