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  1. , right on the coast of the lake. Might be best by boat. 



    Edit, listed wrong grid possibly. It's on coast of the lake due east from eastern entrance to fogshore tunnel. 

  2. Here's the restrictions on the LMC as that caused so much distress in my previous post. It's owned by a player who quit, so it will never be able to locked, loaded in a cart or moved other than slowly using the push command for short distances. As such you'll need to keep a secured deed or building around it to prevent people from opening it or the old owner some day riding up and loading it in a cart. What it does provide is a good chunk of decay free storage but it will basically have to stay put, it is located at the ruins of POCO next to the deed lynx den at about i14 not far from the tunnel to the ocean i believe is called fogshore tunnel. It is currently on a minimum sized deed. 

    bidding start 20s

    minimum increase 1s

    sniper protection 2 hrs.

    private buyout offers considered.



  3. Location is the old ruins of POCO on xanadu, bout i14, right at the lake with a tunnel out to the sea. Comes with minimum sized deed. Next to the deed Lynx den.

    Start bid 20s

    Min bid 1s

    Sniper protection 1hr