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  1. Valrei International. 074

    Just curious how the new fishing system will change for hot food cooking? Are they going to be the same weight as before?
  2. WSA: New horse colours turning grey

    Atleast the staff is trying Thanks for the sleep bonus and best of luck to resolve this
  3. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    Just read this post...So sad to hear!!! My thoughts and prayers goes to Tish's family and friends and Wurmians on behalf of Shagsdeval, Lilangel and myself!!! I hope one day there will be a cure for cancer and not just remission Best wishes to everyone who knew her outside and inside the game!!!
  4. Valrei International. 071

    Or if they could have the option to toggle it on and off for those who chose not to see it then it's a win win for everyone
  5. Priest overhaul testing

    Yesterday GM spawned a bunch of horses and unicorns we had trolls and lava fiend in pens as well to practice dominate
  6. Patch Notes 26/APR/18

    I'm on Exo Raven but it's up now thankfully somehow it say's server not available when I log on...sigh
  7. Patch Notes 26/APR/18

    Any ETA when the game will be back up?
  8. Wood Type Feedback Thread

    My GLSL is set to Core whatever that means and my barrels also looks all the same and the maple cart is ugly (not dyed) and so is the cedar and they look alike!!! Wagons also looks ugly!!! I'm very disappointed because the boats looks great they look like they used to and I thought the wood texture would be the same we used to own before it all turned the same wood there a reason why the same code could not be used again to prevent this mess? Hopefully it gets fixed because some of these colors looks very ugly with or without dye and if we must dye everything to make it look decent then that's just pathetic. The ONLY good looking thing so far is the chestnut wood type and the boats...
  9. [Fixed with client 4.0.26] Stuff gone in mines

    Same here we have lamps on every second tile in our mine and they did not decayed away and since the patch they are no longer showing in the mine there was also a forge in the mine which isn't there either
  10. Small magical chests stuff take damage in it

    I noticed a few month's bk the large magic chest on deed inside a building things inside were taking damaged that were not damaged prior to be placed in and has not been removed but did not understand how it happened...and the magic chest can only be accessed by Shagsdeval or myself and not locked...but the building is...the small magic chest went from 26 damage over 53 damage in the last month locked inside a large cart and was not off deed for that month and was not removed from that cart either...and the chest is unlocked but the cart can only be accessed by Shagsdeval or myself (and yes the large is locked)...go figure...
  11. Valrei International. 049

    That's AWESOME!!! I always built my boats with a specific wood type JUST IN CASE this would come back!!! Can't wait to hear more about this!!!
  12. Thanks Kyoko didn't even noticed that at first game is working now yay!!
  13. This what I get when I tried typing that info int he Run command
  14. Patch Notes 17/AUG/17

    I shows all servers online now shows multiple players on other servers including mine Exodus but I still CAN'T get on the game