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  1. Hi, I would like to buy three accounts, 1) Vynora priest who can do good coc/woa (looking for 80+ channeling only, no other skills required) 2) A main smith account 3) A deed builder account with good mining,digging,masonry,woodcutting skills. please PM me skill dumps on forums of whatever you have. Yours faithfully, Ignitius.
  2. Disbanding deed within 12 hours. If anyone still interested in getting it leme know.
  3. Can PM me if anyone having any questions about this deed too!
  4. Upkeep and size details: Location: T-11 Xanadu, island deed. Price: PM offer Pictures:
  5. Nah its me only, my first forum account. Use this toon to buy/sell accounts caus it keeps inbox of my main much less cramped up. I see you do remember little Ignitius from deliverance
  6. Smith account has been bought. Still looking for a good vynora priest and having look at some skill dumps of builder accounts sent by people.
  7. Please close, wont get time for this.
  8. This is a failed Mutation and mutants must be removed.