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  1. UPDATE: this deed will sell for whatever you think it's worth. I'm fine if I don't get anything for it, I'd just like somebody to take care of it, because I don't have time for this any more. It really a nice place and a good base if you want to explore Pristine & beyond. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks
  2. I am giving away Ariahna's Landing, on Pristine, 5 minutes away from Blossom, on the coast. The deed includes: - large stone house with 2 levels + 2-levels tower above and all basic utilities - around 15 horses with up to 4 speeds. Most of them are old, since I haven't taken care of the estate lately. However, they can still breed and generate income. I used to groom them regularly. - 2 courtyards, one large including the house and one smaller, on the other part of the road. - good protection from nearby guard towers - private mine with iron to last for a lifetime + a silver vein - upkeep 1S/month, paid 73 days in advance - large cart - usage of one small sailing boat (abandoned by ex-owner) - some stored food (lots of meat & pumpkins plus other stuff) There is easy access to all resources you might need (wood, dirt, sand, tar). Great view, safe area and very easy to reach Blossom by boat, horse, or on foot. I selling it because I don't have time to play any more. The price of 4S is only meant to cover a fresh start at some point, in the distant future Please post here if you are interested.
  3. Selling referral and 2xpoweder, I live near blossom and can deliver anywhere on the coast. Please contact me.
  4. Is this still active? 2 sleeping powders here, i live on pristine