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  1. WTB 3 accounts

    Hi, I would like to buy three accounts, 1) Vynora priest who can do good coc/woa (looking for 80+ channeling only, no other skills required) 2) A main smith account 3) A deed builder account with good mining,digging,masonry,woodcutting skills. please PM me skill dumps on forums of whatever you have. Yours faithfully, Ignitius.
  2. WTS Timberwood [Disbanded] please close

    Please close this thread.
  3. WTS Timberwood [Disbanded] please close

    Disbanding deed within 12 hours. If anyone still interested in getting it leme know.
  4. WTS Timberwood [Disbanded] please close

    Can PM me if anyone having any questions about this deed too!
  5. Upkeep and size details: Location: T-11 Xanadu, island deed. Price: PM offer Pictures:
  6. please close

    Nah its me only, my first forum account. Use this toon to buy/sell accounts caus it keeps inbox of my main much less cramped up. I see you do remember little Ignitius from deliverance
  7. please close

    Smith account has been bought. Still looking for a good vynora priest and having look at some skill dumps of builder accounts sent by people.
  8. please close

    please close
  9. WTS some rares [Sold, please close]

    Bump for the best.
  10. [Please close]Tools, Weapons, Armour, Shields

    Please close, wont get time for this.
  11. [Please close]Tools, Weapons, Armour, Shields

    Some more stuff sold! Bump
  12. Cavalier helmet

    This is a failed Mutation and mutants must be removed.
  13. Allow Gender change

    yes we need it.