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  1. I do not live on Xanadu, but a friend does. I asked him to brand a hell horse, so I could use it to hunt without fear of losing my good horse gear to a random stranger. An adolescent hell horse was branded, and not tamed. I attempted to cast charm animal and got the following message: [16:32:02] The adolescent fat Raidhall rolls its eyes and looks too nervous to focus. I then tried activating a chopped garlic to tame the animal and got the same exact message. So, I then asked the village mayor that branded the horse to attempt to tame it. He was able to try, but didn't have the skill to succeed. The hell horse clearly turned toward him and let him try to tame it. I have been given full permissions for the horse, including manage to add other people, I was not standing on deed (I was in perimeter). I can lead it, I can ride it, I can put gear on it (only because it is branded), but I cannot tame it. This would be a problem if I were not a Fo priest who does not aggro hostile creatures.
  2. Yes, your blacksmithing skill is too low.
  3. Cele Lag

    If you're doing something simple like sawing planks or making mortar, it's not so bad. If you're moving around farming/harvesting/sowing, chopping down trees etc, it is borderline unplayable. I'm seriously considering moving to another server... which is funny considering I moved to Cele to escape Xanadu lag.
  4. I spend my wurm winters underground where the snow can't blind me. Very glad it only lasts 3 days.
  5. You brought up PvE vs PvP population... he didn't. You also blindly see 400 people on freedom and 50 on Chaos (give or take) and automatically assume that only 1/8th of the population is involved in PvP. Some of those 400 people are directly supporting PvP on Chaos (myself included), some of us playing multiple accounts even. TL:DR - Population is both a weak and false argument.
  6. Yes, and they were both glowing when I logged off. (Had to relog because of that crafting window glitch where you can't close it because your window wasn't wide enough).
  7. I was standing at a forge smithing. I relogged, and when I came back, both glowing hot lumps I was using to improve were 100% cold (not even warm still). I was offline for about 10 seconds.
  8. In the OP's examples above, I would rather the objects just say "Tools" or "Dirt" upon mouseover. We've been playing the game for 5+ years, we know the wooden box is a bulk storage container.
  9. Yes I read your suggestion. This feature already exists but requires leaving Freedom to do it. Given that the existing process is so buggy and hasn't been fixed for several years, I highly doubt the devs are going to put forth the effort to implement a similar process on freedom... with likely as many bugs. And BTW.... if you're seriously willing to spend 1g+ for your own "PMK" design, potentially losing 2-3s worth of gear and a sailboat/rowboat to dying on Chaos shouldn't be an issue for you.
  10. So... you're suggesting something that already exists. Go to Chaos, use a declaration of independence, create your PMK, go through the bugged process to found your kingdom on a 20x20 deed somewhere and give your design to the art devs to implement.
  11. Revenue is not the problem. I promise.
  12. @Keenanany update on this? Cele lag is becoming unplayable.
  13. Do you really want to pay 1g25s for unique banners for your freedom deed? That's how much they cost currently.
  14. You just described 90% of the recent game changes. But this would defeat the purpose of someone wanting a "new" identity.
  15. But it does bother me if you change your name. Maybe you stole from people, maybe you griefed people, that reputation should stick with you until Wurm Online closes their doors.
  16. Been that way for years. Happens when you sometimes try to scrunch three crafters on one monitor.
  17. -1 Traders/merchants/auction housees should not be linked. Finding a good deal on an item should require travel.
  18. And here's his mountain screenshot... which is so tiny it doesn't tell us much...
  19. The red circled area? That looks like about a 50x50, (2500ish tiles). I still don't understand where you're wanting to deed, unless you're talking about the rock layer that touches the NE corner of Newspring?
  20. Concrete can be placed in a BSB.
  21. Because if you want to make money, go find a job and stop playing video games. Just… do the math okay? If you're *really* good at making bricks (YOU, not your character) you can keep up with 4 clients making bricks at the same time, shuffling rock shards into your inventory, etc. With current market prices, you're looking at about 2 Euros per hour (equivalent) and even though RMT is gone now, that is a drop in the bucket compared to doing something so simple as flipping burgers for a living. Grinding a skill just to make money from it is a stupid reason to grind a skill. Think about all the sweeping changes that have been made to the game in the last year. People that need herbs/spices/flowers no longer have to rely on botanizing, all you need is gardening (which skills MUCH faster). Coal making for ash for LW? Nah, just light up a basement full of forges and clean them. Metallurgy ---> making steel ---> plate smithing….. oh... we can just make them out of iron now. By the time a new player decides they want to take up weapon smithing and manages to get it to 90 skill 10 years later, there may no longer be such a skill.