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  1. I'd like to offer you 7.5 for the first one with animals demise. if acceptable cod to Realhampsterman.
  2. Willing to pay appropriately. All of the enchants are mandatory of those strengths.
  3. 65 and 75 mining potion cod to Realhampsterman please.
  4. TIme to clear out some of my excess. Go ahead and make offers on anything, low balls wont cause offense but don't count on me taking em.
  5. I'll offer 8 if you toss some solid LT on it.
  6. good lord.... how tired of rifts are the crater of dawn peeps?
  7. #17 to Realhampsterman please.
  8. K. Might still be grinding masonry then.
  9. Random request, would you be willing/able to coc cast a marble shard of whatever ql and cod it to me at Realhampsterman? Id be happy to pay your rates for whatever you get castwise.
  10. Is raw fish not just terrible CCFP and timer length if any?
  11. stone chisel cod to Realhampsterman please
  12. Go ahead and pm or post me your prices.
  13. If you went to the last rift of November it's basically the same place.
  14. Ok, please cod to realhampsterman the next highest LT small maul of the ones you have on the list.
  15. Yes, speaking for atrocities PLEASE. refrain from trashing the cherries.
  16. On xana and crops are now taking consistently over a week. Suspect "tile polling" is dying in a fire from increased load. Perhaps a fix for this might be smoothing our polling somehow, prioritise polling over "something" or... If this wouldn't just be laughed out of the room give the server a lil hardware upgrade?
  17. Ya... gonna throw in my 2 cents and confirm I'm also suffering crippling skill gain nerf with things that claim to be in right difficulty range. I'm talking worse than weaponsmithing counting the bit of time to farm the food and kill/butcher the critters. Feedback please.
  18. Pls Close

    I'll hate myself if this ends up lame but ok opening bid of 5s to Realhampsterman.