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  1. I actually have thought of the money issue and if ppl want to pay to skill up why shouldnt they it is there money and ppl pay for accounts all the time so there isnt much difference.
  2. yes but if you have prem alts then why not allow ppl to help out there alts and yes i know a lot of ppl will tell new player to buzz off and that is their choice thats another reason i suggested rewards for mentors. Also the numbers giving do not have to be the exact ones used they were just an example.
  3. So my idea is that we add in some kind of metor/master and apprentice function. This function will help younger players gain skill a bit faster and add some sense of realism. The idea is that a player with less than 50 skill can find a more experienced player who has more than 50skill in the area he wishes to be mentored in and ask them to be mentor to them for that specific skill. I.e. if a player with 10 LW asked a player with 50 LW or more to be there mentor. It would be up to the mentor wether or not to accept. Now once the player has a mentor the way it would work is when there mentor is online and within their local the player gets increased skill gain. The higher skilled the mentor the higher the skill gain for the apprentice. For example if the Mentor has 50+ skill it will give 2x skill gain 70+skill 3x skill gain and 90+ skill 4x skill gain. Also to make it more beneficial to the mentors we could add some kind of either increase in their skill gain or maybe a title and some other reward. Let me know what you think if you give it a + or -1 plz let me know why.
  4. From what i have heard here and ingame only about 50-100 are leaving maybe a few more but definatley not a majority
  5. Prices updated however we are closed untill i return from choas. sorry if you have any non time sensitive orders you want me to do when i return let me know. Because of this inconveince i will be doing deliveries for free for one week when i return.
  6. I am back and ready to deliver after april 11.
  7. I can give rides to anyone on inde deli or exo! Msg me if you would like a ride.
  8. +1 however i think mules and donkeys should be rideable for everyone including non prems and be slightly faster than a cow.
  9. Battering rams were extremely slow and unweildly!
  10. Wish i could play but cant affor the closed alpha so i will wait for open alpha. Extremly excited though if you guys are starting a wurm player base kingdom count me in! Wurmians will conquer LIF!