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  1. Cash in hand offer of 2s for the c92 shovel, if accepted please cod to REALHAMPSTERMAN (please mind the spelling)
  2. offer 1s for a rare grindstone cod to realhampsterman
  3. a good modify to the wiki article is that cherry juice plus moss is a working in game mix that turns peat to dirt. dont know if the one listed also works.
  4. the 1x2 isnt visually appealing but it's kinda forced by game mechanics. 6 horses in a pen will at some point congregate and trigger disease and pack tiles. perhaps 3 in a 2x2 would work.
  5. Closed

    sorry hatchet that is
  6. Closed

    please cod 9ql 85c to realhampsterman.
  7. so here's a question, which has better animal density say animals per tile, Northern xanadu or one of the deserted servers?
  8. ya... prices are tanking. I'd go so far as to say that set will never go for 50 again.
  9. +1 gives us more to do and would buff the Lil reward for doing missions.
  10. +1 more karma stuff that everyone can use without a tome charge would be handy.
  11. close

    drake set cod to realhampsterman please
  12. Not sure how much I can say but I'm sure you've seen the warnings in event tab and the change to mail system to make it more secure. Needless to say someone was a bad monkey and everyone is paranoid from it.
  13. maybe everyone is feeling paranoid after last weeks events but doesnt mean paranoid is a bad way to be.
  14. not sure i can support this message.
  15. cod black set to realhampsterman.
  16. been a while as i was kinda hesitant at this price but ok if u still have em or equivalent ones mail to realhampsterman please
  17. Post your price for a full set of 90/90 shoes. Lowest will be contacted to mail em to me. Please dont waste posts with sub 90/90's or loose shoes.
  18. Give us the ability to copy our skills to the main cluster. That'll put the nail in epics coffin and chaos will have an infusion of new players.Faster skill gain for epic just feels terrible. I cant think of anything compelling that'll keep epic doing decent while being the middle ground between permanent pvp and connected to EVERYTHING and challenges temp pvp with giant bag of goodies.
  19. ??? 30s... is this what stuff for goes on freedom cluster????
  20. Ya, gotta hats off to rolf and crew as I'm sure they're screaming and banging their heads on tables currently. But the OP really lead me on implying the game is up and running heh.... Fool me once.
  21. ya. servers died on my day off. sadface..