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  1. They can heat wood/cloth items enough to burn and destroy them...and I believe smc is wood... if you add something without preheating the item it will take a few days to get searing hot. Best to heat stuff in forge until glowing (or hot for meals) then throw in statue to keep it warmed.
  2. Just to clarify. Only in hota statues as they can be lit. Normal statues cannot be used for storage as far as I know.
  3. For anyone that might not know, these are great for smith's as they slowly heat up anything you put in them and can keep stuff glowing red hot. Very handy to have and can hold about the same amount of stuff as a forge.
  4. Where did the soul depth come from...praying? Or am I missing something?
  5. I'll offer 25s on the imbued rare pickaxe.
  6. Will be voting no three times when I get off work. I've never owned a trader but it seems like a flawed system to redistribute coin back into the game. Truthfully I like the selling back to token the best as it also helps keep the server cleaned up some.
  7. Location might be useful...don't think they are mailable
  8. Make the boat be empty and have no passengers to be able to tow it...
  9. Seems like a good time to bump this with all the tool/weapon enchant discussions going on...just in case the devs are looking into anything enchanting related.
  10. I believe you make key molds using the coc key to grind locksmithing until you get enough skill to make lockpicks.
  11. I've read as much of this thread as I can but my opinion is... remove shattering on items above a certain ql to make re-enchanting less risky. Make enchanting itself more linear or rechargeable as mentioned, then allow weapon enchant decay but make sure it's an acceptable rate to please those that don't like spending more coin in game.