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  1. Thanks Kyoko didn't even noticed that at first game is working now yay!!
  2. This what I get when I tried typing that info int he Run command
  3. I shows all servers online now shows multiple players on other servers including mine Exodus but I still CAN'T get on the game
  4. Todays update to the game encountered a few errors with connecting to servers. After a preliminary look into the issue we’ve made the decision to temporarily revert the update to avoid long downtime. We’ll continue to work on the issue and announce when the update is available. While disappointing, the reason we’ve made this decision is to minimise downtime of the game and time lost while we work on the issue. We have managed to reproduce it on our test servers and will be able to work on the fix without impacting play but currently have no ETA. We do apologise for the inconvenience and we know everyone was eager to get building and storing. Hopefully we will have the issue resolved and the update back in action soon. Regards, The Wurm team.
  5. It's been showing online now for atleast 30 minutes if not more...why does it show servers are online if the patch is not finished? Here's a cup of coffee to help your stress Jazz
  6. Got it removed the 141 and kept the 138 thanks...
  7. I have no choice I don't know how to get the older version back and it won't allow me to play either from my shortcut or from the website so I'm stuck for now...Windows 10 is not as simple as Windows XP used to be...
  8. But if I go bk to the old version it'll ask to update again eventually and will run into the same problem unless I don't download the either way we run into a wall...and how long can you go without being forced to installed a java update? Guess no Wurm for me if I can't figure this out
  9. So any SIMPLE solutions to this? Quite irritating!!!
  10. I got the same issue I even tried using the online application for launching Wurm and it won't allow me so frustrating!!! I can't get bk on the game (WO not WU)
  11. I agree with Rhea not all of us wants to change settings and risk to loose internet or not knowing how to fix it back after because somehow things are not going as intented while trying to fix it...
  12. Oh ok that makes sense then...gota love IT issues!!!
  13. I don't understand why did it got fixed faster the day of the updates and this time it's taking was the same issue the last time Getting tired of waiting for the game to work again and I refuse to try any of those options because I'm no computer teach and why change something when you'll have to do it all over again once the game is back up and running...
  14. Yes Wurm still working for those who decides to switch things and do temporary fix they are enjoying the game while the ones who choses not change anything wait "patiently"