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  1. wta Supreme toolbelt 80ql

    Supreme Toolbelt imped to 80ql, can eventually imp it even over 90ql if you like so. Starting bid: 10s Increments: 20c No buyout, Sniper protection 1 hour
  2. Slaying uniques personal goal, offer to help

    I miss gob leader slaying so may want to get on epic and get it!
  3. Highway work just east of Newspring

    Well, actually yes, Wurm is like that and is.. perfectly fine. You'll learn the lesson and go on. Paul, i am in your alliance and i think you should start, anyway, to listen to others instead of closing into arguments like this one of yours. Really, there's no need to push the highway INSIDE the market, you can leave it exactly as it is and probably you can even listen to what those ppl says, until is reasonable, then do what you like (as you're in the rules) but at least, don't be rude, it's better for everyone, i think.
  4. Highway work just east of Newspring

    Boycott is in your rights, even discuss rules is, but saying that someone shoud do something because you and some people don't like it, heck, it's another thing. Paul recently is not exactly the most reasonable of players, but start to give credits to people wich want to bend the rules because they don't like what others do inside the rules, is indeed a slippery slope.
  5. Highway work just east of Newspring

    Then discuss the rules, but i am pretty sure that most people won't like discussons about the actual rules.
  6. Highway work just east of Newspring

    Any discussion will just end if people will stick to the rules the game have, and not trying to "invent" new rules for their "purposes".
  7. Lunar Order Slaughterhouse- Green Dragon

    getting there...
  8. After i've gathered some "data" from rift participations, i came to the conclusion that the prize generation must be wrong. The ladder for getting the prizes supposedly should give better ones the higher you get, but basically all the times i was on the top of the ladder, i got nearly only one moonmetal lump, no jewelry or other things. The same applies to other players and most of those who sits in the middle of the ladder gets a lot of items: in the last xanadu rift me and a player from my alliance were in, he ended up in the middle of the ladder, while i was in the top 5 or 6 players over 30, i managed to get a small seryll lump (0.28, 92ql), while he got a seryll lump near the same as mine (0.26kg, 85ql) and 3 other items, not counting the other two he looted while killing. Besides this, i always fight with a one-hand weapon and shield, tanking monsters and using shield bash for advantage of all the players, but it seems that the game rewards a LOT more all those that just uses a 2h weapon with aggressive style only: i was wondering if this is intended to make the game the most flat as possible in combat, at this time...
  9. Valrei International. 068

    Let's speak clearly: priests pretty much double the number of payers in this game...
  10. Wurm may not know, but have a dwarf city.

    Well... it is nearly 1 year after, and some new works have been done at my place, i am still working on the village area and will soon start to build the housings, then i have a large highway project here. Some new pics Some pics from inside my castle, kitchen in this case dining hall and battleplan room Mining behind my castle for the village area the new entrance for my place Still mining, but also building a bridge, Moria-style And nearly finished: bridge ready, higway started inside my deed at higher floor level and most of the village area already mined out. And... because i'm evil, here's a minimal part of the rock shards bsb's i've filled
  11. Valrei International. 068

    A pair of points about shatter and enchant: enchanting and, in general, having a priest are tedious things that most ppl overcome by making an alt with priesthood and let him sit all the time regenerating favor and, sometimes, pray at an altar. Basically, all other functions over a priest are ZERO use by players, and since the introduction of chopped veggies, it's even more of a mindless grinding experience based on sacrifice and random, worthless casts: the more you cast, the better you get at, wich is incredibly tiresome. Shatter indeed is a prevention on getting very nice items enchanted for better bonuses (wich is not bad as a thing, if we could get more rares, but that's not the case, so...), metallic liquid and less shatter runes are an interesting way to overcome this penality, but: different metals shatter bonuses works ONLY on a few items, as you really don't want a golden pickaxe, rune bonuses are very, very low compared to the fact that these runes prevent dispell by staying on top of the enchant lists, and metallic liquid is incredibly hard to get and is basically a one-use item. What i will do in this case is this: make the whole enchanting items a different thing. Saccing for getting favor is nice, but i'll get rid of the two ways to raise channeling so fast, namely nacho cover item saccing and reconverting, and the silly chopped veggies sac. Then i move the channeling skillgain and enchant powers to this: the more you enchant an item, the more power you may get and the more skillgain you get (wich is partially already like that). A low power cast will simply use LESS favor than now and less skill gain, then you recast to get increases in power of 5-10 power each time with increased difficulty (and with that, increased skillgain). Over time, this method makes you get better casts only if you continuously cast on the item, but this will give you also better casted items and better skillgain, while the first cast is somewhere like the "creation ql for items"; no more need for dispel over items and try again. To reduce shatter: move the runes down into the list f you want to keep the dispel mechanics, steel should have a significant bonus to shatter, as like to reach maybe 40% with the rune bonuses, staying at the same level as the worse moonmetals. I think we could also produce metallic liquid by smelting down rare ores/lumps, wich will give a bit of liquid that then needs to be blessed and in a fixed quantity for any item, like a dye.
  12. Patch Notes: 20/SEPT/18

    Question on the "fixed" runes: do they have less output if my skill is high, then? Not sure to understand how they really work. Btw, i've found that i cannot replace any rune on archaeology items that have more than one rune, i hope in the future we will able to replace the first rune on those items with a rune of our choice. Nice update
  13. Valrei International. 068

    I won't be pessimist but these "changes" do not look so much good to me, overall seems only that we are still hit by the game oversemplifications: more sb for all, easier linking with priests with different spells in their pool (including those enchants like MS and LT... lol), make traveling a LOT easier, nothing that really shines, in fact, many things makes the game maybe more dull. Hope that the rework of spells will be nicer than that... and please, really, remove the requirement of a mag domain to use meditation power erupt: meditation supposed to be something that had nothing to do with priesthood.
  14. hi, wish i could ship you the scythe but i incurred in a little accident: i've burned most of my skiller tools on lava today, in an attemp to reduce ql :( sorry, not having something similar now.

    1. CrazyDad543


      Well that stinks, but accidents happen. Thank you for letting me know