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  1. How is any discussion on this thread anything but a freedom server mindset. Just hop over to freedom and play with them, there is no active pvp from any of you, lol.
  2. Third person has been around for about 5 years, it was activated one day for about 6 hours by mistake. (April 3, 2014 to be exact, I checked the screenshot date) Imagine waiting until the people that suggested for years to remove player gods to quit, to finally do it.
  3. you sound like a kid that 10 years ago in the glory days you were about 6 or 7 shame, could've been another madrocks
  4. well this is what I read Journal of Jack A. Lormere. Day 5: I’ve been on the trail of these rumoured creatures and I’ve discovered something shocking. The link between these lands and Jackal have grown strong enough to cross both ways. Strange rocks now cover the land after these “Rifts” are closed and they allow me to transfer a part of myself to their home lands, Jackal. I don’t think my knowledge and skill crosses to Jackal, but upon returning I feel like I’ve retained what I’ve learned… Jackal: The Next Frontier For years now, the aggressive residents of Jackal have been relentlessly attacking the lands of Wurm through the use of Rifts – transporting themselves to Wurm and attempting to wreak havoc upon the citizens there. Now it’s the players’ turn, as Jackal becomes a land that players can travel to. Following the close of the first Rifts after the next update, items known as Lodestones will appear at the site of the Rift and become craftable by players. These Lodestones will allow you to transport your soul to Jackal to take the fight back to them. Lodestone travel will be two-way, and will only transport your soul – no items or skills – but travel back to the lands of Wurm will impart some knowledge onto your character that you gained while on Jackal. The Jackal server will be a server that resets every 6 months, with faster skillgain and action speed to account for this, meaning a fresh start for players wanting to experience it without the feeling of everyone being ahead. These lands are not as tailored for human living as the normal Wurm lands, and this will be evident as you make your way there and explore. Work together and fight your way through the denizens of Jackal and take control of the land. This is only the beginning of what the lands of Jackal entail, more details about this hostile and alien landscape will be unveiled over the coming days. The post Jackal: The Next Frontier appeared first on Wurm Online.
  5. How else would it affect you, are you mailing stuff from JKH to MRH or something the only option is from a home server to elevation anyways
  6. It was enacted to try and force a hand on how people play on pvp servers, instead people just kept it the same and dealt with the penalties. Just remove it!
  7. Never a fan of prefab buildings in a sandbox with a tile-based building system where you can build any combination of what you want
  8. make it look like the tractor trailers that carry logs
  9. you mean how it is constantly right now, yea?
  10. so you're telling me uniques are actually more unique now why is this a bad thing, in games where eve meant for titans to be in the dozens and now there are over 5000 of them, the game is tightening the reigns on its self to regulate it back into the acceptable area
  11. who would've guessed some jkc boomer would rule thump LOL