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  1. Whoops, didnt get a notification on this msg, which low ql lumps are you referring to?
  2. My prayers have been heard! ❤️ Thank you soooooo much !!! 😃
  3. Is it working as intended now then? cuz now, when i start at say 20 power and 27 minutes timer and sip at 5 mins remaining, the timer jumps back to 27 minutes and the power is increased by 10. I've done a few rounds now to see if its continuous, and it keeps resetting at 27 mins and adds 10 points for every sip-refill (up to 60 power now)
  4. Yup and the high bookshelves are too full already
  5. So we got the fabulous new wall fountain, Which I really like, but sadly its only in standard rock... Same goes for quite a few things, like pillars, statues, tables, stone benches, the rest of the fountains, mailboxes, gravestones, planters... Wouldn't it be awesome to have those in sandstone, slate or even pottery too? Then we can make our themed designs even cooler and more fitting Pillars eg are barely used, cuz the white stoney version looks kinda silly in a sandstone temple...
  6. As titles says: currently you can give a book a title of 20 characters max, that's including spaces. That is enough for a simple title like: "Bedtime stories" as this is 15 characters, but "Bedtime stories vol. 1" already wouldn't fit. And books a barely used (unfortunately) but could be great to make like real libraries, where you could have real stories in them with titles like "Hanzl and Grettle on Xanadu", "The history of [deed] xxxxxxxxxxxx", "Once upon a time on Pristine" , "Wurm Wogic for dummies Vol. 1" etc... And with that: - Allow more title characters, based on the ql of the book (like 5 chars per ql) - allow books to be placed flat too, instead of just upright - allow more books in an empty large bookshelf, if you fill it up now, it still looks empty - reduce the dmg taken on books that are inside bookshelves on deed, or remove dmg on deed for that case altogether Make my dream come through so that I can use this on the several thousands of books I want in my City Library
  7. Does it come with the usual undead monkey? And if it still dies of old age, do I get a refund? anycow (or donkey) 4S