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  1. Not working for me....can't seem to ping the address I found in another thread: Anyone that has it working able to confirm that is the right IP and they can ping it?
  2. I'm all set with my batteries for the moment. Thanks all!
  3. Let me know what you have and what you want. Thanks!
  4. Added images and a layout from deed planner.
  5. Just checking to see if there is any interest before I get images and all the stats together.... Deed is just north of the New Spring token and is 75x29. Lots of animals (horses, cows, bulls, sheep, ram, bison). About 7s in the bank right now. Pens with Enchanted Grass. If there is any interest shoot me a PM or drop a message here and I can get pictures together and an export for Deed Planner. Inn and Pasture 2 8 Room Inn overlooking 12x15 Field (12 horses roaming). I used it primarily for wemp, but currently grass with a couple of trees. Church Near Pasture 1 14 1x2 Breeding Pens and Two Cottages near Pasture 1 These currently have Bison pairs and Sheep pairs (one cow/bull pair) Pasture 2 with Inn in the Background Guard and Archer Tower Arch Entryway Aerial View of Warehouse, Kitchen, Blacksmith, Tailor and Tavern 12 2x2 Horse Breeding Pens (near Pasture 2) Layout This is a 2D view from DeedPlanner. It is not the entire deed (could not minimize enough to fit it all, but covers most of it.
  6. Reinstalled again and it worked....not sure where I went wrong with the previous reinstall.
  7. I can't get wurm assistant to load, getting this message: 10/28/2016 9:05:56 PM > Wurm Assistant Launcher has encountered an error: An error occurred while sending the request. > The remote name could not be resolved: 'wurmassistant.azurewebsites.net' Has an option to load the current version, but that does not work.
  8. If you decide to sell let me know....I'm interested, but not sure what characters are going for these days.