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  1. Patch Notes 11/JUL/19 Elevation revamp

    How else would it affect you, are you mailing stuff from JKH to MRH or something the only option is from a home server to elevation anyways
  2. Reduce the armor penalties instant fail effect

    It was enacted to try and force a hand on how people play on pvp servers, instead people just kept it the same and dealt with the penalties. Just remove it!
  3. Valrei International. 087

  4. Never a fan of prefab buildings in a sandbox with a tile-based building system where you can build any combination of what you want
  5. new vehicle - woodsman wagon

    make it look like the tractor trailers that carry logs
  6. A New Elevation

    you mean how it is constantly right now, yea?
  7. Possible unique metagaming concern

    so you're telling me uniques are actually more unique now why is this a bad thing, in games where eve meant for titans to be in the dozens and now there are over 5000 of them, the game is tightening the reigns on its self to regulate it back into the acceptable area
  8. Change How Deed Disbands Are Announced

    who would've guessed some jkc boomer would rule thump LOL
  9. new fresh server

    Hey, you know that one obscure random game where they've never had a new map before lately? Yea well here's that i'm using that as my example to why in wurm new servers work to bring in population And also i'm going to disregard the 4 times it's already been tried and proven unsuccessful in the actual game itself, because hey it's working for this other game
  10. How'd you even put this up as an argument when it isn't even on the same tree that the leaf of the teleportation that's being talked about is on It's pretty clear these kinds of suggestions go unchecked and free until you get knocked down from someone who actually understands the game comes in and then you just run around the bush with it
  11. Imagine suggesting something be added back in to the original portion of the game it once was and being forced to detour your idea to another route by people that don't want to put in the work or in-game currency to achieve it that way.
  12. Alright, I pop into this game every few months after playing hardcore for about four years straight. Each time I see more and more being slashed and cut away from the games core. Karma teleport, server borders leading to anywhere, now you want to teleport to anything. You understand a large portion of attraction to this game 'was' that it offered the sense of longing adventures and travel, I can't really fight anyone on it because the only people that are left playing are the ones that are loud enough to sway the opinion of the other twelve or so loud people, and eventually this will probably get added. I really wish people would understand and take to heart the suggestions and feedback from people that have been around for ten years when they say "this just isn't wurm", and then fade away because they can't really care enough to flesh it out; and because I know for a fact you don't understand why it 'isn't wurm'.
  13. EPIC Art

    Nievette 7