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  1. The complaint is that exploiters are being allowed free reign with no penalty and those of us who work to play the game and actually report the exploits are the ones who are punished by heavy handed changes that don't really do much. The ones who exploited still got to keep their accounts so in many eyes, money trumps all in the game. If that is indeed true, a pay to win tag should be added to the steam version so people know where they stand.
  2. Main issue is they clamped down on that hard and yes, the main advantage was doing that but it also scaled with each priest. When someone has well over the allowed linked priests and it increased the difficulty to even higher than 60, the skill gains would sky rocket them till they could cast some of the most profitable enchants available without working for it like some of the others have started reaching.
  3. If they ban them or reset them now the market will stabilize.
  4. People were using a technique to link way more priests together than the system allowed which increased the difficulty of some of the spells which allowed them to shoot up in channeling to a point where they could cast on tools with almost no chance of failure at high levels. By allowing this, and not banning them or resetting them like every other MMO out there, the market is being flooded by tools and weapons with super high casts ensuring that those of us who did not exploit can't compete. The going theory with my group and many others is that they are focusing on how much money those people spent for now and are throwing the rest of us who don't have a huge amount of disposable income, and want to play legit, to the side.
  5. I wanted to post this because we are hearing nothing regarding the punishment of the people who used the priest exploit, is anything going to be done? Those of us who were following the rules are now way behind because we could not abuse the link exploit and now linking has been hindered badly for channeling gain . Can we get something regarding what is going to be done? Recommendations were to roll them back to 1 or even ban them like every other game has done before. Changes and the exploit was detected on the 11th yet the exploiters have been flooding the market and screwing those of us who played fair in the long run.
  6. Hollow Enclave 1667, 405
  7. Do we have any updates concerning this? I mean an update of "The developers are still working to resolve the issue" is better than staying quiet.
  8. Same, Pherikfox and it was 1g and 6 month premium.
  9. I wish I had known this through an in game announcement before I went and made a big purchase.
  10. 1005, 1439 Settlement: Dysfunctionally Functional 1005, 1398 Settlement: The Steppes
  11. What I would suggest if people are worried about it is to maybe work together to set up "Unofficial community helpers" to help the new people and if someone is using a lot of vulgar language, those people who are volunteering report them. The GM's are getting SLAMMED with a large number of issues and I would guess many of them are from misunderstandings of what can and can't be done and some major bugs from the move that are slowly, and efficiently, fixed. If I am near there and I see people asking questions in local I try to answer them the best I can and even invite people to my discord to hang out in the channel for some guidance.
  12. Man with this issue most of the good land is going to be taken by the bigger people who were able to get in using some tactics they were told about that wasn't passed on.
  13. Most of us can't as we instantly get a null error when trying to load in.