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  1. OMG! Finally!! I wants to hugs you all!!! (Also like the other changes, lots of adaption needed, but was inevitable, as it was long due anywasy )
  2. Cleaning up a bit before spring!! - 13k horsemeat 83ql - 12k insect meat 82ql - 4k canine meat 81ql - 2k lamb meat 79ql - 2k beef meat 82ql - 3k bear meat 76ql - 2k game meat 81ql - 1k humanoid meat 79ql meats: 25c/k - 10k eyes 68ql 50c/k - 4k feta cheese 93ql 1.5s/k - 3k Oregano 73ql - 2k Cumin 74ql - 2k turmeric 75ql - 3k parsley 71ql - 4k mint 74ql - 3k paprika 74ql - 2k fennelplant 73ql Herbs/spices: 40c/k - 15k Tar 50ql 40c/k - 21k Animal fat 30c/k - 3k paws 62ql 50c/k - 9k tails 74ql 40c/k - 5k hooves 75ql 40c/k - 2k beeswax 69ql 1s/k
  3. yup, option pops up on medium wooden shield. so resolved
  4. ill see if the option pops up on a medium wooden shield samool, hang on and ty for posting the pic
  5. I got a Raider shield skin from the mark store, but when trying to apply it to a shield (wood or metal) the "apply skin" option doesn't show up, so it cannot be used.
  6. So how exactly will this be monitored? trades through the mailbox is easy, but bulk trades? That's going to be one hell of an impact for both gm's and players to explain their trades as bulk trading through delivery isn't a game mechanic, its purely based on trust of players. Often delivered by alts, other ppl, paid in advance or afterwards by cod's, pick ups from specific permission bsbs on sellers deed's etc... would sellers and buyers have to explain every bulk transaction if they are doing 10 or more a day? I'm totally fine with the RMT being revoked, ill just put my access coins into even bigger deeds and bigger projects, no biggie there, but if we have to spend hours backtracking and explaining all our actions? that could potentially kill bulk trade alltogether.... Simplify it and make that waterproof? Add a tradehouse or auction house to the game, voila you just cut out all the goods trading suspicion, only have to check on donations and gifts from players who have more silver then they can spend
  7. Look at it from the bright side, it sure beats the yellow pots we've been getting for years I'd be happy to get any of the above tbh, instead of the 241st yellow pot
  8. Mac Thank you for the Paypal exchange. 150 silver for 135 euros. Great deal thank you!


  9. Ron was a valuable asset in the Alliance, always up with good chatter, always there to help. Wurm is gonna miss him in many ways
  10. With a bit of delay due to RL work: [10:48:34] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Mac
  11. The slaying was successfull, the Kyklops is no more! Thank you all for joining and the kind words!
  12. After a wild chase we finally managed to trap the Venerable Kyklops that was on the loose! The slaying of this Kyklops will take place on thursday, december the 5th 2019 @ 21:00hrs GMT+1. Everyone is invited to bring alts for the bloods. (Potion of Leatherworking) If high end drops show up, one of them will be kept to cover the expenses of the trapping, the rest will be rolled for. The exact location is roughly I/J 18 The location is not in local from where you can park boats. Sorry for the delay all, work got delayed a bunch and I just got back home Hope to see you all there! Macoofer & Explora The public slaying will be streamed live on twitch:
  13. Hi there, unfortunately tapestries and carpets cannot be mailed