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  1. Fair game play hits a new low

    You would think rules of unique engagement would be created to keep these posts from popping up or say screw it and just do what they do in kindergarden. If you can't play nice with it you can't have it.
  2. W. S. A. Independence lag

    A paper captains hat that does nothing but be allowed to be dyed and looks cool?
  3. W. S. A. Independence lag

    I always thought it was odd that Indy had been having lag issues for around 3 days but it also seem to hit between 10:10 PM and 10:20 PM EST and would lost all night. Then on the 6th it hit around 7 PM with 2 second delays, nothing to big, but quickly escalated to over 30 second and sometimes up to a minute delays that would hit for about half an hour, calm for about ten or so minutes, then spike again like someone was flooding the servers or somehow we all decided to hit the databases with a massive amount of queries it was not prepared to take. Thanks for migrating to new hardware, hope that was the culprit.
  4. Remove the Lag from Independence

    Lumpy they said the lag is worse on Indy than Xan earlier on. If it has something to do with Haven maybe it's time to throw a debug on that area to see what might be throwing script errors.
  5. Today's Update 1.3.55 broke server

    I got an error very similar and mentioned the java so I installed java 64 on my server and copied the files from the installation into the wurm server install folder where the java is stored and it seemed to work.
  6. Unfinished wooden walls destroying high QL tools quarter of the way through removal. Removing a wall as I have in the past that was unfinished destroyed all tools I attempted to use on it no matter the Quality level. Lost high QL enchanted hammer a quarter of the way through destruction and grabbed a high QL axe to test and again a quarter of the way through the destruction a message that the tool was thrown away was displayed with no damage to the unfinished wall. It is on my property and I was the one putting up the wall. Per Shydow I have been informed that the item will not be reimbursed even if lost through a bug which sucks because you can't predict when major bugs happen.
  7. I see that you have 50 silver, I am interested in purchasing it.
  8. I understand how to use the change model command for gm dark and the normal but are we able to turn into anything else? I probably just didn't see it but I was wondering about changing into the models of the other creatures on the server? Is it possible? Has anyone seen a listing of items we can change into? Thanks for any information on this.
  9. Libila Followers on WU

    I had no issue becoming a priest once I was able to pray to 30 faith. Our server removed the limits to praying.
  10. Linked servers?

    The experiments I and our host have run have shown that both ways fail and the server crash's or says no login server found when we try to cross the "zone" lines.
  11. Not entirely sure, he said it was under diety or something. EDIT: He made the changes but it still didn't work, digging through the sql database to see if anything can be modified there.
  12. Priests in WU

    So if I read this right the solution for someone asking for something that should be definable is for people to buy multiple accounts which steam really hates.
  13. Our server operator found a file under the server.jar that has a lot of that info but I would rather have a way to fix it without having to try and modify server files making it unstable.
  14. So is that done inside a setting in one of the server JAR files? We are on a server of only around 30 people and would like to remove restrictions for priests so people can experience everything without having to create another character and such since we are pretty spread out.
  15. Login server is down, whats new

    Can't sleep, login servers might come up..... Can't sleep, login servers might come up.....