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  1. hello we would like to add our 2 deeds. first is Shagsville @ E 20 / 21 second is Clay Spot @ F19 where the clay area is. Please note it is still a publc dig spot just deeded and fenced in. Thank you
  2. Just bought 1 gold via PayPal with Torbyn, very patient (I ran in complication on my end being my first time doing this) and was good enough to trust me Thank you very much Torbyn for your patience it made this transaction very easy I highly recommend this Wurmian
  3. I tried logging in a 2nd toon but it started downloading an update so I logged the current toon I had online and I have 0 toon logged in and keep having the option to Retry and it reload again but fail to allow me to log back in the game (I thought there was a 2nd patch installed I had no issues logging on earlier after the patch was installed)
  4. It's not me or how that person had to pick a similar name... I played Wurm since 2013 sure there is alot that has changed and that will change and alot that could be improved and hopefully will be improved but I don't get that huge don't matter what year you were born (no offense) or whoever else was born...there are still the odd players who has been here since 10 year's + that this game exist and I'm not going on Steam once it's out there... I play while I work it gives me something to do between call's and when it's down it sucks because I don't know what to do until the game is back up...I'll be here until the game dies more than likely because I can't see me stop playing anytime soon!!!
  5. Where can I post the bug for the look of my Rare Thorn Cog that does not look at all green anymore?
  6. Nothing GM will do it's on Wurm Land it's free for all...not saying it was nice of the person to do that but the person was faster than you loading it so rude or not it's not against code club...
  7. @Samool Congratulations and best of luck on your new position @Buddathank you for everything and best of luck on your new adventure wherever or whatever it'll be at the rest of the staff well best of luck with Wurm on for bans on stream hopefully it works the same...ppl got banned for a reason some were for exploiting some were for bullying and some for whatever other reasons so I don't see why they should be allow back in the game if they can't respect the rules...but I'm just curious if things would work the same to an extent on Steam? I've NEVER played on Steam so no clue how that works...thanks in advance!!!
  8. Glad there were no need for any roll back!!! Thanks for the sleep bonus looking forward to spend that 10 hours on Ship Building!!!
  9. May 21, 2019 2:00:48 PM upkeep disbanded Camp Doom Celebration Server
  10. I know this is not on the post here but just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for fixing this ?: Bugfix: Fixed the ‘You must not move while doing that’ message when you were not moving.
  11. There will be an actual Wurm update like they do usually weekly a patch update and it will be mentioned in the login screen Bug Fix about the movie issue...there has not been any new updates yet (and by that I do not mean a server update) that's why it has not been fixed yet. Whenever they do the next Valrei International News will be when it's fixed
  12. Failed to meditate being afk I didn't move and no my cat did not walked on my keyboard either... [17:10:30] You will now fight normally. [17:10:32] You will now fight normally. [17:10:32] Welcome back, Shagsangel! The Celebration has been waiting for you. [17:10:34] You enter Shagsville. [17:10:34] You enter Freedom Isles. [17:10:34] You feel the presence of Magranon. [17:10:34] You may not move right now. [17:10:34] 23 other players are online. You are on Celebration (495 totally in Wurm). [17:10:35] Type /help for available commands. [17:10:35] You feel rested. [17:10:55] You may now move again. [17:11:09] The server has been up 4 days, 6 hours and 30 minutes. [17:11:09] It is 19:56:08 on day of the Wurm in week 3 of the starfall of Fires in the year of 1082. [17:11:11] You are no longer invulnerable. [17:11:30] You may now queue 4 actions. [17:11:32] The beautiful meditation rug doesn't need repairing. [17:11:34] You start meditating. [17:11:38] You fail to relax. [17:11:47] You start meditating. [17:11:51] You fall into a trance. Is there a smallest particle? [17:12:36] You must not move while doing that. [17:12:36] You stop meditating. [17:14:31] You start meditating. [17:14:36] You fall into a trance. You consider the wind and the places it goes. [17:16:32] You finish your meditation. (this one succeeded and got a meditation gain)
  13. That was quick!!! Good job they all look very nice I can't wait to see them in game!!!
  14. Looks great I LOVE the tall banner in #1 these designs looks much better than the original (no offense to whoever did the original one) Thanks for allowing everyone to vote on this, job well done!!!