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    fast and easy service would recommend
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  4. Carving Knife, Iron 80.00ql Wind of Ages - 79 0.95s cod to caniee please
  5. Sickle, Iron 80.08ql Wind of Ages - 78 0.68s cod to caniee please
  6. Hatchet, Iron 80.41ql Wind of Ages - 79 0.70s Large Anvil, Iron 80.05ql Wind of Ages - 76 1.14s Rake, Iron 80.62ql Wind of Ages - 78 0.69s 1/15/2015 0.49s Saw, Iron 80.06ql Wind of Ages - 76 0.64s Shovel, Iron 80.00ql Wind of Ages - 74 0.60s Small Anvil, Iron 85.16ql Wind of Ages - 82 0.87s 3/19/2015 0.67s Stone Chisel, Iron 80.08ql Wind of Ages - 76 0.64s Trowel, Iron 85.34ql Wind of Ages - 81 0.83s cod to caniee please
  7. bump new place easier pickup and delivery
  8. added iron ore, rope and location
  9. Hello and welcome to Willow Harbour bulk Supplies. We are a new place and looking to serve wurm in bulk supplies we currently have the following to offer. delivery prices release 10c xanadu n/a (coming soon) pristine n/a (coming soon) where you can find us. J14 release can also do smaller quantity's if needed trades are accepted as followed sleep powder 1s refferals 6s Raw materials: Clay 1s/k Tar 1s/k Rock shards 1s/k iron ore 1s/k Building supplies: colossus bricks 1.5s/k Stone bricks 1.5s/k Planks 1s/k Mortar 2.5s/k Smithing: Large nails 20c/100 Small nails 15c/100 Ribbon 50c/100 Fence bars 1s/100 Slabs: Stone slab 75c/100 Misc: Kindling 75c/k Shaft 1s/k Arrow shaft 1s/k Support beams 3.5s/100 rope 1s/150 Boats: (all boats come with lock and anchor) Row boat 50c Sailboat 1.25s Corbita 5s In game name caniee.
  10. real nice person, easy to buy from 10/10 great bisons as well