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  1. Since this latest patch I've noticed crops racing to ripe stage 2 almost immediately when 'almost ripe' stage is completed. This is especially noticeable at a distance with cotton and grain crops. I have not paid enough attention to other crops for this same effect but I suspect it is happening with most if not all crops. Some have gone to weeds less than 24 r/l hours after tending a tile at almost ripe stage. My farm is small at fewer than 100 tiles so is by no means a good test bed for this. If anyone with a larger farm can devote some tiles to primarily grains or cotton can verify whether or not this is happening there it would be nice edit: "almost immediately" here is used to define a time of less than 1 hour. We can normally expect a crop that has ripened to stay in stage 1 of ripe for 12-24 r/l hours before stage 2 can happen. At that point we can also expect the second ripe stage to remain for another day or so (real time). So what I've seen now is tending a tile at "almost ripe" one day to the second ripe stage at about the same time the next day, in a few cases that tile was weeds and had passed through both ripe stages in under 24 hours.
  2. If you like you can plot the deed "Amber's Embrace" extending along the shoreline from mid 46x, 36y to 2/3 across 47x, 36y. One of Gumbo's higher ql mailboxes is located to the west of that deed along the shoreline just west of the pavement end.
  3. I see the sickles bids got lost. guess I'll just place a bid on the relisting and hope for the best. I never thought to take a screenie and this last week has been too hectic to keep up on a daily basis.
  4. 25c... and I hope this bid doesn't get lost ;-)
  5. 50c
  6. 40c
  7. 28c
  8. I dropped ~40 cotton on a farm tile to be able to move my toon to the bins for unload. Generally I will leave piles like this here and there to go back later and fetch them mounted. When I picked up this bale there was no msg saying I got it or inventory full, no msg saying anything actually... but the graphic of the bale on the ground disappeared. Double checked inventory to be sure and nope, no cotton here either save the few I had just harvested from a nearby tile. So I logged an alt to be sure it wasn't graphics. no cotton bale for her either. Relogged the main toon after logging out the alt, still no bale and no cotton in inventory. 40 cotton at 92.xx farm skill is no biggie but things drifting off into that empty nullspace of gonne seems a bit important.
  9. 70c
  10. 24c
  11. 24c
  12. I tried changing both the ipv4 & 6, not working for me. Thinking I should have stayed with my original thought to just wait it out. Best o luck, Later all.
  13. 60c
  14. 20c
  15. If the ISP on CodeClub's end is unravelling then it's no surprise. Has anyone checked the worldwide attack maps? It's a big US holiday and the DoS attacks go off the charts on holidays.