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  1. This game shines when there are more new players than older so i for one would like to see what happens on the steam release and if they can manage to keep the servers from crashing when they hit capacity.
  2. WO Steam Discussion

    I have personally wondered why a steam release was not done years ago. It was a topic that was brought up dozens of times and the number one point of disagreement was new players ruining the servers because they didn't know any better. We have all experienced being new to wurm and I would hope we would share the same experience we had when we first started playing. Remember the first player that took you under his/her wing and protected you and kicked you in the right direction until you made yourself your 1x1 shack. That was the experience that hooked me to this game and i will forever be grateful to you Smebb for doing that for me. We Should not be afraid of new players especially since they will be starting apart from us on a different server. They will have the time to figure out the game and it will weed out those that don't care for it. Most people wont take the time and pay the money to skill up just to grief on a pve server. The biggest desire for this game has also been its downfall. Owning your own piece of land and sculpting it to your imagination is the best feeling a game can give but because of that we all live the hermit life and the mechanics of the game make it hard to bring people together other than for unique hunts, sermons, and rifts. We struggle to manage deeds with other player accounts and there is no benefit to living in groups other than for the company but again deed management gets in the way. How hard would it be to make deeds able to be turned into smaller fiefs, giving players complete control and access to a chunk within the deed where they would pay a rent for the land set by the parent deed? Or give a skill bonus to players when they are working the same profession in close proximity much like how priests get a skill bonus when other priests are nearby during a sermon. The whole point would be to give a bigger reason to live closer together than far apart. I don't speak for pvp players since i don't care for the pvp mechanics in wurm but they are as important to wurms success as pve is so lets not forget them in the steam release. In short i hope a steam release will net us the much needed player base we have needed and regardless of what is changed, not releasing on steam would be a mistake. You can change and update a game all you want but without players and more subscriptions we wont be having many more of these discussions. Have to get my 2 cents in on bees.....we need larger storage containers for honey. Huge tubs just ain't going to cut it anymore . Im sure i forgot what i was originally going to say but oh well, miss you guys.
  3. Horses Found

    They are in my alliance. Not sure if they are active right now.
  4. I dont want it to be a container since containers take away from decoration decay protection. I was more curious if the table can be moved with all items in place does it consider the table and items on top decorations or not. Its like bsb and crates, i can place them on the ground and not have to worry about decay or i can use the racks and have to worry about decay. But with racks its easier to see whats taking damage, where a table i would have to guess.
  5. Im curious how decay will be measured with items placed on tables and such. Will the ql of the table determin decay of everything or will the items be considered decorative and be exempt from decay while on deed?
  6. Would like to buy 1g coin. prefer established accounts please or someone Ive purchased from before. thanks
  7. My problem is that things of great value have been a lie. I see those rare items go for top dollar then all of a sudden you see them get fixed or deemed overpowered and replaced or nerfed. Somehow people get wind of it and take advantage of those that dont know. More on topic. The economy was wrecked when wurm prices skyrocketed to compensate for VAT taxes. I was more willing to trade around before that but not anymore.
  8. Omg picking sprouts on horseback. Something well waited for. Thanks
  9. If im not mistaken, Fo healing was nerfed as a result of being overpowered in pvp. FO battle priests wrecked house thus getting the nerf. It was about the same time sickle was nerfed, which was the weapon of choice for parry heaven. The combination was to good so like anything that works too well it gets nerfed. My only complaint has to be that its a pvp issue not pve.
  10. Funny LOF use to heal 100%, now it doesnt come even close and slight bug fix brings back screams to nerf again.
  11. Quasi asked the active deeds around him about the oak forest and left them alone if they asked him not to cut or plant trees. This whole thing got blown out of proportion by people that didn't have the decency to talk to him, instead they filed complaints first then flamed later. As far as the Unique hunts, we had a rollercoaster on Deli of drama in the beginning of the server and after the implementation of uniques spawning. The system that is set up now was a way to combat the "theft" of drops and give everyone something back. while it isn't perfect its fair and it relies on community participation and organization. Odynn has mostly been the organizer and i thank him for that and i showed my appreciation more than a few times. Odynn, please give people the benefit of the doubt. Don't deny Theo a place in the hunt over a dispute that he got dragged into. Bury this event in the past and get on with Wurming. There are people i don't like that are friends with people i like but i don't fault them for who they consider friends.
  12. Soon as we can place sealed containers on merchants i will place one there.