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  1. To Macoofer pls
  2. 6.5
  3. As title says: I'm selling 13.4k of total ql in gems @50iron/ql, minimum order ql amount is 1000ql Drop a pm on the forums or pm me ingame. Macoofer
  4. You need the stone rune of magranon, zinc. Its the size that needs an increase, not volume. You can find the stock and pricing on my website:
  5. pm sent
  6. i can hop over now, its not that far
  7. 11s
  8. I'll contact you later today on the key transfer got some stuff in rl to do first. Mac
  9. 45s
  10. Looking for best offers to buy 2 gold (200 silvers) with verified paypal. Drop a pm or find me ingame for offers.
  11. Buying Rift resources: Crystals Wood Stone Shards Pm me what you got, with quality, quantity and price. Mac Edit: Order filled!
  12. Order is filled. Tnx for all the replies!
  13. As title says: Looking to buy 20k veggies. quality: irrelevant low price: relevant. Pm offers through forum pm or ingame Mac
  14. 46s