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  1. WTA Unfinished Supreme Floorloom

    Startbid: 15s Minimum increase: 1s Sniper rule: 1hour Buyout: 25s
  2. Selling some extra stock!: - 16 BSB's with rockshards (various QL, 853 units per BSB) 50 copper per bsb (bsb included) - 39 BSB's with Sandstone Shards (various QL, 853 units per BSB) 50 copper per bsb (bsb included)
  3. WTA Rare Creature Cage 75ql

    Starting bid: 5s Minimum increase: 1s Sniper rule: 2 hours Buyout: 15s
  4. Selling Gems and Moonmetals

    Under 10ql gems sold
  5. Selling Gems and Moonmetals

    Selling the following: - 422 Gems, over 10QL, total QL 11.757 (11.7k) Price: 40 silvers (smaller amounts possible) - 198 under 10ql gems, total QL 783 Price: 15s (smaller amounts possible) SOLD! - Around 20kg of HQ (upto 99ql) Adamantine Lumps 5s/kg (smaller amounts possible) - Around 20kg of HQ (upto 98ql) Glimmersteel Lumps 5s/kg (smaller amounts possible) For all items: - Prices are fixed, if mailed; buyer pays mailcost, delivery on gems negotiable (might involve extra cost), Pickup from Jellyfish Outpost : 8/9G Xanadu Drop a message here or contact me ingame: Macoofer
  6. Rare strange bone

    cod The Kyklops blood to Macoofer please
  7. hello, someone is desperately looking for lead fo crystal rune 5%repai loss 5%speed:D

  8. Back and open for business again after an unfortunate long leave from wurm!
  9. Glimmersteel

    To Macoofer pls
  10. Glimmersteel