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  1. Old ones does not work we just tried to login with a deleted alt and it wouldn't log it in.
  2. Still won't allow me to connect it just say's Connecting to server and keeps loading
  3. Works now I was able to get in
  4. Why does it say Connection refused when trying to log back in the game and the server is up...
  5. OH AWESOME!!!! Happy to hear that Thanks for that info!!!
  6. LOVE the decorations, can NOT wait to get to it tomorrow and do tons of archeology!!! Don't put your yule goat and reindeer figurines on an open fireplace they'll burn 😉 Happy Holiday's and can not wait to see what the gifts will be from the stocking!!!
  7. I don't see the point you're just going to see someone and look for their name and it'll be so long to read...don't make sense to me it's just something extra to add in there not like they give extra skills, useless to me no offense...if anything makes it harder to see a name with all them titles infront of it...might be a plus for PVP because they can't tell who is who if they are looking quick for a name but there are better things that could be added in game
  8. Got you covered!!! I'll msg you and get your info and will let you know when we're on the way 😃
  9. I can help you with a catapult and how much meat do you need? I might have some
  10. Congratulations Hvergi!!! So happy for you!!! I know how hard you've worked for this title!!!
  11. Hi, My Flaming Skull does not automaticly light up at night and has previously been light up before. I have the option to suff it while having my metal brush activated. I was wondering if there was a way to keep them lightnup and was informed they were suppose to work like lamp on deed but mine does not. Also my Flaming Skull is on the ground, has been there since I placed it when I created it. If anyone else has this issue, feel free to post a comment Thanks for your time reading this and Happy Wurming
  12. We don't want them gone we just want to make it more fair to everyone to be part of a slay...
  13. Sweet!!! Looking forward to it
  14. I though the birch wood from old fragments would be fixed on the next restart so the birchwood is no longer mentioned and all wooden frags can be combined, is that still the case? I didn't see any mention of it so just wondering if it was forgotten