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  1. Valrei International. 077

    I'm SO excited about this coming: Coming very soon is a graphics update that displays fruit, berries and all those harvestable goodies directly on the tree. Best part of the update coming up!!! Looking forward for that graphic upgrade
  2. Placing Items

    Since the feature of placing items has been out it has not always worked right for me...I can try to place an item and I'll have almost 2 minutes countdown and regardless if attempt to place the item right in front of me or right beside me (same tile as me or a tile away from me) it won't always work. This also applied to try to place an item on top of another item like a table... Some day's it works fine which will give me a 5 seconds timer to place it and other day's I have even let the timer go to 0 and leave the item where I wanted it (after numerous left clicking to attempt to place it) and it say's I have failed to place the item. I once moved armor racks (emptied) in a building with the place feature and then the day after it wouldn't work anymore I had to push and pull instead...every time this occurred I am not on a horse or cart or wagon.
  3. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    There is no time frame yet to how long you have to transfer just 1 time only was mentioned no date.
  4. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    We do!!! We hear them we should have them to be seen!!!
  5. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Time will tell? loll
  6. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    well yeah i have been waiting was ETA 2 hrs we're over that now so was wondering what was going on and I didn't knew info were posted on Discord so I have a reason to become annoyed...well had a reason...
  7. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    I'm not a fan on the new fishing update but the Chicken coop and the thingy in the water and the water update looks pretty cool...I can't wait to see what the chicken coop will look like!!!
  8. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Them boeys or whatever there called will be the first thing I check on how to make that should look pretty cool and hopefully make sailing across servers easier for borders no more sharks waiting to bite your toes loll and the chicken coop sounds pretty cool that will be cool to have to!!
  9. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Not everyone follows discord so when you're not told whats the problem what do you expect? You grow we know ETA 1h (or more I know the problem is not yet fixed and i can't try to log on)
  10. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Any idea how those are made? FC? Do they require a certain ql to be floating in the water like boats or they require to be planted? That's a feature I can't wait to see in game!!!
  11. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Nope actually I have answered some questions and input my feedback on good idea's put on here like the be able to teleport to any starter deed on the server by typing the command go read back you missed something obviously
  12. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Thanks fyi i don't check discord cuz i don't use it...
  13. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    I know what ETA mean but oviously some ppl were wondering why the game didn't work and it said servers were on when trying to log on because they created a post about it...much later the red banner was placed to inform the servers were not up and Retro posted on the other thread to ignore the server online post
  14. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Which was not there after 2 hrs and someone had to point it out...I'm just saying explanations could of been given sooner next time don't post an ETA if it's not gona be met!!
  15. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    But 2 hrs were gone buy and no one told us expected complications are happening that this could take SEVERAL more gota put yourself in players spot that are not part of the devs team and see why we are tired of waiting and not knowing anything...after the 2hrs delay someone could of simply said on the forum we're sorry it'll take longer than the expected time at this moment we can not confirm how much longer it'll take please be patient or something among the lines and that would of made ppl less impatient...not bitching just saying we thought 2.5 hrs later we still can't get on the game but no reasons why...