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  1. pm sent
  2. i can hop over now, its not that far
  3. 11s
  4. I'll contact you later today on the key transfer got some stuff in rl to do first. Mac
  5. 45s
  6. Looking for best offers to buy 2 gold (200 silvers) with verified paypal. Drop a pm or find me ingame for offers.
  7. Buying Rift resources: Crystals Wood Stone Shards Pm me what you got, with quality, quantity and price. Mac Edit: Order filled!
  8. Order is filled. Tnx for all the replies!
  9. As title says: Looking to buy 20k veggies. quality: irrelevant low price: relevant. Pm offers through forum pm or ingame Mac
  10. 46s
  11. Location change notice Orders can still be placed here or through pm or ingame, stock and pricing are now on the website
  12. The road map addition is awesome! TY And a very Happy new year to the entire wurm team! Keep up the good work
  13. Rift wood, Rift shards and rift crystals to macoofer pls Also send the rune Edited: I'd like to pickup the dirt aswell
  14. Despite me being there with a total noobie toon, i was still able to take part in this fun event. Yes there is a risc of ending up like a corpse, but good teamwork a fun ppl limited that for most of us. All in all a really fun event that was defo worth postponing dinner for a bit Ty Enki for doing this! And tnx to the others who participated aswell
  15. First off, thnk you for all the new additions! 2nd.. Oopsie, made a typo Jellyfish Hunting Lodge [1018, -2122] should be : Jellyfish Hunting Lodge [1081, -2122] Tnx again