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  1. i think most ppl went over that giant step forward that will be the storage cabinet tho... dammit, they are exactly what needed for kitchens and other working labs, that is a very nice addition too. Btw, i think that maybe adding new npc's camps/guilds could be cool in this game...there are a few things that may be automatized in game, like digging low ql stuff like clay/tar/peat/sand (20 max?), low ql wood up to 20ql, rock shards/basic ores still 20ql max, and maybe some more stuff. Adding a payed npc that can produce a set amount of that stuff per week could be a great addition, tho some more evaluation about the usefulness could be nice. Other things that may be very very nice is adding particle effects and other aesthetic changes to items that works like skins but will make armors/shields/weapons more cool if enchanted with the corresponding spell, we also miss skins for basically all tools (anvil for example), and the forever-asked waxing kits for keeping item from decay but useless. Anyway, the best way to make money for a game like this, is to increase the playerbase via best PR practices.
  2. i never liked the traders from when i started playing, and everytime they were tweaked somehow, they still were going to be a problem in game with their mechanics. In the past, deed upkeep was way higher, now it's cheaper, there's a discount AND there are treasure maps to make so you can cover some of your upkeep with tokens, so i cannot really see a reason to keep the traders bonus except for those very, VERY big deeds that will also stay up for years after a player is gone, wich seems to feel like the upkeep is truly not a problem for those players that have 200x200 tiles deeds. On the other side, there's a mechanic that will directly hit the players finances in game, about things they planned and built long ago, so i wonder if there will be a way for players to lower down their upkeep costs with other means. I think deeds (and the game as a whole now) lacks a bit of community things: there are no buildings or crafts for the players to make as a village that will help the whole village, maybe requiring some nice community work like mission buildings, and atm even a colossus sometimes does not exactly look as a big feat...so i'd say: what about a statue or other hard to make building/feature, that will lower down the deed upkeep, up to a certain value, for example?
  3. abandoned stuff is always a problem in games like this, especially wurm because it causes a loss of resources. Everything in the game should have a treshold under wich items are useable by others, ppl bothering about a rare cart or boat are bothering about non-existent problems honestly, but if that's the problem, just say that a decaying cart/boat will loose his lock, beign useable by anyone EXCEPT you cannot lock it anymore, so everything put in it is just free booty. Making everything pickable may actually be mandatory with this update, since we really don't want to have areas where you cannot deed or do not want to deed because said place is littered with crap you cannot remove in any way, and in small, populated servers, the lock thing plus the raise in ql especially of boats and carts is a true problem. Would remind ppl that after 10 months everything inside a bsb/fsb mostly become a few pieces each, since the offdeed decay for those is 1/10th of the whole per month, and that the largest amount of carts/boats is noobish, so they won't have anything inside them in maybe 3 months, besides the things that cannot decay like gems.
  4. Got bad news for you but the horseshoes are pretty hot when mounted on a horse hoof in RL.
  5. There are still a couple things in game that needs some easy polishing that will bring clarity in game. The first example about that is medium axe wich responds to large axe skill. Another one is the not totally "correct" and mostly confusing designation of dredges as a tool that needs wood to be improved while not having any piece of wood in the crafting, and using blacksmithing to improve, it could be better to make it use cloth both for improving material and skill. Will leave the post open to other suggestions like this from other players.
  6. That's the only instance in wich this will make any difference, but as someone else pointed at, we now have larders for food wich makes almost the same, and easier access to large and small magical chests, and i bet it won't be hard to make some workaround so after a certain time the food decays all at once if left on merchant... I think it's a minor abuse in respect of what we can do atm, but food is just one part tho, we may do whitout it.
  7. Another one taking down on the "you don't like the ears", ignoring even the first question posted. Obviously a long post that still further the road of those who ignore others because they believe they're right, and did not even bothered to read, as is clear here. Thanks. Let me add just one point: If they do not care, it's not my problem, i and the others who care have all the rights to show we care, and if the majority do not, then they already expressed their position: they have none. Removing the items, then, should not be a problem for them, and i did not stated i don't like them even once, as i already said and you did not even bothered to read, before expressing yourself on what we are saying here.
  8. it's not a problem at all, since we can just have infinite alts that do the same thing for free.
  9. I have a clear idea why a lot of people keep coming here and saying "you don't want bunny ears, that's stupid!" when the OP started the post with literally THIS proposition and question: Are you guys aiming at giving this game with no cashop those cheap abandonware MMO cashop vibes or what's the purpose?
  10. One of the best features of this game is afk trading via npc's, but honestly that system can be a lot better than it is now. Some of the things that needs to be addressed are: - ability to sell food, beverage and ingredients - ability to put containers into merchants inventory to organize sales: cannot have an armor set inside a backpack or a book with paper inside, wrong! - since we can arrange character inventory, we should be able to arrange merchants inventory with categories - let us decide what the merchants should wear, personalization may be important to show players what the merchant sells, same for stalls style: make them show items placed on it - there is no point for some items to not be sellable through merchants at this point, since no RL money trading is allowed: sleep powders and other such items should be free to sell Helping economy, especially by selling and using consumable items, helps a LOT the game, since ppl need to buy coins to buy stuff, and this is good for the game.
  11. If you like to carry one on your back all the time... they're basically giant rats, you know, and they smell pretty bad XD Anyway, happy that the devs decided to lock all the posts into patch notes, i'm okay with that, because that section is a showcase of what is added and it's bad to see all the complaints under them everytime something is added, it's not good advertising and probably requires a lot of moderation work to keep the discussion at an acceptable level, while moving everything in another area may be cleaner, and i hope it won't become just a place where discussing these matters is not listened, wurm certainly does not need an additional sandbox into wich throw the toddlers when they have a tantrum.
  12. So when you do is all fine, and when others do is not okay. But we spoke about a lot of other stuff in the game since the post opening, and you still trying to divert the argument to "only bunny ears". Why? Why others opinons does not matter but you keep saying things like this and think it's fine? Stop shifting the focus of the discussion from thematically appropriate items to just bunny ears, at this point is only you doing so, and honestly, this discussion is already gone too far with that, there's nothing added from you, move on please, you are just wrong in saying me (or others) are hyperfixating with ears when it is YOU that are like that, i probably have spoke about those maybe once or twice in the whole discussion, starting from the original post in the patch notes. If you think that immersion is a problem, then okay, move forward into a certain direction. Since almost everyone in this discussion that believe certain items have to be limited in quantity, spoke about the number of such items, can we agree both that adding more and more of those items can snowball into an immersion problem? From this point, we maybe can debate of what is thematically appropriate and use categorization to estabilish what items may or may not ruin the immersion, but that is another level into the discussion some of the people writing here must step into, because they're not on the same level now.
  13. @Oblivionnreaver i have an idea on why you say things differently than what stated by the devs themselves about the shutdown of the "other discussion" in the other section, but anyway i think the important element is just this: you are trying to shift that point into supporting your vision, because devs said explicitly why they cancelled it, it's because that section do not support that kind of discussion (and i agreed in another place about that). Let's go to your point here: "my view is that the bunny ears look dumb as ######, idk why you think i share their view" Your first contribution into this discussion was this level: "seeing as people cut off rabbits feet and kept them as a charm a headband made out of their ears doesn't seem far fetched, im not sure of any superstitions about carrying tank parts with you however" This clearly states that you share the point of view that is NOT that non-themed skins and items are not a problem at all, wich you proceeded up here to further stating, since there are other items in your pov that are more immersion breaking because not historically accurate, or at least this is what i believe you tried to expose...wich indeed is another level entirely, because there's no need to say that a totally different genre is not only "historically unaccurate", wich none pretended from this game, medieval theme fits perfectly with asian or middle-east themes in the same period of time, unless you also want to try and further the point into "what is medieval too" in an attemp to granularize the point to the level it's impossible to discuss. people aren't saying "i like immersion breaking things" they're saying This is just you assuming what other people want to say, that's even less than an opinion and not worth discussing at all: i could just say "no, people say this is just saying they want to see flying cars and laspistols in the game because they like shitty games". Finally two points: first, the point you quoted from my post the first time was an unquoted answer to another post, that you transferred out of context, making it almost without meaning, and believe me, maintaining a behaviour in an attemp to ridiculize others in a discussion won't give you or the other guy i was answering, any good, it shows just that you believe it's good to do that because certainly the other part is "hating". second: i see you still do "not agree" that immersion is important, this tells a lot after people wanting the meaningful discussions you asked for, spoke exactly about that and said clearly that immersion IS both a thing that can be clearly singled out and IS important in game developing, but i see you keep going against that statement with " if immersion is important there's so much more pressing matters"... Either you did not read that post, or you did not understood it.
  14. And you can see both again charging with the same phrase: "an opinion is not a fact", ignoring the facts that were given. Those that tried to have a reasonable discussion, like i did in the second part of my post, were just ignored because that's the only way some people here behave from start. It is NOT subjective that the game is portrayed as to be medieval themed and with a certain level of immersion, as we can see in various places publicizing wurm It is NOT subjective that more and more stuff not in theme with the game was added and that recently the number of such items increased noticeably, like in the last year were added probably more such items that there were already in up to last year It is NOT subjective that disrupting immersion in a game is a thing that have bad consequences on the players, as pointed by others with professional experience. You cannot debate facts, so you revert to insult others arguments, and in fact point me, if you can, where those having your point of view tried to have a "reasonable discussion" wich won't be "i like that stuff and i think more should be added because they're fun"...that's not discussing, those are just statements. As an example, THIS is a statement, as you pointed out correctly, so nothing to do with a discussion, is asserting a certain point of view: i find amusing people that believe they're discussing, when they're not. "The fact that a few people keeps saying that there's no standard, while there are pictures with written in it such standard, publicized to be one of the features of the game, is even more amusing, as much as those saying that breaking immersion is not such an important thing, when someone posted data about breaking immerion and hy is bad from a game design standpoint."