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  1. The ability to cast healing spells on dragons has been removed (at least the "Heal" spell), but I can't speak for bandaging, as it hasn't happened in a year or two in my personal experience.
  2. I'm assuming the OP's question is with regard to the rooftops interaction with the adjacent and concurrent building tiles.
  3. Sure, it can be summed up in one word: GREED.
  4. -1 I frown upon this, the same way I frown upon bulk sellers "taking orders" for common items like bricks and mortar. If you don't have anything to sell, you shouldn't be advertising. On a more serious note, what happens when the work order gets "Accepted" by a given merchant? Is this merchant able to take on additional work orders and horde all the work for himself? Are the work orders considered open until the order is filled by someone, or does it remain open for other merchants to "compete" for the business?
  5. -1 I've always been opposed to an auction house system because of this: I'm not here to argue about numbers, but I believe this is an exaggeration. I also believe the concern boils down to the fact that an AH would do nothing to alleviate the already red-lined "buyers" market... in fact it would make things worse.
  6. Yeah, they've come a long way since super Mario bros.
  7. 69 cents? For that price, they should be giving them out like the plastic rings and mini-frisbees at the Chuck E Cheese ticket counter.
  8. Yes, they will. When a new server launches, all the uniques are alive (historically speaking, anyway). And since there are now 5 drakes, 5 dragons, and (4?) humanoid uniques, while people may not be in a rush to kill them, people are certainly going to be in a hurry to pen them up for later slaying.
  9. -1 Until there is a less-AFK method of walking up to an altar, filling your action queue with prayers and coming back 3-4 minutes later, I don't like it. I also oppose followers gaining the ability to cast spells via gems or any other medium.
  10. That would depend on the opponent. Speaking in PvP terms for a moment, you would *wreck* someone wearing scale or chain.
  11. I'm pretty sure this exists already. If you plant reeds (the farm tile) and LET them turn to weeds, I've seen them turn into the reed (gass) tiles, but I don't know if it is a set percentage chance to do so.
  12. Wow.... the art devs never cease to amaze us with their work. Beautiful!!!
  13. I don't want to implement anything that makes maintaining off deed enclosures any easier. -1 On second thought, for things like bridges, I do agree this could be very useful.
  14. Show me where he said the words "yes, there's going to be a PvP server" and not "Wargasm is wrong". If I'm wrong because I don't have recent proof, then I'm wrong.... but there's something to be implied from the official silence on the topic.... you wait and see. Right or wrong, it hasn't even been mentioned (officially, that is) on the forum in the last 8 months.
  15. Because I am not obligated to prove anything with scientific evidence. BUT, here's what I have to go on.... just like all the other PvPers wanting a steam PvP server: Mind you, that is from September of last year, 8 months ago. Said by the man himself, not his lackey. I also found another post, from Rofl, saying there would be 1 PvE and 1 PvP server right around the same time frame in a different thread. So yes, the confirmation is there, albeit very old. ALOT has changed in those 8 months. No more RMT, player gods have been removed, the list goes on. Where's the discussion since then? PMK's or no PMK's? The size of the map? Tower chaining? We all have questions, and the staff hasn't provided any answers. If they're actually planning to launch WoS (Wurm on Steam for short) in Q2 (at latest) end of June, we're about a month away at this point and have heard nothing. Nobody else finds that odd? Just so YOU know, I could give a flying #%$& about whispers on discord, it is as much hearsay as me telling you that several of my friends have PM'd me on discord saying they remember what I'm talking about, and they think Retro hid the post(s). Ridiculous right? Because it's been 8 months, I'd love to hear confirmation that there is still going to be a PvP server.... because it has been demonstrated on numerous occasions that plans can change. Those of us that truly love this game understand that plans can change, but uncertainty can be concerning. Maybe they look at the new Elevation imploding in about 2 weeks and they'll think "maybe a PvP server would be a waste of resources". If I'm wrong, this decision wouldn't have been made.... Again, that's from Rolf himself. Sure, it is referring to a "PvP overhaul" with significant changes to how we PvP, but it is a clear indicator to me of things to come (let me rephrase that... things that might not come... like a new PvP server). This post was roughly two months after Failevation 3.0 So you see.... it isn't what I have to prove.... it is what THEY have to prove.
  16. I don't feel like digging for the post, but I'm 100% sure they said they were going to 'postpone' (which in Wurm Dev speak means cancel) the launch of the PvP server. @Retrogradecan confirm. And to answer your question.... if there was a pvp server... yes, they would likely include tower chaining because kingdom influence is far too easy to exploit without it.
  17. There isn't going to be a new PvP server. This was announced like last year.
  18. For what purpose? RMT is banned... -1 to the OP suggestion. Sermons and prayer are working fine the way they are. Sometimes it requires leaving your 3x3 box in order to accomplish something..... so you go stand in someone else's 3x3 box for a few weeks
  19. "Cure" lets say cure light or focused will, heals for approximately 20 damage in a 10 second cast. A 10 second cast which is easily interruptable, or can be interrupted with shield bash, or simply tangleweave the caster (when they aren't casting) to increase this cast time to 20 seconds. I would also like to argue that limiting the functionality to non-vehicles is fairly pointless. I fail to see why people should be able to body-cast "cures" when not on a vehicle, as opposed to being on a vehicle. It can be just as easily abused for situations like being targeted while trying to climb a dirt wall. As for sickles + salves, salves are the problem, not sickles. You can smear an acid imbue on a spear (which does pierce damage and is meant for someone wearing chain) and it wrecks leather. 100% of the damage becomes acid, not "pierce". This allows any player to use *any* weapon they want, simply put an "I win" potion on the weapon and you can use it however you want.
  20. +1 To increased decay of offdeed walls and buildings. To those of you thinking increased decay/damage/enchant decay on tools is going to bolster the economy, you're idiots.
  21. This comment was the source of the colored font. You had already answered the guy's PC on a scale set. I will also answer people's questions in trade chat... like the guy that asked "PC 1 BSB full of dirt". I responded "PC 30c". I didn't start a discussion.
  22. Lock the creature cage on the originating server.
  23. 1. Revert the sailing changes completely. No compromise, no half-fixes.... just GONE. 2. Tangleweave was not an issue. If you want to stop spell spam... here's an idea... increase the cast time of the spells that you feel are being over used (LoF, etc). 3. Exclusive rights to tangleweave for Vynora priests does not begin to compensate for their lack of utility spells in PvP. I proposed a similar "focused will" spell that *can* be cast on the body while sailling, exclusive to Vyn priests. 4. Consider creation and modification of PvP mechanics that are unusable by priests. Shield bashing would be a great example.
  24. Multiple Rare's

    Supreme rope tool - 10s
  25. It's been nearly a month. Maybe if you posted an offer people like me would respond.