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  1. [15:52:39] You have premium time until 10 Mar 2021 01:00:29 GMT Just got 3 more months Premium. :) Thanks team.
  2. Sounds great! Will be looking to pick up some extra Premium and maybe some silver to feed the deed.
  3. [16:37:30] You scratch yourself. What did you catch now? Wow. Thanks. I'm really glad disease was re-enabled. Said no one ever.
  4. All this sand and no glassmaking. it's way overdue.
  5. I created a new toon for the new servers. Played there a few days. Totally lost interest after hitting the 20 cap and not wanting to premium and deed somewhere *again*. I've created a lot of toons on many games and many alts, but the slow grind of Wurm makes it less than fun to have to grind up from zero, yet again. That's just me. Some people love it and that's their favorite play style. More power to them. Everyone enjoys Wurm differently. But for me it's my deed on Pristine that, even though looks MASSIVELY different than it used to, holds the fondest memories for me. No WU server has really done that but one, and it doesn't exist anymore. New toons on a new server, new lands, are exciting for a short while, but just don't have the staying power for me that my first and oldest deed does. I know every inch of the area around my deed for 'kilometers' around, and I like it that way. It's home.
  6. I really like those. Arcadia especially.
  7. This looks enticing. My only concern is this: That server it said was up in Feb 2019 and now it's closed and this one is open as of September. That seems like it's up 6 months then completely wiped and redone. For a 2x server, that's pretty ridiculous for the amount of time people are expected to put in only to have it wiped. If you're wiping every 6 months, is anything at all transferred over?
  8. Such as all the slimy... errr. shiny silver sellers not being able to do RMT on Steam. All of a sudden all the people in the existing servers would not be able to sell those extra silvers for cash. And how then would they fuel their drug and alcohol fueled rants here on the forums? Be careful what you wish for people, you just might get it.
  9. The last time noobs crawled all over my area they cut down all of the fruit trees I'd meticulously planted for public use. 'Public use' however does not include cutting all of them down to get their woodcutting skill from 1 to 10. I was more than a bit hacked off. Especially since said noobs didn't even stick around. They usually just would come in, decimate an area, then log off, never to be seen again. The only thing that remained was their destruction. A new server is perfect for that special kind of destructive learn as you go experience Wurm noobs need.
  10. I've created exactly ONE rare usable tool in all my years of playing Wurm. A mallet. I love that darn mallet. It's about 50ql atm. It's also on my character, so I've managed to keep it despite multiple deed lootings. If all of a sudden I log in tomorrow and my mallet is 'sealed' and unable to be imped forevermore, I'd be 50 shades of highly POd. Just leave rares alone, they're one of the few things in the game that are pretty balanced, and only give a very slight advantage over a regular tool. Not everyone has all rare'd up, highly magic'd tools.
  11. Yes, but they usually play the toons concurrently. Not individually. Skilling up 5-6 toons all at once is very different than skilling them 1 at a time. This will enable the newbies to have a fighting chance at least vs hoardes of experienced crafters and merchants who'll otherwise just do what they've done on every single server release. It's not about us, the experienced players for Steam Wurm. It's about the new folks, and giving them a chance to find their own feet WITHOUT our massive overshadowing influence. Also, no matter what idea is suggested, you'll always have the 'fix everything that's already broken first' crowd and the 'leave it all the same, if you don't like it go play WU' crowd. If Wurm Steam is to have even a chance to get it's legs, real viable changes need to be made. WO's current subscription number speak for themselves about how many people will tolerate the game model in it's current form. A few hundred.
  12. I'm honestly surprised glassmaking hasn't been added yet. That's a huge missed opportunity, with a zillion possible things to make that could be useful.
  13. This is unhelpful and smarmy. They already said the base of the actual game isn't going to change, just perhaps a few QOL improvements. Most of the people that I personally know who quit the game, including my entire Alliance cite $$$ and or the cost of the game to play the way they want to play, having to pay for each toon, etc as reasons for them quitting. And can't remember anyone ever quitting because they didn't want to play the game.
  14. Yep. Even many modern commercial concrete items are cured underwater for years before use. +1.
  15. I don't PVP, but I think the mushroom and potion ideas are really cool! +1.
  16. A simple email notification should be standard. "Dear Mayor, this letter is to inform you that your taxes are due within the week. Failure to comply will result in your deed being reclaimed by the crown. Signed. - The King." lol. Or something of that nature. This disbanding and looting thing happened to me TWICE the past few years. Each time I was late by a week or so, walls were low ql (because they were on deed, who cares, right?) buildings fell and everything I'd gathered for years that wasn't bolted down was looted the second it was able to be looted. Then all the livestock was stolen or killed, because you know, that's how people roll. People loot stuff down the the nubbins, not even leaving you a few seeds in your FSBs to replant your crops. And it's never newer players. It's always people who have so much stuff they don't know what to do with it that are scoping out your deed the moment it falls. Gotta add to the packrat hoard and junk they don't need into their warehouses after all. Anyway, this is a long way of saying that upon logging back in and finding my deed looted to the bones the immediate response was **** it. Usually a year or so passed before I cared enough to try to rebuild. So yea, this pushes people away. Many, many people I've talked to that I've played with said the same thing. "Yea, I logged in and my deed had fallen and was looted, so I just logged back out."
  17. Whole trees decay faster than untreated wooden planks. That's GOTTA be Wogic. LOL! +1 on the idea btw. It would be great to see more stuff in the game!
  18. I've got a few ideas how to not 'get rid of' the subscription model, but to supplement it and make other options for income. I'm sure this has been brought up before, but I'd like to lay a few things down for the Steam model idea. If it works, it could maybe be brought to the other servers, but Steam could be the testing ground with little to no risk to the existing servers. First off, since there was a big thing about not being able to make money if there's no subscription, you could alternatively charge for the client in STEAM, for everyone, right off the bat. You're simply buying the game. Say, $10 USD one time fee to buy the game. That way you'd make at least a one time transaction fee from even future 'free' players, and they're supporting the development of the game. This would be no different than if people tried Wurm for a month subscription, decided it wasn't for them and move on. (Let's be honest, this will be the overwhelming vast majority of people, as a Wurmian is a special breed of person to have this kind of patience for the grind of this game. Many do not, and I'm not knocking the game, it is what it is.) Premium Steam Wurm Monthly Subscription. ($9.99 USD) 10 Silver per month allowance. No skill cap. Deed may be founded and resized as normal. Optional additional: Make Premium Steam accounts able to create 5 characters. Only one of whom may be logged on at any time. Freemium Steam Wurm No monthly subscription No 'free' silver per month. No skill cap. (They bought the game, let them play it.) Deed may be founded but NOT resized past original starter size. If a player is Premium and goes Freemium, their deed is immediately resized to original starter size. Optional additional: Make Freemium Steam accounts able to create 1 character. If Premium previously you may only access ONE of these characters (your choice) until you go Premium again. Much like LOTRO does. (You can easily look that up.) Additional ways to make money: Cash shop for cosmetic items. Cloaks, shoulders, masks, tabards, all kinds of unique stuff that people love. So you'll get $10 per new client download, whether anyone plays the game after that or not. Cha-ching. Then you'll rake in the cash from the Premium subs. If people like the game, they'll Premium up whenever they can afford to do so. This will also increase player retention if they can play during tough times. And of course, everyone loves cosmetics. That would do well. We've been asking for a cosmetic shop for eons now and ya'll have always basically said “No, that'd be a PITA, we don't want your money.” You could also offer the game purchase with 30 days free Premium. That'd be up to you.
  19. Awesome idea. If a few of my Alliance members in the early days who had fallen on hard times had a gift membership for a month or two, maybe they'd have never left. Or at least not for a good long while. +1.
  20. I could see this on PVP servers, if that's people's thing. I have no idea how PVP in Wurm works, and no desire to know. I don't, and will never PVP. I like the building and the terraforming, and combat in Wurm sucks. That being said... Tools or equipment shattering on death on a PVE server is a surefire way to lead to ragequits. The more experienced players seem to just want an added level of difficulty. But newsflash, the Steam servers aren't primarily geared towards us. It's geared towards new players. Additional punishments above and beyond what are already in Wurm for newbie players will just push them away. Nothing like finally crafting your own set of 30ql tools and then... losing them because you got ganked by a wolf away from a tower in the wilderness. Yea, that's only going to lead to one thing. Further loss of players.
  21. I know ya'll are married to the subscription model and think it's the best most viable option. But really, it's what's going to keep people from coming to the game en masse. Sure, you can point to other games, such as World of Warcraft or even EVE, but both have lost tens of millions of subscribers. Most modern gamers don't want yet ANOTHER monthly bill. And starting out to pay for a sub, and then pay AGAIN for silver for a deed? Most simply won't do it. Years ago when I first started playing WO, 9/10 of the newbies I'd help quit once they found out about the 'double' subscription of sub + deed. Refusing to address this situation, and worse, pooh poohing it like the subscription model it still viable to the majority of gamers, and that the problem doesn't exist, is what's going to bite you in the end. If you absolutely refuse to drop the subscription model, then pick one. Either monthly sub for playing (and should be more than one character, per toon is ridiculous. We should be able to have, say, 5 or so toons on the same account with the caveat that only ONE can be logged in AT A TIME), OR a fee for deeds (silver). Most people look at both, then just ragequit. That's been my experience for years and why all my neighbors dropped off and why it's a ghost town from Clay Harbor to A Zen Moment on Pristine.
  22. As I'm sitting here drinking Linden Tea (which is made from the blossoms of the Linden tree) I'm wondering why we have Linden trees in Wurm but not harvestables from this amazing tree. The flower blossoms can be made into tea. The leaves are edible and crunchy and sweet. It's long overdue to make use of this awesome tree in game. We have the tree already. Please add the edibles.
  23. A permanent non fading compass and improve improve are about the greatest things ever that won't actually affect the economy any in a negative way, but are nice little QoLs. Also whomever made that awesome crop mod where they never die. Bdew maybe? This means that if you can't get back online for some reason all your work isn't magically wasted just because you couldn't log on at 4 AM to rake and harvest your frickin' digital crops.
  24. Most of the people opposing this would be high end sellers on current WO servers. But we're not talking about current WO servers in this thread. We're talking about a new STEAM server. For that new STEAM server, definitely remove priest limitations. Most newbies will have no idea how to even be a priest in the first place, and once they DO figure it out they have to grind the skills, which is no small feat. Playing on a WU server for over a year, and not just focusing on endlessly grinding it, I think my toon has 60 channeling and I can do some paltry enchants, but I STILL bought the 'good stuff' from the master crafters when it was available, because I sure as heck was not going to spend weeks of my life grinding the skills to make those higher enchants. So there would still always be a market for both higher ql items for people who didn't want to grind it out, as well as a market for lower, cheaper items. To sum: I don't have a dog in the race in current WO, but would like to see priest limitations removed for a STEAM WO server.
  25. Yes! Launch a completely new server on STEAM on a totally disconnected cluster!