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  1. Other people took all the good answers, all I have this stupid reply and a t-shirt that says "Other people took the good answers before I could post."
  2. Bought corn (barrel) and fennel oil (jar). I don't think people realize the amount of work and crop (500) involved in doing this. And a small barrel will last the average player an EXTREMELY long time being re-sealed.. The oils available for the price charged is a GENUINE deal. Had fiancé and friends who use purchase as well.
  3. White, gold and pink added. Pictures soon!
  4. Oh my bad, I do have a pretty high ql white as well.
  5. As title says selling custom dyes lanterns. Link for current colors available, adding more soon. Lanterns are 50c @80ql. Lanterns are 35c @70ql. High quality white is also available. Gold and pink in stock - pics added tomorrow
  6. Without being hostile or trolling, any advertising would be a nice change. Billy Bob: What do you play? Me: Wurm Billy Bob: What's that? In 8 years never heard anything different. Do I wanna see 50,000 new players here? No, not so much...but I have admittedly been bishing for years about the lack of advertisement. Would like to see the number of current servers justified. And yeah I wish we did hear a smidge more then "We have a plan"... not looking for full details but general direction would be nice example: We are definitely going to go in the direction of online gamer magazines like Massive, gamerRus....etc. example: We feel it would work to use banners on other gamer websites that redirect players to Wurm Online
  7. THIS ACCOUNT IS NOT FOR SALE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Please close link. Pun you need to contact me.
  8. yup make no sense at all. I don't want to pay for runes to do half the job.
  9. Lrg maul 65ql 30c. Rake 61ql 80coc 75c Saddle 80ql 35c Prices are non-negotiable. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prices reduced Also for sale in full wine barrels. Qualities are approx. 45-55ql: Ale (ingredients come with sale) 1.2s Rootbeer 1.2s Ginger Beer 1.2s
  10. Even for pvpers it's a load of chicken poop with cow butt. Any pvper knows to lock their crap or they have no business pvping and during a raid they got better things to do, like kill each other and talk smack. [18:06:43] <Theplague> 30 seconds won't make any difference in a pvp setting Exactly. It truly is a pure waste of time.
  11. I have spent more time then any normal person should wondering why the hell attaching a lock has such a ridiculous timer. I can not for the life of me think of a reason and no skill is involved. In short please seriously reduce and standardize the timer. 10 seconds? Took me longer to attach the lock then making the gate with 10 bricks and a fence bar.
  12. I actually like this idea. +1
  13. sold!

    The Respite is located at c/d 24 the north side of the lil' island. The south side has a very small deed, belonging to me. Being northern Xan the hunting is varied and good on the island and surrounding it. The island is in fact only a 4 tile separation so there is no problem crossing over. Resourses on or within 20 seconds of deed: clay (both on and off deed), sand, tar, moss, water, hunting. Available fruit trees/bushes: lemon, cherry, orange, hazelnut, camilla, lavender, roses, grapes, maple on deed AND around island. Fir wood is the predominate wood tree. Mine: Is small, can be expanded easily. Only iron at the moment but again it's not big. Heavily reinforced at start. Deed comes with: 5-6 hell horses 5 speeds, some with sparkle trait also dozen or more cows and a few bulls for breeding. Small mix of sheep/rams. Several chickens that DO produce eggs Two pens are fully enchanted, 5 x 4. wagon Left behind a lot of bulk; high quality logs, ores, etc I'll leave behind a mix of food to let ya start cooking while you wait for crops Mailbox is a 90 something cast, under 10 minutes. smelter forages and ovens of decent ql. 6 pens in total plus a back yard with small stables 2 buildings approx. 200 tiles of farm, room to add more fruit trees Other then myself, no neighbors. We (bf and I) have a very small deed on the south end of the island, we are peaceful and won't be doing any projects, just very occasionally stopping in for a few days. Hunting: trolls, scorpions, crab, hell hounds, bears, wolves and pigs are very common place. Please refer to the spoiler for deed upkeep, size, ratio etc. Houses are complete and move-in ready as is the deed in general. There is 2 months upkeep (over 5s), deed is move in ready and great for hunting/cooking/peace n quiet. I'd like an whooooooooole 9s Leave a forum pm or PM me in game on either Pagani or Khadon.
  14. It would be nice if the chat system could have a few changes. 1. I would like the ability to be able to organize my tabs. Just for example right now it's local, GL, trader, freedom. If I could move my tabs to have it local, GL, Freedom, Trade Don't mind if local needs to remain the first for whatever reason but being able to organize would be awesome. I have another game that allowed this. 2. It would be extremely helpful to be able to create a channel. Like for example instead of the x to merely close the chat there be a small button that allows me to open "Pagani's Channel" And with some basic / command invite who I want in that channel. These private chats would be like pm's, you don't hold responsibility for moderating them, it's up to the player who opens it and invites. Another simple / function could be added to remove people as a simple way of player moderation. This has a lot of practical application and well as convince for players. Yes we have irc, it's not convenient, it's not user friendly. I beg you to PLEASE consider it.
  15. Looking for a new place a bit bigger. 35x35-45x45 Anything smaller then 35 MUST BE easily expanded - no surface mining or digging to china even if they do have nice food and lovely art. And no buying 20,000,000 dirt, terraforming is not my friend or dirty fantasy! Acceptable severs: Xanadu (lag sucks but not sure I can leave my peeps behind :() Celebration Pristine Release I prefer deeds that are modest/moderate - more homestead, less giant city from hell. The less tiered the better. Good farming area. Orchid welcomed Multiple houses welcomed - have some nublets to come with. Ocd people rock.. Not fussy about mine as long as it wasn't made by a blind noob. Fixtures optional (eg: book case, smelter...) Don't need a lot left behind. Cows and sheep +1 Please have pictures available and local resource info.
  16. Looking to buy cooking account, other skills obviously helpful but not as important. gender/name/faith unimportant. Please have a skill dump ready and a rough price, on a budget. Not looking for a high end account. Sale will be confidential as will any skill dumps given. Can pm Pagani in game also.