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  1. When I'm not working or wurming and in my other natural habitat
  2. Probably connected to the wandering rift opening times, today About 1h and 20mins ago, the new rift on Xan closed and I got rewards for it, albeit, that I was afk, on my deed at that time and did not attend the rift... So my guess is that the previous rift never registered fully on the server as completed, restarted the same rift number and included all the attendees from the previous rift in this one. I mean, I don't mind the free goodies and points , but maybe this needs to be verified, if its a one time occasion or something else not syncing properly in the DB. Mac
  3. Since we are potentially in for new names, might as well throw some in PVE: Equivalence PVP: Dissonance Both describe well what they are, kinda in line with existing names and easy for abbreviations: Equi & Disso (for those who like that )
  4. I'll try to make a more detailed, toon by toon report this weekend, so the team can have a better grand view of what is happening
  5. not sure how that would be of influence of all annotations disappearing from all my toons: ally, village and private, them being parts of various villages and alliances, along with the same aspect of every other toon, of every person in my alliance has. But no, the capital has not been changed.
  6. Xanadu, well for as far as ive seen, i havent been on other servers yet
  7. did a full relog, or better said, logged back in in a few hours later, annotations still missing on all toons, same goes for other alliance members. Mac
  8. After today's' maintenance restart, almost every map annotation has disappeared, private, village and Alliance. Guess one of the hamsters snug out after their fancy haircut break Mac
  9. As title states, in the market for a supreme bone, pm me offers pls Mac
  10. OMG! Finally!! I wants to hugs you all!!! (Also like the other changes, lots of adaption needed, but was inevitable, as it was long due anywasy )
  11. Cleaning up a bit before spring!! - 13k horsemeat 83ql - 12k insect meat 82ql - 4k canine meat 81ql - 2k lamb meat 79ql - 2k beef meat 82ql - 3k bear meat 76ql - 2k game meat 81ql - 1k humanoid meat 79ql meats: 25c/k - 10k eyes 68ql 50c/k - 4k feta cheese 93ql 1.5s/k - 3k Oregano 73ql - 2k Cumin 74ql - 2k turmeric 75ql - 3k parsley 71ql - 4k mint 74ql - 3k paprika 74ql - 2k fennelplant 73ql Herbs/spices: 40c/k - 15k Tar 50ql 40c/k - 21k Animal fat 30c/k - 3k paws 62ql 50c/k - 9k tails 74ql 40c/k - 5k hooves 75ql 40c/k - 2k beeswax 69ql 1s/k
  12. yup, option pops up on medium wooden shield. so resolved
  13. ill see if the option pops up on a medium wooden shield samool, hang on and ty for posting the pic
  14. I got a Raider shield skin from the mark store, but when trying to apply it to a shield (wood or metal) the "apply skin" option doesn't show up, so it cannot be used.