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  1. Wts Island deed

    How big of an island does the wand create? Does it bring up a rock layer with enough height for some good mining? I'm quite interested in the results and possibly the deed. Edit: Just read wiki on the wand's capability. Now mainly interested in your results.
  2. just fork over a couple bucks and pay for a limited time prem, to see if you still like the game.
  3. Wsa silver sales and safety

    Oh interesting. I remember the old days, the paypal was the only reliable way to transact and I've just never gone back and tried again. Good grief, it really is much better to use ATM or credit cards. Interestingly, the big hit for using paypal is only on silver purchases. Premium time not jacked up the same on Paypal. I wonder why?
  4. Valrei International. 086

    Good start on Uniques. I agree with others. No server announcements, No twitter. No way of finding them other than eyesight AND we should have an occasional unique sound, if within 20 tiles or so - probably their special attack sound as they kill other critters they encounter. To keep them from being lost in the wilds for years at a time (Xanadu), they should have a "wanderlust" code that makes them walk around randomly. If they bump into a deed perim, they bounce off like pinball machines and off in another direction. I don't want them hitting a deed, where a templar can identify one. Their code should prevent them from ever coming in contact with a deed, OR going underground. Some servers are bigger than others. The amount they wander each day should be directly proportional to the size of the server. NO TELEPORTING. If they are discovered by someone, that someone should be able to rally friends to come help and know it is still somewhere in the area, when the friends arrive. Uniques can't be penned. If someone builds a structure that completely encloses them, they do a beastly stomp that instantly destroys all walls, fences and ceilings of the enclosure. Or, maybe they just walk through. In other words, they can never be captured again. You have to be lucky to find one and rally support to go hunt it - not when it is convenient, but right now. Change the rewards. First person that hits it and draws blood (and is prem) gets the top reward, even if they aren't online when it goes down. Everyone that participates in the battle and draws blood, gets equal rewards. Maybe double for the killing blow. Initial and participation rewards should not be so valuable that looking for uniques is a profitable job. Take the high value out for goodness sake. -------------- Shadows look awesome!
  5. Wsa silver sales and safety

    10 crowns = .94 euro, so you are saying for 1 gold, you payed 1000 crowns? That is 94 euro. When you log into the shop, do you see prices advertised in crowns or euros? This is what I see from the USA: This makes me wonder.
  6. Wsa silver sales and safety

    My basic rule is always to buy from a forum account that I recognize, has made a lot of legitimate posts and has been around for several years. If they haven't been banned after all that time and are that invested in the game, they are really unlikely to risk it all to scam a little cash. Many years using this rule and never a bad transaction. What I would like to see is Code Club change their silver prices, to be a lot closer to the player market. Not match, because that would force players to go lower. It is a good balance now. But if Code Club came down to 1s for 1.1e, then all the players that are nervous about buying from other players, would not feel so gouged on price. How much does Code Club make in silver sales at the high prices now? Try 1.1 price for 3 months and see what happens. Also, let's get the web based deed upkeep system in place. Even an Android app to tie into it. Make it easy to pay upkeep and get silver and guess what... you will earn more $$ from your player base.
  7. WTS blue scale set 220 euros

    Good luck on the business! Too bad I have blue already
  8. How to kill your own game tutorial

    Yes please. Do we need to have Chapter 4798061 in the continuing whiny saga of PvP vs PvE vs WO vs WU vs Angry Emos vs Staff, who aren't paid enough to deal with this?
  9. How to kill your own game tutorial

    I'm Mr. Meseeks, look at me!
  10. WTS silver

    I should have commented earlier - great sale and all went perfectly. Thank you!
  11. Just a small thing really, but it is so dark that I feel I am squinting my eyes a lot to see where the icon is when imping large batches of items in the forge. Maybe make it a lighter color of grey? Just a thought.
  12. Make Whetstone icon easier to see

    Laptop display probably not as bright as dedicated PC monitors? I was thinking how iron lumps are a nice grey color that stands out really well. Use that same color for whetstones and we have a winner.
  13. Wts Garrettwademan

    I remember him It was silly having his fight skill when I used him in PvE. Trolls pretty much just bounced off him and died.
  14. You can't put them in bulk storage. You should. Squares of cloth, strings, arrow heads... these are similar item. They can't be imped, so they should fit in a BSB.
  15. [09:44:55] The eyelet would be destroyed.

    Well, it bugs me that it doesn't work, when other similar craft components do work. So it is a bug. I hear by give your suggestion to turn my bug report into a suggestion a -1.
  16. Item QL loss on server crossing

    Sklo knows too much
  17. Blossom Canal Project

    Syn, or anyone else that knows, How is the E/W end of the canal and walkway supposed to map out? Currently, the canal and path are not directly in line with the tunnel openings. Is the intent to have them do so, all the way to the corner, where it turns South? I am assuming it is a little off track to dodge some reinforcements? I ask, because I am working on a mining project at my Bloom Town deed and thought I'd try making some interesting sights for travelers as they sail or walk by.
  18. Sticker, One very useful trick is to "Deed Shift", where you keep the same number of tiles in your deed, but simply resize the deed, by subtracting some tiles from one side and adding those to the other side. I use this method all the time, for getting those reinforced tiles that are fairly close to my deeds. Naturally, this only works if your deed isn't already up against another deed, but these days, it isn't so crowded to be a major concern. This Deed Shifting method costs nothing to perform, if you always keep the same number of tiles.
  19. the cape spot

    Ok, I really like having a place for a leashed/bound pet. It would make it essentially bound to you and always follow, even around a building corner (hint hint). You could still lead 4 horses, while your loyal pet follows. I am also thinking once put in this slot, the pet becomes cosmetic only, so it would not turn into a PvP requirement. And... yes, make all the cosmetic bound pets wear capes! That is how you would know that the pet troll is harmless.
  20. Learning Java advice

    About a year ago, I retired from my professional career as an IT sales rep for large enterprise data center solutions. Currently just doing some property management and goofing off in Wurm. I'm looking for a new project to spend time on and am really interested in a goal I had, back when I was a teenager - programming games. Back when I was 13 or 14, I talked my parents into a Commodore 64 for christmas and had a blast playing the games that were available on it. That is where my love of computer games started. I also started goofing around with Basic programming back then, but life changes and various jobs really side tracked me from going anywhere with it. Now I have the time and with WU, I have something to focus that time. My question is, does anyone have recommendations for "getting started" online resources (preferable free) to get cracking on my Java skills? Are physical books still worthwhile, or like most technology books, outdated by the time they are published? I wanted to ask in the Wurm forums, because my goal is specific to writing WU mods. There are things I'd like to see in the game and devs already have their hands full with a million other tasks, so why not pitch in a helping hand. Any advice is welcome and appreciated!
  21. I used to be able to right click a water container and drink. Now I have to open it and right click the water directly.
  22. [Fixed] Can't drink from container

    The option is gone.
  23. Patch Notes 30/MAY/19

    I wonder if this is part of it? Bugfix: Optimized memory usage taken by loaded in players Probably not, but I can imagine the degraded image is less memory intensive
  24. Patch Notes 30/MAY/19

    you wear that potato sack well!
  25. Patch Notes 30/MAY/19

    I used to be able to right click a water container and drink. Now I have to open it and right click the water directly. I did also just switch to modern from classic, so not sure if that is part of it?