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  1. Greetings I just got the message you may be interested i a package.

  2. Great idea also it should auto draw the sword or sword/shield. Depending on the size of the sword such as a short sword should do in a hip slot while the two handed weapons require a larger scabbard and would go on ones back.
  3. I would like to buy white or black drake set without cap for 80s.
  4. Pm me ingame or on forums name is the same.
  5. i have 3 atm selling them for 1.3s ea.
  6. Less then they are sold for at a trader.
  7. Seems like alot of people have alot of problems with real world situations being brought into a game. I stay up late with a gun at my house waiting for coyotes to come. Its more realistic don't play a sim if you dont like realism.
  8. And thinks makes me think of a facebook fail i saw once."It can't rain in Australia the rain would go into space, Duh."
  9. [11:19:03] The server has been up 31 seconds.
  10. And once again we light the campfires to sing songs and roast marshmellows.