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  1. Hi. Am looking for someone to build a Spirit Container (anyone will do) and cast Courier on it at my Deed (approx location of i13). I’d like a Rowboat delivered too. Let me know if any of this is possible. Thanks!
  2. Anyone have one for sale, or would make one. How much?
  3. Just to note, it’s COD to Dalton please. Thank you!
  4. Can you please COD to Dalton the following: x2 Normal meditation rug (any QL) x4 Cotton Sheet Thank you.
  5. I understand the frustrations of the first night. Am glad things are working more smoothly now. In terms of the size of the map, I’m about a ten minute walk from Heartland, and there are forests full of no one. I think the map will be big enough, unless you want to be right on top of the starter towns. Good to hear feedback though.
  6. Same here. I’m back to the Network Error message (Connection timed out) again.
  7. I’ve only recently tried what nicedreams mentioned. I set Ambient Occlusion to “Off”, and so far I haven’t crashed for quite some time. I’ll keep monitoring, and if you haven’t already tried it, give it a go.
  8. +1 Also, will Harmony have it’s own Trade forum section?
  9. I’ve had the same problem. It’s driving me mad. As you say, either the screen goes blank, computer restarts, or screen goes blank and fan goes crazy. Have an nvidia GTX780 graphics card. Things I’ve tried: Uninstall/reinstall video drivers Uninstall/reinstall Java (tried Java 8, 11 and 14) Underclocked my CPU Played around with various Wurm settings Have monitored system temp, and checked RAM Only happens with Wurm Online. Wurm Unlimited works ok. Any suggestions to this annoying issue. It’s making play impossible!
  10. i registered on the Website, and followed the process to authenticate (you get an email). Can’t get into the game at the moment. Don’t even make it in as far as the log in screen.
  11. Managed to get in, but crashed after ten minutes. Struggling to get back in now, so there must be lots trying to log in.
  12. Fantastic trailer! It really captures some of the things that us existing players take for granted.
  13. Keep up the good work Malena. I enjoy these. Will you be doing any Wurm Roulette on the new Steam server?
  14. Good to see you back! Always enjoy watching your streams.