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  1. Same for my deed on Harmony. Should say 30 days, but saying 7.
  2. Can you COD the following to Ashton please: Large Maul, iron, 71ql, 72nimb, 63LT, 71coc, 65ms - 7s Thank you.
  3. Hi. Can you please COD the following to Ashton: Butcher Knife 80ql - 49 BoTD - 1.5s Dredge - 74ql - 59 BoTD - 1.88s Hatchet - 70ql - 55 BoTD - 1.32s Mallet - 84ql - 53 BoTD - 1.25s Metal Brush - 70ql - 59 BoTD - 1.38s Pickaxe - 70ql - 51 BoTD - 1.25s Rake- 70ql - 54 BoTD - 1.31s Saw - 70ql - 46 BoTD - 95c Sickle - 80ql - 52 BoTD - 1.8s Small Anvil - 70ql - 53 BoTD - 1.25s Stone Chisel - 76ql - 39 BoTD - 75c Trowel - 70ql - 68 BoTD - 1.85s Thank you.
  4. Hello, Can you please COD to Ashton the following: Shovel 80ql/61woa/74coc - 2.6s Thank you.
  5. It’s incredibly difficult to raise FS on Harmony at the moment. Also, I haven’t been able to find any wild horses for a very long time. Is there anything than can be done, or is this just the way it’s going to be on Harmony?
  6. Can you please COD the following to Ashton: 48 BOTD Butchering Knife 62 BOTD Chisel 52 BOTD Pickaxe 68 BOTD Shovel Thank you.
  7. What, exactly, should be the distribution of mobs/animals? The steppe near me was full at server launch (Harmony), but has now been empty for weeks. Should creatures be respawning there, or is that not how it works?
  8. Absolutely. That’s probably why I haven’t ever RPed in Wurm previously as I’m always aware that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. A dedicated chat tab and/or a RP tag would help address any concerns.
  9. Yes, agree that these are great questions/suggestions. I’ve roleplayed in many MMOs in the past, and would always play on a RP server. However, I’ve never roleplayed in Wurm! As there aren’t RP servers in Wurm, I’d definitely like to see some functionality to help with RPing. An RP tag next to our names would be great, and a separate RP chat tab would be cool. Some official RP events would also be most welcome.
  10. I had a similar issue (as did someone else who posted a few weeks back). What solved it for me was disabling Ambient Occlusion (as someone in the other thread kindly advised). Try it. Hopefully it will work.
  11. Hi. Am looking for someone to build a Spirit Container (anyone will do) and cast Courier on it at my Deed (approx location of i13). I’d like a Rowboat delivered too. Let me know if any of this is possible. Thanks!
  12. Anyone have one for sale, or would make one. How much?