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  1. both Obelisks have been added hope you are having a good day.
  2. someone from the Wurm team come to me and fixed it by taking the broken one and doing some form of magic and trading it back to me.
  3. received help from a Wurm team member ty very much. my post can be closed.
  4. I was able to do the 1st two steps but on the second step, I was ambushed 2 times. opening the map not far from the 2nds step I got this x-only map. I tried trading it to someone else to see if they see the same thing and they do. I then crossed into another server and came back to see if that would work and no go either. the map is a 97 ql and tronn is holding it.
  5. got them all! thank you so much for the information and help!
  6. Added! thanks a ton once again hope you are doing well!
  7. alright in my dumb tired state I finally think I figured out how to play them. if you can double-check for me that would be awesome! and thanks you for the birthday wish.
  8. thanks can cod it to tronn.
  9. Alright, I believe I got everything there Hugh. The two names have been updated the five towers and the immense amount of deeds you have. Two of the bridges were added but this one [1524.2605],[1524.2605] name Saint John Harbour Bridge I did not because not sure if it was the right coordinates or was a single tile bridge. the tunnel was added but I had to estimate the spots because of the coordinates didn't go well so please tell me if it needs some more love. and ty for the information once again! V/r Tronn