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  1. I did more testing on this...someone had suggested yesterday that I trade my armor with Deval and have him try it and his screen as well as mine does not show it glowing rare so it's not my pc the issue it's the game itself...(I restarted the game a few times yesterday and restarted my pc as well and since Deval was not on deed I couldn't test to see if it was the PC or the game.) Someone had suggested to drop it on the ground make sure it glows which it obviously did...and to ensure it IS rare [09:13:25] A fine leather jacket strengthened with metal studs. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with some leather. Hope this helps...
  2. Somehow my rare Studded leather jacket no longer shine on me while wearing it but it used to at some point. I have everything enabled in my settings including use normal mapping.
  3. What is the skill required for crafting a board? I assume Fine Carp but at what skill? I want to make one to see how they look
  4. I just logged in the game moved my character and I wanted to log out to re-log with my priest but when I click quit at the top screen the window wouldn't pop out to ask me if I wanted to quit or cancel. Regardless I clicked on the word Quit or did F12 on my keyboard nothing worked, I had to open my Task Manager and force Wurm to shut off that way...and my settings are Full Screen as they always been. Edit: Forgot to mention this is using the NEW UI if it's any help
  5. Not sure if it's been reported but the Fighting window and the Target window regardless you dock them or hide them they always pop back when you get attack or attack something and you have to hide or dock them again and separate the two of them if you don't want them together (unless it's intended to be that way). Another issue the Rift was opened today (I wasn't at the Rift) and I did not see the red bar showing the Rift was in progress. Someone told me it was located under the missions bar but I even partook in a mission and seen all missions and progress but no warning of a Rift. I only knew the rift was done because of the message [13:43:34] The Rift that has plagued Celebration has been shut! in the event tab.
  6. Is there an issue with the courrier service? I have a rare mailbox 92 Courrier, sent myself some mail it said it would arrive in less than 10 minutes but it took exactly 10 minutes to arrive... [10:57:24] <Shagsangel> [10:43:13] Courier has been cast on it, so it is possessed by some messenger spirits. [92] [10:57:29] <Shagsangel> [10:45:48] A decorated model of a castle that works as a mailbox. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with some stone shards. Ql: 34.0697, Dam: 0.0. [10:57:43] <Shagsangel> [10:42:51] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. [10:57:50] <Shagsangel> [10:52:18] You sense imps whispering your name and saying you have 1 mail waiting to be picked up. This was sent from myself to myself to test the COD on the new UI server.
  7. Not sure if this was mentioned but when adding to the crafting window the information on whatever it is you are crafting are hiding partially in the crafting window(added a screenshot to show what I mean by that)...also I noticed I have to click several times or move my mouse elsewhere to open a container to embark a cart or for different actions I want to do with the new UI.
  8. Toggle over expand my CCFP bar flashes up and down and won't stop even after a relog for /lotime sometimes it'll stop if I don't move my toon and start again and other times it works fine and other times it moves non stop. Would it be possible to allow a feature to NOT move the floating tabs to by any chance? It's so easy to move them by accident it would be nice to have a feature to enable floating tabs or not
  9. The server is currently unavailable when it shows Server is Online on the bottom...
  10. I also really hope it's not a joke because if it is good joke but it looks to good to be real loll IF it's real that's great I hope every Wurmian (staff and players) are remaining safe and let's hope life will return back to normal sooner than later!!!
  11. hello we would like to add our 2 deeds. first is Shagsville @ E 20 / 21 second is Clay Spot @ F19 where the clay area is. Please note it is still a publc dig spot just deeded and fenced in. Thank you
  12. Just bought 1 gold via PayPal with Torbyn, very patient (I ran in complication on my end being my first time doing this) and was good enough to trust me Thank you very much Torbyn for your patience it made this transaction very easy I highly recommend this Wurmian
  13. I tried logging in a 2nd toon but it started downloading an update so I logged the current toon I had online and I have 0 toon logged in and keep having the option to Retry and it reload again but fail to allow me to log back in the game (I thought there was a 2nd patch installed I had no issues logging on earlier after the patch was installed)