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  1. Sawmill

    I really like the concept of having crude mechanics. Obviously there wouldn't be any skill gains associated, and in game terms, you would supply an input in a container that would be consumed over time and replaced with another item so it wouldn't be terribly hard to code. We could even start out simple and have these construct that require player interaction. Let's take the sawmill for example. We have a container where we can drop up to 10 logs, for example, and then activate the sawmill via right-click action. After a 60 second timer (assuming full stamina and about 30-40 QL of the sawmill), one log is consumed and you get Log KG / 4 planks in the same container. The benefit to players is that you can fit more logs in the sawmill than you can carry, and you don't have to have inventory space to hold the finish products. If we add a rule for only one sawmill in a 20 tile radius we can prevent players from mass building sawmills (not that it would be a huge benefit because you need a player action to process the log). Plank QL would depend on sawmill QL and player skill when they activate it. The game could add round saw blade as a crafting item, and the recipe for the small could be: small crate, round saw blade, 10 bricks, 10 mortar and require 45 masonry to start it. It could be a subclass of the container with a special function added on to provide the processing of logs. Another idea could be to add different wood products such as support beams, planks, and shafts to the sawmill as well, making it a combination of a saw, carving knife, and container. It would have to be put on ground, and once placed, cannot be picked up again. I think the tech level in the game supports it as Wurm seems to have a similar tech level to games like Skyrim, and Skyrim has a sawmill in one of the villages. It also ends a bit more high end crafting to the game, and makes creating planks for building projects a bit more efficient.
  2. Sawmill

    I had an idea as I was cutting up tons and tons of planks for a house. The idea is for a sawmill container that you can put in X logs and get Y planks and Y scrap back over a period of time. I was thinking a starting point for balance could be 5 logs in and the corresponding number of planks and wood scrap over a 2 hour period. Horribly slow compared to manually making planks so it shouldn't impact the bulk plank market, but a little bit of automation to free players up from having to grind a small number of planks. If this were added, I'd build 5 or 6 of them and load up every night before logging off to keep my stock of planks up for smaller projects. The intent is not to eliminate the bulk planks market, or completely automate making planks, but to free players from small spurts of plank making so they can tend to other things and still make planks. I would also suggest adding a proximity check so there has to be X number of tiles between each sawmill to avoid mega deeds covered in sawmills. Just a thought, yay or nah as you see fit
  3. Making Money Meta

    I am building a rather large house at the moment so I am making a lot of planks. I will set aside the rare planks for now and see if I can make a rare item from it. Right now I have a rare log, should I saw it up into planks or is there a better use for it?
  4. Making Money Meta

    Yeah I am not planning on grinding money full time, but I would like to pay my premium each month and maybe eventually fund a deed. In all my time playing on and off the only rare or supreme items I ever gotten were dirt, logs, and a fish. I don't really grind, but I probably should start getting my skills up for creating tools and such and maybe try to farm some rares out of that process. In the meantime, bulk goods sounds like it might be the way to go.
  5. Greetings everyone! The last time I played, earning an income in the game revolved around selling high QL items, bulk goods, or labor to earn money. Is this still pretty much the same situation? Once I get myself settled in I'd like to start earning some coin, but have mostly mediocre skills (highest is ~51 carpentry) so I am looking at either bulk goods (planks, shafts, etc...) where QL doesn't much matter, or labor to earn cash. I do have good digging and mining skills, but have no idea how those jobs get priced out - is it still 1s/1k actions? I also thought about a delivery service, but not sure if that would work. I play mostly on Xanadu, but wouldn't mind ferrying goods from server to server if there is money to be made there. Thanks for any ideas in advance!
  6. Coming back to Xanadu

    Thanks Weather! Let's see how long I make it this time around Although I am not going to be getting my own deed - just going to live on the New Haven deed for the foreseeable future.
  7. Coming back to Xanadu

    Thanks for the info, in fact, I am actually listening to your building shady vale videos on YouTube at the moment I am hoping to get online in a couple of hours so hopefully I will see you two around!
  8. If someone wanted to revitalize the area and clean it up, I would volunteer to help out with that. I don't really know what make a good starter town so I don't want to say "Hey, I will clean it up if given permissions" but am willing to help out anyone who has a plan.
  9. Hello everyone! After an extended break during which I am sure my deed and all my items decayed to nothing, I am coming back to the game as a free player. This time, I think I am just going to wander around Xanadu looking for people who need low-skill work done to help them with their projects. If I can make a little coin while at it, great, but I am really looking to meet people to play with. Free to play player means my skills are capped at 20 so I am mostly going to be stuck with bulk item type tasks, which is ok. If you want me to swing by once I get online, let me know your in-game name and location. I think my character (Croa) is around the Linton area, but am willing to travel I used to be part of an alliance in that area but don't remember the name (dinant was another player in that alliance) so I wouldn't mind getting back in touch with that alliance again, but really am open to just about anything. My usual playtime is around 6:30 PM CDT and plan to be online a an hour or two depending on if the wife wants to do anything. See you in game!
  10. I haven't really settled on a lot of specifics yet, because I don't know what the system is capable of. I also want to leave some stuff open to discussion by the players that come to play on the server. If 5 people say they are interested, and all 5 want 10x skill gain or 15x skill gain, then more than likely that is what I will set it at. At first brush, I like how decay works in WO so I will probably keep that the same. When WU launches I plan on giving my server and its community a few months to sort of discuss and tweak the environment. I can go and decide beforehand on all these variables, but for me, Wurm is a shared experience so I want to invite others to contribute to the design process as well. Edit: I went back and looked up the rofltax and gauges. I hadn't heard the terms before so I was unfamiliar with them when I replied. On rofltax, no loss from storage containers. While I understand that in real life items in storage do decay, I also believe that in game we are allowed luxuries over real life. Therefore, no rofltax. I don't see a point to it. On action timers, I think they are too long as well. Depending on the software's capabilities I would cut all timers across the board in half. 30 seconds to repair a section of fence is too long to sit and wait while doing nothing, and the shorter timers for making bulk goods won't kill the game by being too short. I'm also thinking about someway to introduce micro-transactions to allow players to save time. My first thought is to offer potions that allow for double skill gain for 24 hours in a cash shop, something like $2 USD per potion or $1 USD per potion - something accessible to most players yet not be game breaking to those who don't want to spend money on micro-transactions. My overall goal is to encourage social interaction and economy. I want to try and mimic an authentic medieval experience with the fantasy elements added in, but I don't want the major driver to be PvP. I am very much open to ideas on how to achieve that.
  11. Greetings fellow Wurmians! With 11 days until Wurm Unlimited is released, I figure it's time to announce my intentions to run a Wurm Unlimited private server. Again, most of the capabilities are uncertain but the following is a rough road map of what I want to do with the server. In-Game and Community Features Monthly in-game events (provided these can be scripted) - Examples would be a troll uprising and invasion of the starter city that players must defend against or holiday themed events Additional creature types if available Occasional quests offered by wandering NPCs with rewards being skill gains in a related skill, high QL items, or other rewards Pre-scheduled dragon slaying events, limited to 1 every other month in addition to whatever the current dragon spawn mechanics are Played owned deeds and alliances New items (if possible) Public Mumble server with private channels for alliances and villages If possible a web based news feed for new deeds being started, disbanded, and other notable events (event starts, dragon slayings, etc...) Fully functional in-game economy, including foraging for money and traders 10 silver to each new player that joins Patreon account to facilitate extended benefits for those who help offset costs of the project* Challenge mode featuring 60 day resets, other details to be worked out with community Starter city with access to free food, basic (10 ql) tools, and other items to help new players / characters get established Alliance / village leader boards - compete in a variety of categories with your fellow community members Accelerated skill gain, up to 5x Infrastructure Each server is planned to be hosted on a virtual private server in a major data center, not running on a spare tower in my basement! Planned for three initial servers: Pve, Challenge Mode, and a testing environment for testing modifications to the game Both PvE and Challenge Mode will have public Mumble server Weekly server maintenance performed Sunday mornings (OS patches, restarts, etc...) Project Specifics Server costs - $39.95 per month (potentially more depending on resource requirements) Mumble software - open source Forum software - potentially open source, potentially licensed Web site software - open source Development and enhancements - myself / volunteers GM staff - myself / volunteers *Patreon rewards are limited to silver and in-game items, not skill gain increases or other features that would give Patreon subscribers an unfair advantage over non-subscribers. It simply exists for those who wish to help with the costs of the project, and is not considered mandatory. Any money received via Patreon will go 100% to the project, and not to my wallet. So why am I starting this project? I love games, and I love Wurm. Running a server allows me to add my creativity to the game via the modding tools and server admin tools it offers, plus allows me to provide a place where people who want to flex their creative muscles can do so in a medieval fantasy environment. It's no small secret that Wurm is a unique game, and by running this project I get to ensure that experience is preserved and enhanced. I also enjoy creating things for others to enjoy. Over the years I have been a server admin for various MUDs in the mid-late 90s, ran several pen and paper RPGs, and founded / led gaming communities in various MMOs. My favorite thing is when a bunch of players get on and enjoy what I have put together, be it roaming fleets in EVE Online, raids and games in World of Warcraft, a 10 session campaign into political intrigue around a table with dice, pen, and paper, or by experiencing a journey through one's imagination via a text based MUD. I am committed to funding this project for a minimum term of one year. If the player base grows to 15 players in the course of that year, then the project will move from a project to long-term endeavor. If this project attracts donations, then it will be guaranteed to run longer. After one year I would like to have 2-3 volunteer game masters, and another volunteer developer working on extending the game, if possible, or working on in-game events. So what qualifies me to put this project together and manage it? In real life, I am a server administrator / business intelligence developer with 14 years experience. I have a deep passion for this game and for providing fun content for others. I like to code, and I like to design elements ranging from houses to sprawling deeds. If you are interested in this project, post here and let me know what you like and don't like about the plans. I'll be updating the thread as I work through the initial setup over the next 11 days.
  12. Still looking to purchase 50 silver
  13. Paypal verified, looking for a total of 50s. Would prefer one transaction but willing to take lots of 5 silver each. Offering one euro per silver, I will pay Paypal fees if seller pays COD fees in-game. Please PM me on forums or in-game with your Paypal email address and I will send money/COD mail.
  14. Xanadu Map - Chestnut Ranch Finally got around to surveying it out with DeedPlanner 2.0, sorry it took so long