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  1. ATM sold all my coins, will leave the post open 'cause will wait for the trade to be completed, thanks.
  2. As for in topic, i have up to 90s in the old server i wish to trade for the new server, will trade 15 old silver for 10 new ones. PM me, i also have stocks of mats i may want to sell too.
  3. we have hill dwarves that will take care of the farming and wood stuff indeed! But we will also have an underground market at our main deed
  4. lovely trailer, while it misses the mention of the wurm dwarven population! XD Well, i've already opened a thread in the new server section for my alliance/village as i'll wait for everyone who want to come with us and play in a dwarven alliance, so you too Retro is welcomed! See you all for the opening! And great work, Malena!
  5. obviously you and arthurhawkings are into my crew (or crow?) ravenlure :3 we're already a decent number, i'm pretty sure we'll have a lot of fun!
  6. Ok, i've opened a discord server to get us in contact and plan a bit the alliance community. Just PM me for jumping in, our alliance already have a couple members!
  7. steam server date is getting near, do we have an eta for the hour of the opening of the server? Would be nice to know so i can eventually know if i'll go to work that day or not. I guess also that steam server costs for premium time and silver coins are the same as wurm online, but since i've not seen any details about that, i'll just ask here.
  8. do we have an eta about the hour of the day that the new server will be (probably) up?
  9. most of those details have a common problem: the actual ingame map. Until we don't know the map geography it's hard to tell where to go, but i've already planned for myself that this project needs a large mountain area, better if near a starter deed, with sea access, and a couple metal veins specifically for early creation (i plan myself to stick to all smithing chain, starting with ws as soon as the first days plus either chain or platesmithing, then switching to the skills needed mostly for runemaking... what dwarf don't want to be a runesmith?). Additional benefits are some outside flat areas for early farming and tree/bush farming maybe, but nothing too big, we're dwarves, damn sunlight! i am thinking at opening a discord channel or a forum for the community, so we can post there, will be easier with the different playtimes. We must remember that this server won't have access to enchanted tools for a decently long time (while we already have, it seems, a full vynora priest added to the community), so skill grinding will be a LOT slower than we think and are used to.
  10. i think the common area will have a tavern and some common storage and tools, so you're very welcome to add yourself too Flubb! I will surely have, over time, room to have some "guests" in my place, maybe a few housings too for new people or those who like more to be nomadic or do not have too much time to play.
  11. Hello! know that some friends of mine in the actual xanadu server will probably join in a way or another to this project. At this moment, and knowing wurm in-game, i'm more prone at doing a thing like this: i'd like to mine and build a relatively small, communal area wich may hold market and a couple common structures, but i like a lot more if all my allies will have their deeds and areas to play within as they like more, this because everyone have his ideas about play, and often different playtimes, so it becomes incredibly hard to have a community within a single deed. At my current place in xanadu i planned a long underground highway wich may have along it many deeds, and we can do the same in the new server: everyone will have his deed and building along the road, a place in the market, and in the alliance. Common projects will be held within the community, asking the players some help while the needs arise and within the will and possibilities of the players. For the resources: i prefer if every player will do with his abilities and resources, but having an alliance may make us start a preferred market for those resources within us, and i have a couple ideas for internal markets we can use for that... ; ) Know that my actual underground deed was not planned: most of it was built on the go, and in the new server my plan is to firstly find a suitable area to place such deed, because it's not at all easy as it seems to mine a large underground area, more difficult if you intend to mine it at max height.
  12. ah, i choosed to go for latin with "Libertate" for freedom server, and "Pugnate" for pvp one
  13. One server per kingdom? where it was like that? and do you think it's a smart move? like, how you can make pvp on another kingdom if it's on another server? O_o
  14. Some of us knows me as the "Dwarven King of Xanadu", i've a lot of fun in that server in mining out my deed from the glasshollow mountain, and i love to be a wurm dwarf, living most of my wurm life underground, and now it's even easier with large planters for farming underground too! I will be in the new steam server, and i may, or may not, want to try at building up either a dwarven underground city, or a community built in a large enough mountain with connected underground deeds, maybe along a common highway. Anyone interested in joining into a possible alliance to do that? Here the link to a post showing what i did over time at my place, in nearly 3 years of play.