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  1. The Chaotic Brotherhood has officially expanded to Wurm Online. We are locked on this game and ready for recruitment. For our public community page, please visit:
  2. Recruitment has been temporairly paused to allow our new members to settle in. Please stay tuned if you are interested in joining.
  3. We usually don't have any requirements when it comes to recruiting people, all we usually ask is that the people be respectful and loyal to us as we are to them while in our community.
  4. Well, the sky is the limit when it comes to our ambition as a community. And our ambition for Wurm is no different. We plan on starting out small of course, but our end-game is to have our own giant Fortress/Kingdom on Jenn-Kellon with our very own trader city|or section, multiple farms and animal pens, multiple guard towers, perhaps a deed, a fleet of the west, and whatever else we can manage.
  5. Honestly, it's better if we show you as opposed to telling you. But I'll try my best. The Chaotic Brotherhood is new to Wurm Online, we don't know much about it other than the answers we've gotten from the community about our questions and information we've read on wikis, the forums, youtube tutorials, and just by trial and error. Therefore we don't really know our current aim just yet. All we do know is that we want our community to be one of the most helpful (not best, helpful) in Wurm Online. Due to the steep learning curve and constant frustration it's hard to keep people in the game of Wurm, but we believe if we truly try and help people, and enjoy doing it.. Then maybe we can contribute in a way to Wurm's population to increase the playerbase. Now about us entirely, we are usually PVP based. We love to PVP, we're like crack addicts when it comes to that. However we wont be powerful enough to actually engage in PVP in wurm for quite a while, which is understandable. So for now we're just focusing on the PVE aspects of the game, until we can gain enough strength to be useful in a fight. We don't believe in working for anyone else, alliances are an exception but if we are in one we will be leading it. There will be no exceptions for that. We don't mind taking on jobs to earn some extra currency for our members, however we bow down to no one. We are our own Brotherhood, and we need no other. We are usually friendly when it comes to social interactions. Most of the people in the community are decent people when it comes to that. And we strive to create a relaxed einvornment for all of our members to enjoy. However you will find the occasional funny troll (Miztu) that you can't always take seriously. We like to play around a lot which some people don't seem to like. Other than that I'm not really sure what can be said about us.. I guess the rest you'd have to find out for yourself. But one last thing I can say is that, we love Wurm, we love playing games together, and we plan on being here for a long time.
  6. The Chaotic Brotherhood Hello all, and welcome. My name is Vinzen - also known as Priest, and I am leader of this multi-gaming community called The Chaotic Brotherhood. Before I begin I would like to make it clear that we do not currently own a deed (subject to change), but we are a multi-gaming community that has now expanded to Wurm and has made Jenn-Kellon it's home. The Chaotic Brotherhood is a multi-gaming community dedicated to making it's mark on the gaming world. We come from an ocean of different games searching for that one keeper that we can play any day, and all day long. We believe Wurm to be that keeper, and we need your help to find out. Our leaders come from a variety of different communites, and in their time with those communities they have gained a series of leadership skills. Unfortunately most of those communities now lie dead, however everything must one day die, as it begins it's life. Therefore we are hoping to make this community last throughout the years, and we have every ounce of dedication to do it. Rules Constant disrespect towards the community or any of its members is not toleratedWhile there are no activity requirements, all we ask is that you log in at least once every 7 daysTeamspeak 3 is essential for important tasks - (raids, defending our base, group exploring, etc..)We will never ask you to donate in-game or out-of-game money to the community, however we will ask for you to contribute in some wayYou cannot make any major changes to the land we build on or the surrounding land unless you inform a leader of your intentionYou will not slander our name while you represent us (This means do not be an annoying troll or mean soul in any form a chat towards other wurm players)You must be able to work in a team and follow instructions if given (Lone wolf's don't make it far with the Brotherhood)Do not attempt to unlock anyone's chest without their permission or take any other contents from itDo not repeatidly ask The Brotherhood and it's members for money (We take care of our own here, and if we can pay for your premium we will, however do not beg)If you are caught stealing from us you will be removed instantlyIf you are caught attempting to kill any one of us you will be removed instantly (We don't tolerate the whole "I was just playing around" speech)Do not be a sore winner (If you've got something to say to someone, use your weapon, not your text)Be loyal to us as we are to you*Defend the brothers and sisters of the Brotherhood Gaming Essentials Chaotic Brotherhood Website Teamspeak 3 Address: Steam Community Registration For more information on joining our community, and the community itself.. Please contact Vinzen, Miztu, or Giddyod and we will respond to you as soon as possible.