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  1. Got it removed the 141 and kept the 138 thanks...
  2. I have no choice I don't know how to get the older version back and it won't allow me to play either from my shortcut or from the website so I'm stuck for now...Windows 10 is not as simple as Windows XP used to be...
  3. But if I go bk to the old version it'll ask to update again eventually and will run into the same problem unless I don't download the either way we run into a wall...and how long can you go without being forced to installed a java update? Guess no Wurm for me if I can't figure this out
  4. So any SIMPLE solutions to this? Quite irritating!!!
  5. I got the same issue I even tried using the online application for launching Wurm and it won't allow me so frustrating!!! I can't get bk on the game (WO not WU)
  6. I agree with Rhea not all of us wants to change settings and risk to loose internet or not knowing how to fix it back after because somehow things are not going as intented while trying to fix it...
  7. Oh ok that makes sense then...gota love IT issues!!!
  8. I don't understand why did it got fixed faster the day of the updates and this time it's taking was the same issue the last time Getting tired of waiting for the game to work again and I refuse to try any of those options because I'm no computer teach and why change something when you'll have to do it all over again once the game is back up and running...
  9. Yes Wurm still working for those who decides to switch things and do temporary fix they are enjoying the game while the ones who choses not change anything wait "patiently"
  10. It IS Tuesday I can't go walk my dog or do something in my yard I'm stuck at my pc and Wurm is convenient to play between call's sadly no other games for me waiting patiently it's sunny here to but can't enjoy it till my shift is done...working at home is great but not always fun!!! Hopefully things will be fixed sooner than later...Happy Wurming for those who chose to change the files and what not to play the game I'll wait till it's resolved But thanks for the clarification of a DNS ChamgagneDragon
  11. Sit patiently waiting for call's waiting not so patiently for Wurm to get back up for something to do in between call's...
  12. Because the other day the devs or whoever in Wurm's team fixed the issue and this time we are told they can't fix it go change your DNS...I'm with you TeeeBOMB...what's going to happened if they do something and everyone who changed there DNS are they going to be affected to? I'm sorry but forgive me for not risking to screw up anything. I play Wurm for something to do it's just annoying when your game won't work for who know's how many day's because you rather wait for the issue to solve on it's own then go play with settings you have no clue about what to do... Good luck Wurmian
  13. Funny when you got back on the game and we were informed of your toon's not being given back and we asked if you had spoken to Mau you said no and admitted you have not gone on there comms since you came back and I said who you said had someone from JK trying to help you find ways to get your account back so you can try to fool everyone but the biggest fool in the end was you shared your account and couldn't settle this the grownup way instead went the bashful way!!! Name and shame is SO easy when you don't know the whole story and rather just insult ppl and accuse them of being thief!!!
  14. Because she quit!!! Obviously she can't be woman enough to go talk to the person and now she thinks making the name and shame she can get it bk...why should she have her toon's back she didn't want them there's alot of he said she said but in the end the 3rd person who was on coms is not on the forum that I know of and will not say anything because he takes her side when in the end she wouldn't contact the owner of the toon's
  15. That's not even true you told us on voice you refused to go talk to anyone and you have not ask the person instead you'd find someone to help you so whatever easier to go cry wolves and point fingers hoping you'll get everyone against him and you'd win seriously pathetic!!!