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  1. I will poke him
  2. priest

    might want to tell which faith priest you want.
  3. Thank you for sharing this lis, not many people know the harsh reality. Thank you for your service. These two men might be gone but they will never be forgotten.
  4. Even with 98 PAS with rare anvil I fail at times.
  5. go away no one likes you
  6. Found WKM
  7. can we play poker with it ?
  8. mail to who ? I can see if i got a few spare sitting around
  9. How to buy these items: Contacting one of people listed at the bottom of this post, or visiting the Crusaders Merchant located on Blackstone deed on release. Payment Methods: Silver, Euros or bulk materials in trade. Bulk material list includes Bricks , Mortar, Support beams and Dirt. Ratio for bulk materials will be discussed on contact regarding a purchase. Delivery: Delivery is case by case at the moment, if you need something delivered and you cannot pickup from the location listed below contact us. Delivery also will only be considered for orders above 20s. Deed Location: T17 Release Wagons - 10s per Military tent - 6s per Tall Banner - 2s per Banner - 1s per Flag - 1s HOTA Statue's : Dragon (Red) - 30s per 0 in stock Lady of the Lake (Red) - 20s per 0 in stock Stag (Red) - 15s per 0 in stock Nogump (Red) - 5s per 0 in stock Sol Demon (Red) - 5s per 0 in stock Dogs vs Boar (Red) - 5s per 0 in stock Man vs Bear (Red) - 5s per 0 in stock Bull vs Bear (Red) - 5s per 0 in stock Scorpion (Red) - 5s per 0 in stock Contact : Egard(forums) | Mclovin (forums) Bloodmaster(ingame) | Rudie(forums) Xsamuraizx(ingame)
  10. Tall banners cannot be mailed and are available for pickup at D19 celebration @icbash
  11. Might want to include the ebo wagon pic
  12. I would say its around 300-350
  13. come back in two months, rudie and i will be done with the work up the mountain at D19. We finished Terraforming but now its time to make 50k slate bricks and Mortar for it
  14. Looking to buy 10g looking to buy 1g or more at a time pm Myself or @Rudie
  15. Can close acquired all 10g
  16. This auction has ended. We received a buyout offer that we cannot turn down. I apologize for all those that were watching and anticipating the end, buyer will remain anonymous unless they want it to be known. Thanks to all
  17. What type of priest is it ?
  18. Personal goals are bugged you can get achievements which are impossible to do on the cluster you are : Ascend to Demigod is not possible on freedom so why does a toon that has never crossed to epic have it.
  19. I'll be there as Egard, with the Inglorious Bastards Guild. Give me a shout if you need any tips help or anything
  20. @Retrograde
  21. Really nice account and very good price.
  22. 3 hours left remember this for all 3 charges.
  23. Message @Velintarhe sells 99.99 ql chopped veggies think it's 1s:1k favor but don't quote me on that.