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  1. I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if a thousand voices suddenly cried out in frustration and sighed.
  2. This was the funniest slaying I've been to. The serverdragon massacring the hunting party before the fight even started, then 127 people lagging their way up the hill when suddenly DRAGONATTACK!!
  3. Hello please add my priest Firescout to the Holy Crop list. My main account is Larue. Screenshot forthcoming. Thanks for maintaining this post. Edit: Got to participate in a cast with Etherdrifter. Firescout can be removed from the waiting list.
  4. Bug report: When checking meditation question difficulty (on special tile, off cooldown), the difficulty goes wonky at path levels higher than 11. This is easy to see by running the simulation at level 11, and then at level 12. There's a big jump downward in difficulty. Edit: It is related to the meditating skill requirement for the path level. If you enter 90.01 skill, then the difficulty is correct. It seems that exactly 90 skill does not satisfy the path level requirement. But if that is true, then the path level is off by 1 (90+ skill is needed for level 13, not 12).
  5. great job devs

    Interesting thing I noticed: In third person, you can no longer turn in place. Instead, if you turn the screen and then start moving, you start moving in the direction you last moved and you turn at a limited rate, which means we have a turn radius that depends on your move speed. I noticed this because I fell off a cliff while taking an epic selfie.
  6. I commend the devs for having the will to take such a big step as removing the player gods, especially after all the effort spent trying to balance them. On an unrelated note, I bought 12 months of premium yesterday. Whoops. That's what I get for taking a break.
  7. Yeah I saw that, neat idea. But I'll just buy one. To be clear, it's a normal rug, right? If so, you can cod larue.
  8. Will pay for up to 96QL. Strong preference for normal med rug (ie, not exquisite/fine). Fulfilled by Martynas. Closing.
  9. So I think we've established there might be an issue with the rite achievement. But how about some suggestions for a replacement? So far, the only suggestions are skill level ones, such as getting 80 channeling or something, but I think we can be a bit more creative. Some ideas: Cast a 100+ power enchant Gain X amount of favor by sacrificing items or animals Sacrifice a champion creature Stand around and stare at an altar for 8,504 hours. Oh wait that's 70 Prayer. Perform X confessions or conversions Not all of these are good ideas, but you know, shotgun approach.
  10. "Lost connection to database" is an error I haven't seen before. Sounds like a hardware or networking issue. Let's hope it's an easy fix. Oh well, I could use a break (and another 5 hours of sleep bonus. :P)
  11. I agree in principle, but I'm not sure where you get 1 in 300k. Isn't it 1 in 100 to transfer rarity, and that the rarity level transferred is the same level as the lump?
  12. Fantastic adamantine lump, 89.44QL 0.37kg. Want to hear opinions on its worth for a bit, then will sell to best offer.
  13. Too low for me, I'll take 45s for all.
  14. 1s each, or 9s per 10 SP. I'm based in central Xanadu, so I can deliver to any Xan starter town, or to the coast of other pve servers. Reply here or contact LaRue ingame. SOLD all for 45s