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  1. well ya know sandbox game you can just do this yourself instead of asking for a game addition
  2. grr realism in a realism based game grr grr "uses example involving spells and dragons to debunk this but that's the one thing in the game that's not realistic based" grr
  3. buying affinities itself is an inbred workaround to a mechanic designed to reward people for killing someone this post itself shows zero knowledge of anything to do with fight mechanics by saying stuff like 'rival kingdoms' not today kiddo
  4. Xdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
  5. nope
  6. called wine effects learn the game
  7. i don't see the problem merchants are meant to sell things why would you put it on one if it wasn't for sale
  8. yea scamming someone is being a coward and not smart and risk-taking, you're right
  9. so this drama is more his fault than the scammers, gotcha
  10. ###### off
  11. so what about oreo's maul
  12. understanding website stock and in-store stock is the first step to not going to walmart for your computers
  13. comic relief

    horses exist
  14. so you're trying to bend the game to fit your specific situation, instead of doing something different in the scope of the game, like moving gotcha