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  1. ^This.^ I would have been premium for years more than I have if this was how they worked.
  2. Looking to buy 10k - 15k dirt delivered to Indy east coast. I won't be on much this weekend but will check this forum often. I can certainly log in to coordinate this purchase.
  3. I'm having AI issues on Indy east coast as well. My cows tend to bunch up at the north end of their pen. They are moving enough, they just always end up on the north end. I saddled my bison but they still move. I saddled my horses to keep them on the enchanted grass which has worked so far but one of them has lost it's fat status. Another pen with unsaddled horses on crops doesn't seem to have any/many problems. I've only had problems since this recent patch when the AI was "upped". Maybe some kind of pre shark temporary revert is in order until this gets sorted out. I assume the devs are currently spread thin with the Xanadu release.
  4. I'm more concerned about him setting his dragons loose.
  5. No premium plus minimum sized deed... won't this change result in a Trader drainer paradise? edit: you read my mind Lithien. On the upside, they might plant so many that they essentially become worthless.
  6. Thank you for the Xanadu update. I had my fingers crossed hoping the new server would be free from Trader exploiters but at least now I know what to expect and can get back to work on my current deed. I do feel for the people who re-deeded in response to Rolf's enclosure warning "You should consider making preparations for them being removed within a month, unless we see a showstopper for these" only to now be told it could have cost them half of what they spent. I hope they get compensated.
  7. I have found the community maps very useful and would be willing to contribute. I would prefer to just directly donate a month of support. It would only take 12 people that feel the same to keep it hosted for a year. Jan: Feb: Mar: Apr: supported by Archaed May: supported by Flycat Jun: supported by Xxx etc...
  8. It has been pointed out by a few people that if off-deed enclosures are to be done away with, they will have no secure place to keep their aggressive pets safe from their templars. I read one suggested fix to assign reputation to different mob types. I would add the suggestion of using the branding mechanic to override templar/guard aggression. My suggestion would still require a safety measure for new borns. Perhaps if both parents were branded, the newborn aggressive automaticly inherits the brand. Alternantively guards could be disabled from attacking mobs (that are deemed desirable) at their youngest stage to allow time for the deed owners to brand them. I know this is not a perfect solution but it's probably codeable and some compromise is in order to solve this. I encourage others to expand on these ideas or respectfully point out the flaws. Off Topic: Emotions run high when our beloved game might be in jeopardy but have some consideration for the poor sap/s who has to wade through this sea of constructive suggestions and hateful threats. I see many posts with positive ideas and many more that are just a few people argueing the same (often off topic) points over and over. Consider making a new thread to have your arguements and then bring the end result here. Keep it constructive. Keep it on topic.
  9. This ~one month heads-up is nice, but I think many would prefer a one month heads-up describing what the actual changes will be once they are settled on. Enclosures: Could it be as simple as turning up the decay rate so it is unmanageable to maintain a vast area without deed protection? Or if possible, make it so every additional non deeded fence increases the decay rate on the whole structure? Highways: We have the in-game map feature now. Add the major N/S, E/W roads/tunnels to the in-game maps. They could then be clearly designated and have the ability to be made permanent. Keep these to a minimum so it doesn't reduce the wild west feel of the game. My recommendation would be to hold off from any major changes and focus heavily on the proposed in-game voting system (one vote per premium account) to get some real statistics for what the majority of players actually want.
  10. There is no mention of this topic on the Wurm Startup > Update News screen. How is everyone supposed to know it exists?
  11. "First of is the direct intervention in a PVP situation where a bug was keeping the victorious party from claiming their rightful loot." "But as we did not announce the change before taking action on this specific event, we feel a compensation is in place." A game changing patch such as this should have been announced at least a week ahead of time to give players a chance to react. The idea of compensation is complete bull. Either the ninja patch was hasty and wrong or it was correct and the outcome should stand as it is. A GM snapping their fingers and giving anyone free items is wrong. Other changes have negatively impacted me and I received nothing, nor did I expect to. "Secondly is the distribution of spells to balance out the ability to get into deeds, especially on the pvp servers." So this was just a bug that was preventing one faction from have a huge pvp advantage and it is now fixed for that faction and will be made equal for other factions soon? An example of how disintegrate works suggests that it NEVER has a 100% success chance so how was it proven that it was bugged? How do we know that the party/s casting in this incident weren't just unlucky? "Everyone will be given time to adapt to the new change." This is how every game changing patch / bug fix / update needs to be handled. From everything I've read, I fall into the camp that says Sparta got screwed here. Sorry guys. All this drama highlights some of the bigger problems with Wurm. Every time a major update hits us the players take it upon themselves to post an "Undocumented Changes" thread. This should never be necessary. There is also no place to go look at how most of the mechanics are supposed to officially work. Perhaps the Wurm staff could designate pages from the Wurm Wiki as official mechanics when they are in line with the game. Having to follow the forums and IRC and Facebook and Twitter just to stay informed is too much. If the Devs don't have time to scribble something into the official patch notes then they should leave it out until they can inform the players properly. I understand that Wurm is an Indy game with a small staff doing big things and I'm ok with content rolling out a little slower if that's what it takes. As far as these new priest mechanics impacting pve mines, deed it or lose it. So what if people can now tunnel into your mine that expands off deed. Set your permissions and don't leave anything valuable off deed or expand your deed to cover it. All in all this patch is for the better. There should not be impenetrable areas on a pvp server or on undeeded pve areas. The way this "ninja" patch was handled was less than exceptional in my opinion. edit: Almost forgot. I would like to nominate myself as part of this player base made suggestion panel.
  12. I've been playing Wurm off and on for years now. Why did I join? For the pvp... Yet, I've never done Wurm pvp. After Runescape ruined their pvp system I went looking for another game with high stakes (full loot) pvp and found Wurm. High stakes is the only thing that gets my adrenaline pumping. I've spent plenty of time on the major MMOs and while they have great combat systems, the risk/reward is gone along with most of the fun. The problem I see with pvp is the skill level differences. There are people with 90+ fight skill that will destroy those with lesser skill. That is not very appealing to me, so I continue to grind on the pve server in hopes that one day I'll be on par with the seasoned veterans and join them. The fix that would get me pvping today is to copy a system like Runescape's wilderness. Every player would need to have an overall combat level calculated. Then you would take a portal or sail (or other means) to a designated pvp server. You would arrive in a small no-combat area. The farther you travel from this area, the greater the combat level difference between you and your foes would be. This would let players of any skill level have fair, competitive fights and the ability to take as much risk as they want. <-- (obviously a few more details would need to be ironed out). I'm sure I haven't considered every way this would impact the current system and I see nothing but negative impact to the people currently on pvp servers. However, as I stated, this is the system that would get me pvping today instead of another year or two from now. I still marvel at how Wurm combines one the most sophisticated combat systems I've ever seen (stamina tied to health, wounds to individual body part) with one of the least (stand still and let the numbers do everything). It would be fun if I could use this combat system on a level playing field (and crossing servers for a friendly duel with stakes is possible but not very appealing either). You have my opinion, now rip me a new one. Thanks.
  13. At 59.9 carpentry I could not make a large crate. At 60 carpentry I could.