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  1. News Update: Work And Progress. Week 50

    I am kinda hopeing that the new siege equipment makes it to the other clusters, including freedom, even if some of them get random nerfs. I would like to be able to hunt trolls with a ballista from the roof of my castle.. or build spiked walls that make it hard for npcs to get into my place... magic turrets could have value too, like spirit templars, but would need limits.. maybe only build on deed and you have to supply some sort of materials to keep them going... not sure. I just hate to see all the new content be only used on one server.
  2. Interesting idea, for sure. Would be great for my play style. Would it balance though? Sleep bonus is supposed to be a way for those who cannot play 12 hours per day to kind of keep up in skill gain. The 5 hour cap keeps other exploits from happening.
  3. Select Bar - Megathread

    Seeing damage for items close enough would be helpful.
  4. Fireplace lit fire

  5. Map mouseover tool tip to display grid

    +1 if you had a paper map this would be simple and obvious. So this makes sense to simulate that.
  6. Writing books and printing

    I really like this idea, sounds like a great way to implement books. +1
  7. Sheepskin

    They should. +1
  8. Edit for sheep

  9. Survivalism : Temperature

    +1 I would like to see more survivalism in game.
  10. +1 can't see why not.
  11. Utility Spells