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  1. Steam Wurm will launch from AWS, correct?
  2. AND traders are cut off at the knees for the most part, which I consider one of the smartest moves in the history of Code Club. I'd rather see them all executed and buried for good, but at 20%, nobody will fork out cash for them, unless the price is in the 10s range. I suppose for those that do 500x500 deeds, it is a no brainier to get one, but only those that do very large deeds will invest. This is good. We don't need a bunch of CPU/RAM hogging NPCs cluttering the servers. Suggestion: Rather than make an extra up front purchase, to lower deed upkeep over time, why not just make deed upkeep on progressively larger deeds at a cheaper rate? Volume discounting is a thing and has worked successfully for centuries. What you are doing is teasing us into blowing our cash up front for a hope of recouping that investment over the next couple years.
  3. I don't think account sharing should be a thing, to be honest. It is one thing to have a wife or child ho on and grind some bricks, but having multiple game friends share an account for imping or casting just seems like a really bad idea. I think it works better in Wurm than most any other game, because of the small, tight community, but the risk is high and will just get higher as Wurm enters the Steam cesspool (which I am looking forward to). Why not just make it a hard rule and leave it at that? I can't see it being the death of PvP (everything is the death of PvP according to what I read in these forums). If it is, then PvP is horribly broken, if the only way to do it is with account sharing. So why write up a complex set of rules around this? Just say "nope - no account sharing - end of rule".
  4. New World

    Amazon's MMO. I will try it for sure. I have to try all the new big games :) Just not sure when I'll get to it. I tend to not jump in on Beta and EA anymore and in many cases, will let a full year of patches roll down before joining, so I can get a better experience right out the gate.
  5. This has been a long awaited QoL upgrade and hopefully we can get this soon?
  6. I am staring at the channeling and trying to decide if I want to add it to my collection, before Wurm's 9th life kicks into gear.
  7. message sent. I love F1 Redbull Racing too, so
  8. Some mine doors do not give you any report when you use the examine keybind. I specifically tried wood (broken) and stone (worked fine). Someone else tried silver (broken I believe). Worth checking all mine door types to see?
  9. CLOSE

    You have been lowballing everything pretty hard, hoping to catch someone nervous about the changes coming. I suggest you just lay off your "game" for a while and let people make trades without your extremely unhelpful trolling. It just gets irritating after a while. Honestly, I would not trust doing any business with you from this point forward. and my free bump
  10. 60 editing to 75 to up the game
  11. I am in favor of the request. I through the bonus to Mag disintegrate was going to be pretty cool, so I used my higher channel priest as my Mag, but then it turns out it isn't much of a bonus, or probably worse off than the old disintegrate with high channel, so now I'm regretting my choice. For my part, I quickly did the transfers BEFORE the priest change, to make sure I had a backup transfer after the change. So I am going to be just fine and get my free transfer to Vyn. However, not everyone had a transfer pre-patch like I did, so if they went Mag and reach the same conclusion, it is really going to cost them a ton to change. Can't easily make character trades soon, so doubly painful.
  12. CLOSE

    If you have not done a transfer since the big patch a week ago, then it is available.
  13. Would someone be so kind as to list how disintegrate math worked, using the old spell vs the new spell? Maybe show how many casts on average it would take to remove a 10k shard vein with channel 70, 80, 90 priests? I feel like the RNG is either being really bad to me with the new spell, or it is actually slower to remove veins now.
  14. I'm sure I have seen them in starter towns too.
  15. Execute all traders. Reimburse the owners of the recent purchases only. Don't make any kind of deed discounting solution that grabs money up front for reduced or free deed upkeep down the road, other than simply paying more upkeep than needed. Put all of the discounting structure for this game into purchasing more game time up front and purchasing larger amounts of game silver. Why needlessly complicate things with gimicky game mechanics that will only cause grief later for players and devs. This makes zero sense to me.
  16. Yeah, I sure would not create regional servers with the size of the player base as it is today. If for some reason things went nuts with the steam release, then it could be a great option to consider. Coming from the USA, lag is pretty minimal as it is now, unless I travel over to Xan.
  17. If he posted the price at 30e right now, he would have 500 offers (basically all remaining players that still look at forums). This is a really sweet account.
  18. There are allready 6 pages of this and no time to read it all, as I am on a long road trip this week, so if I repeat something that has been said, sorry about it. I think this is very good stuff for the game. Good warning time too. Gives folks a quick chance to make last minute changes as best as they can. I am a RMT heavy user and even so, I am glad to see it go. Like others say though, it will still happen on the sly and there really isn't a lot that can be done. This happens with every game that does not allow it. What ya gonna do? Just police as best as you can. Now for traders, huge applause for this (mostly)! Bout time. It never made sense to me. Seemed it was a poor decision financially for Code Club to have this cash draining system in place. I think the consolation prize of having traders still support deed upkeep is a bad one. Just rip that band-aid right off now, like you are doing with RMT. Allow pro-rated refunds to anyone that purchased one in the last 5 months. 20% refund for each unused month. Why do you want 50 rando NPCs standing around on each server? Are you doing it for a quick cash grab again, hoping everyone will grab a trader for what... 25s each? Just get rid of them completely for once and for good.
  19. Honestly, you blew it. Should have done a BSB, so it could auto load up all the rocks it mines. Everyone knows rocks don't belong in an FSB. They would smash all the unfavorable veggies.
  20. Also, why not mouse wheel for zoom in and out of 3rd person, like most games? That seems like the best default option.
  21. If you buy a computer today and in 2 months, find a much better deal and special promotions for the exact same computer, is the seller obligated to give you a refund of the difference and all those promotions? No. It is what it is. I don't think anyone should get anything back dated. I think the promo should have started today and only for purchases made AFTER this went into effect. No credit for past loyalty. That doesn't make people more loyal. It just gives those people cash to throw at the shop before they quit. Wurm spends too much time thinking about how to keep the really old players happy and not enough time thinking about how to grow the game.
  22. Also, the loyalty thing... You should not have back dated anything. It should have only started from this day forward. This is yet another thing done to insure old players are at an advantage over new players. Wurm is simply a "good old boys" club. All of you devs need to think really hard about doing anything that puts any distance between you and the new players. You need to think of things that help bring every player closer in ability. Think of rewards for new players. Now every new player is thinking "wow, must be nice to be gifted 50k points for the store today". Well, that is if there are actually any new players anymore.
  23. Please make locks able to go in bulk storage (eliminate keys). Call them combination locks or something. Bring the veggie favor back up to a reasonable level. This is a drastic change for all that prepped for it, especially for major events. Make ALL altars take 10x bashing damage (for a few months) and dead gods altars take 100x bashing damage (forever). Making tomes purchasable in the shop is a shameless cash grab that is really bad for PvP. PvE it is more cosmetic than anything else "look at my fun pets and pretty spells!", but people in PvP will always feel at a horrible disadvantage if they don't have access to all the same buffs/resistances/spells. Yes, a ton of PvP players have already paid a fortune to acquire tomes, but what you are doing is adding those evil random loot chests (EA) to the game and you will have people buying tons of pre-purchased game time to get all their tomes. I guess this is legal in Sweden? It doesn't mean it is ethical or ok to do it anyway. https://www.natlawreview.com/article/loot-box-or-pandora-s-box-regulation-treasure-chests-video-games Please remove random tomes from the store for PvP sake. To eliminate tome advantages completely would be very cruel to those that invested fortunes over the years to acquire them.