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  1. First off, thnk you for all the new additions! 2nd.. Oopsie, made a typo Jellyfish Hunting Lodge [1018, -2122] should be : Jellyfish Hunting Lodge [1081, -2122] Tnx again
  2. Buyout 25s
  3. And another one for the collection please Jellyfish Port Royal : [1614, -3360] Ty!
  4. Hiya, i was away and temporarily out of stock on those runes, im going to make a new batch 2morw and will cod them over Sorry for the delay Mac Edit: sent you some new runes i made, qls where slightly diff, so i included a discount
  5. Finding tool and weapon frags with runes attached to it aswell tool and weapon heads and blades with runes loose their rune when finalizing the tool/weapon, by adding a shaft or handle tho :/
  6. ill take all the rift resources pls
  7. After several hours of testing and trying, i found the following (also discussed with CA Alectrys) At fist the game wouldnt allow me to plant a wagoner container at all (on deed), went to another deed (in alliance, another deed i own, full permissions) and the same happend there, I couldnt plant the container. I then went into the perimiter of that 2nd deed and the same occured, could not plant. I then took the same toon out in the open (not on deed or perim) and it allowed me to plant a container I headed back to the main deed and fiddled some more, i added another waypoint at a random location on deed (only had one previously) and it allowed me to plant the container (both mayor and villager) Went back to the 2nd deed and repeated the procedure, but could still not plant. Not sure about the extra waystone, but at least something is fuzzy with the alliance permissions. Hope to have shed some light on the matter Macoofer p.s. very cool that you can actually see him do his thing and ride around
  8. Added a new link to the brand new high cast tools and stuff Spreadsheet, take a look
  9. will cod as soon as im back at the storage house Edited: [12:11:58] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Mac
  10. How many barrels of milk you got?
  11. 26s
  12. Cod both bracelets and mining pots to macoofer pls
  13. 12s for knarr with goodies
  14. 100ql rare logs and rare marble shards sold
  15. Please add 3 new deeds: Jellyfish Logistics: [6995, -2319] Jellyfish Hunting Lodge [1018, -2122] Jellyfish Summit [635, -2150] And could you move down Jellyfish Lagoon a bit? it's at [801, -2073] Ty