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  1. but but some people like fatigue
  2. There are some spelling mistakes on your website but I really love this idea. I was looking for this so I made a request but now I see someone's already making it
  3. Hello fellow wurmians! Wurm unlimited just came out one day ago and as a total programming noob I already have some trouble regarding being a GM and altering the server so it suits me better. As an example: - I made a map, using Budda's WGenerator. However I have absolutely no clue on how to use the map. That means: making it so that I can use the map in my server and play on it. I looked for a maps folder in the wurm folder located in steamapps > common > wurm unlimited dedicated server, but it wasn't there. Only the creative map and the adventure map. I put the map I made inside the dedicated server folder just to check and see if I could choose that map on the dedicated server tool but (like I actually expected) it didn't work. Also I could not find a tutorial on how to use maps and if I did I didn't understand a single ###### from it because I suck at programming. So to make having and altering a server easier for everyone (mostly the noobs out there): The basic server GM package This includes: - A text file with recommended tools that you can download that already exist. So like Budda's WGenerator and WesncIsme's Character Importer. - A text file with basic info on running a server and info on the dedicated server tool that you got when you got wurm unlimited. - A map importer: For putting your custom maps into the server and managing your maps. - A GM tool for spawning items and using commands: (anyone who remembers invedit from minecraft? Sort of like that) With this you can: spawn in items, change the weather, spawn creatures, set your skills, remove follower or priest restrictions etc. If anyone knows anything else, please tell me. For everyone who says: Just learn how to use the computer! I get that but not everyone has time to learn how to code and some people read instructions (that include coding and not: put it in this folder located here and run it - instructions) as if it were chinese (when they are not chinese). This is for noobs and the most nooby noobs of all, like me d: Thanks for reading, if something already exists, like the map importer, comment it.
  4. Building +

    ok, i guess, didn't know this was possible
  5. I still don't know what to do ): I suck at coding
  6. precisely what I was thinking too thanks and have fun guys
  7. Building +

    Oeeeh nice, agree. But what is a vault ceiling (gonna try and google it too)
  8. Building +

    Hi! I had some small ideas for wurm that I would really like to see. They mostly regard minor improvements to already existing features of wurm. 1. Roofs I would love it if there were different roofs. So instead of a roof always being a piramid, a roof could be like: + dome + vault ceiling (counts as a floor type, would be the easiest way to add them I guess) and other forms if there is any interest in them. All roofs need the same material (like a shingle roof) but there is just another option available when building a roof. Also being able to have a floor under a pointy roof would make a nice attic. Since the walls are basically the roof. This is hard to make so skip this but if someone were able to do it: sweet. 2. Walls on walls without having to make a floor first. This way you can have high ceilings and possibly make better and cooler looking churches or throne chambers. For this you would also need something like a: crane or scaffolding. Scaffolding sounds best and it needs to be something that decays like hell but uses little material. + Columns that can support wall/arch corners (stackable for multi story structures) 3. Not having to build all walls before adding floors. I understand all reasons why this is not included in wurm online but on a private server 'who cares! :D'. 4. Pottery brick walls Mortar coating for brick walls (to make smooth walls) 5. Round windows stained glass windows 6. Balustrade More requests for building? Comment and I will add some to the post to make it more noticable. I made requests from other people fat. Thanks in advance
  9. Is there a well yet? I could not find it and it would be nice to implement it
  10. Does this work when you don't have premium anymore but you did before, and now you want the skills you had when you are premium to be transferred and not your current reduced skills?
  11. YES! I LOVE YOU MY FRIEND! This is exactly what I was looking for and thanks to the guy who redirected me to this page.
  12. I would love to be able to transfer my wurm online character data to my wurm unlimited account (when it's out). This is not because I believe that I can't get my skills up again to what level I had before or because I have been playing wurm very long (because I relatively didn't) but because I have a light form of asperger (some form of autism) and I get emotional with my characters on games :/ I now this sounds very weird but I can't, for example, delete an old savegame or character. Will we be able to download our character data from wurm online and put it in the wurm unlimited folder? This means they are actually still seperate characters but at least you have the same name and you can start from were you were in WO. I'm sure that there are people out there with other reasons for why they would want this d: Mine... is just weird
  13. I also have a post on "how will servers work" and there are some other posts about it, maybe move this there? I never had an alt myself (was just focusing on getting a lot of skill on one char) but i can imagine people wanting alts. At the other hand, you can just go on your alt and use it but not at the same time, as far as i know without a ghost program you can't make your alt do stuff while doing something else although i have no experience with that edit: it's a private server anyway so alts won't be too necessary
  14. Ok, thanks for the info looks like i'm out of questions for the moment, good luck with wurm!
  15. Do you keep your current character on all servers or do you get multiple characters per server. Like: - one wurm online char - one char per world (server) OR: one char for wurm unlimited Very curious about this. Personally I would favor keeping the char system in wurm online the way it is and having the option to have multiple chars for wurm unlimited but not one char per server in wurm unlimited. This means: -Choose a char -choose a server -join Opinions? And excuse me if this was already discussed.
  16. The point is that even though it is the same game, it actually isn't. Servers need to be tested. Like what happens when you alter skillgain, how does time work, how large can maps be to work with minimal lag etc. It's not much but it is something.
  17. Thanks, for the 'info' and you're right about the crops, that's not very convenient but since you can speed things up (like how fast you gain skill) i think time will be one of those options too (not sure) so that might not be too big of a problem. (maybe just a system that calculates the time since last played and adds that to the time ingame including crops and animals). Thankyou
  18. Will there be a co op mode or any way of hosting servers via steam? It would be really nice if you were able to just let friends join you by using steam. The best example I can give of this is Terraria. You could do this with something like a 20 player limit. Way this would work: *Click host *enable steam server *invite friends with steam *they join This is easy for players who just want to play with eachother and don't really care about the server having to be on all the time. Everyone quits, server is off, just like in terraria. One person owns the map. don't know how this would work with money that devs want or anything but it's just a suggestion.
  19. Hi! I was wondering if there was going to be a closed beta and if so, if any beta testers are going to be needed. I know I would love to do that myself too so just wanted to know (even though i know you might want to pick more hardcore players for that, like Duce, Gavin or.... oh wait you're probably going to beta test it yourselfs, but still curious). Greetings to the wurm development staff
  20. I think this is awesome but I do have some questions/critiques. The plus for me: - my friends can finnaly play with me without having to deal with all the OH MY GOD SPY SPY SPY WHY HE NO PREMIUM ###### - less griefing even though i think that is also a part of wurm - more possibilities (story etc) minus: - probably servers will flood with trolls, i mean come on, it's steam - not sure but i guess this is going to cost us a lot of money question: do you keep your one character on all servers? can you have multiple characters (keeping the old ones too)? do we get to keep the characters we have now? simply: how will characters work in general?
  21. Although it has already been requested a lot, I would love to see that too. I do know however that it is hard to do because of the java stuff etc ):