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  1. Full Steam Ahead

    so it's either abandon the freedom servers and go on steam where there's fresh life, but with new unknown systems AND no idea about the resident population, where you need to start from scratch, or remain into the dying freedom servers but with all your hard earned high end stuff... mmhhh, i have an idea of what this smells of. As i like new starts, i may probably wait for the steam release to get back to the game...
  2. and with this kind of reasoning, a lot of people is leaving the game. In other instances you can sue someone that do not give you all the important informations about what he's going to buy, but mostly, any customer that find insufficient infos about what he could buy, ends up in going somewhere else.
  3. The many who won't understand, don't do only because things were not exactly clear at start (and that's why i've asked about the merchant BEFORE buying it, waiting 3 days to understand what could happen). Once you tell EXACTLY what we get when the server is reset, then it's just a matter of knowing the rules and understanding IF the item you buy is worth or not, or else, on your basic reasoning, ANY item, even consumable, is NOT worth in a server that resets every 6 months if you do the comparison with the unlimited time servers: why buy a sleep powder to have just 1h of sleep bonus in jackal, when the skill you gain from it will be reset the next server? Give us the right informations, and let us understand if the choices we do are good or not. @Flubb even at this very moment i could use a merchant at spawn point with the stuff i can make to sell. While i'm with you that the next jackal will probably have very, very few deeds on it as you can easily survive even with a small boat carrying just your tools and little stuff, i was able to plant my deed on jackal just by selling once some things i got there: it was just a chance to reinvest, the same for merchant, i'm confident i could repay the whole merchant cost in the first 2 weeks after i placed it.
  4. And here you can find the worst thing done on jackal: i was the first asking if the merchant contracts on jackal carried over or could be transferred to freedom, and after a few hours the devs decided to remove basically all the items that could impose a problem by carry over...and in that attemp they made a great mistake, by removing most of the items that could even get the game some money, including the merchant contracts. This behaviour could have emerged, at least in my opinion, only because they decided just to remove them and not considering the consequences of this: they rushed for a solution and did wrong, at least, for what i think: i was ready to buy a merchant even if it didn't carried over in other servers, because at start of a new server, people always spend a lot of money into buying things that may get them an edge over others. Sorry wurm, i've no intention of pay to be your playtester, it should be the other way around, and besides, while it IS a funny server, including the regrind, the hopelessness i found day by day by playing there for achieving even a bit of something, was too much.
  5. Switched my Shares

    to be honest, i think it's shocking to me the missing of a LOT of small improvements, both about small elements, bugs, lore and other stuff that in years none bothered to fix in wurm. Now we have mostly all the icons for inventory items, but heh, we still have the broken quantity in bsb items wish shows an item you cannot remove from the bsb until you empty all of it, parapets needs more mats that a normal wall and still cannot shoot through them despite beign made exactly for that, fence porticullis needs a lot of hard materials while house ones needs just mortar and bricks, and a crapload of such weird or stupid things wich makes really no sense at all. Wurm feels exactly like if the devs were not premium in coding and had their skill at 20.00 max, so they need multiple times to imp wurm to 20ql: they may get the item to maybe 30ql, but it won't ever reach even 50ql, while they tried so hard: i won't be too harsh in this critic, they also work for free mostly, so it's exactly what they could do with a "not premium account".
  6. Switched my Shares

    I love how for people "the company wants to make money out of the game" means also that "the company wish to invest in the game", and that the latter is the only consequence of the first.
  7. Switched my Shares

    Sklo, sorry to tell you that, but you may be sued in certain countries if you spread false and imfamous informations about someone, even if these informations may prove, over time, true. If i were in you, i'd be more prudent and lean to say that it's already enough that the same company we speak goes from cash shops in game to online casinos (if i remember well), to sell games in humble bundles, wich is basically a games discount wich leverages over the chance for the developers to make a little more gain if they cut their profits all over his product. About those bundles, i am pretty sure to know how they work: resellers pays royalties to Steam, who gains over basically owning the games they sell, to get the keys they then sell to players. Steam gains from that practice comes from the fact they don't need to do work for this gain, they just rake money from a product they already have milked enough, and if the reseller does not sell enough of those products, well, worse for him. Overall, the naivety i can read on most of the comments is staggering: from the staff basically telling their 300 players that they are stupid instead of reassuring them that the game is not already half into the sink (a thing that you can easily see by staying the last year into wurm: from 450 to 300 players online on average, not counting the 1200 we had when xanadu was in), to those players still thinking there's an actual cure for a game that is already worse than their clones, even if the staff is not even payed for the work they do, thou someone is getting money over their shoulders, and not little money. Don't get me wrong, i wish so much that the game could get better, but over the years, i NEVER saw that happen, and a lot of things were done to go into that direction: it's not that i've no hope or faith, it's that i became atheist over the years.
  8. Switched my Shares

    Aaahh, to me, this explains a lot... BUT, before that, it's funny to see people undecided to say that either "it's good to have a good company in because Rolf finally stops tampering with the game" or "it's bad to have a new company becasue we don't know where the hell the game will ends up". Also, as some of the players, including me, were saying, the game is loosing playerbase and money, thou now we know the value of this game and can indirectly see that the people saying that they were having a hard time paying for hosting (lol) were wrong: there's probably still a LOT of money to milk from here and the jackal operation may be intended as another rake to show the new investors the potential of this game. Well, Rolf just swapped his position in this company for beign the "investor" in the other one, who apparently works in putting cash shops in the game and managing it, and making promotions for not-online games, sorta steam. We can think that wurm online will soon have a vanity items cash shop (wich is a good thing and i cannot understand why this was made before), and Wurm Unlimited will appear in their "games crate" in the future, but i really doubt the investors will put even a single penny in it. Btw... telling your playerbase that the game shows less profit for you, enough to leave everything in the hands of a new company, is not exactly a smart thing to do, you're just saying them the Titanic is sinking and you, the captain, will be the first to get the better boat to save your ass: thou it's indeed "transparent" as most people said, it's still not smart, i think. I may think at selling everything right now, maybe..
  9. Because soon i won't have any chance to try at that, except if i don't stick with one or THE largest alliance over the server. Easy to understand there's no jackal for an eventual solo player or for small groups. Btw, i'm very very far from main deed, but beacons around me are just vanishing.
  10. Ok, so today we had finally fixed the mission indicator for jackal, and in the last 3 hours it went up from 4.5% to 6.5%. With this trend, it will take only 6 to 7 days to be completed and the fortress revealed. At the moment, i am only thinking that it's just better to wait the end of this thing and get back to freedom, since there's nothing to do for anyone wich is outside the main alliance on the server: basically you just made an entire server into a unique hunting. I hope i will at least get some of the skill i made there in freedom, so it won't be a complete waste of money and time. For now, i think i'll take a pause from wurm until i have a chance to get back to xanadu server.
  11. In these days i proceeded to build a small fort, a suitable mine, and honed my skills at the forge, making myself a decent set of plate armor and weapons, then i started hunting. Many of the dangerous creatures in the area were killed or moved away, so i decided to climb the mountain at my back and have a view of the surroundings...it could be a fantastic land to settle in, wasn't it so unhospitable.
  12. Some of the things i think may be wrong in this iteration: - concentration of action around alliances. i saw in other games where this leads to and it rapidly becomes like this: you are either in the biggest alliance or you're cut out. Since the problem is the ability to enter into combat asap to gain jackal points, i think the solution may be adding other ways to gain those points, like the normal missions in freedom: after all saccing for our gods here is even more important, and corrupted trees and creatures are bound to be destroyed here. - skilling speed. Tbh, the speed of skilling here seems to be even too fast, 2 weeks in and there are already ppl with 2 or 3x 50 points skill, at this pace they will reach 75-80 the next week and there will be very little to skill in the end of the month except fighting skills. The real problem is for those who already have grinded their souls in freedom and starts with nothing here, and while this could even be totally acceptable, i think that maybe getting in jackal with a bit more of skill may be useful, also this prevents people to make tons of 2s alts to double their gain in the first month for every alt they have. All of this adds to the fact that some skills won't be trained EVER, just because there's really no need of them, since this is a fighting server: this reduces the amount of skills needed to be grinded to a handful, it's just a matter of planning well what one have to do, and may keep on par even with the largest alliances even playing alone or nearly that. - the event itself. The first days, when we had that large rift beast spawn, who then moved around and made our life incredibly difficult, was the most fun. Now i sit on the shores of a lake and have walled in, but in the last week i had no attacks at all on my deed. We need this to CHANGE. Beacons should in fact be something that really needs to be sieged, like having a wall around them wich needs to be bashed down, we need attacks from rift jackals around and, if possible, they should be able to besiege our puny deeds in the wild so we need to build fortifications, and not drop a tent and be safe since the best that can hurt us are hell hounds again. Even just a programmed GM spawn of rift creatures around here and there is useful atm. I may have something more in mind but for now, i feel this is enough.
  13. Lol, it's so easy to make a feel like an army trying to push freedomers out of jackal that me, wich have waaaay low programming skills, can at least have a glimpse of what to do: event wich periodically spawn x monsters wich, in AI, checks for the most near freedom beacon and move to there. Like this, it will be pretty hard to live outside the area where most freedomers are and can help togheter, but i can also say that in the actual state, a single o two big alliances just takes all the game and server operations for themselves and you have no other choice than get into one of them or have no chance at doing something interesting before the server closes, wich may even happen waaaay before 6 months, as 2 weeks in we already have ppl with skills at 50 and, i think, at least 50-60 fs. Overall, i think this is one of the best additions the devs made in these last years, but it feels very poorly evaluated and programmed, and that the players will endure another time in wich they will be flailed at in an attemp to understand really what to do with the game in his whole (anyone thought that in 6 months by 6 months either i live on jackal or cannot even see one of the fabled skins we are on jackal for, and who none have even saw a glimpse?)
  14. Hello, i would like to understand if the merchant contracts bought in jackal carries over in other servers when this one closes, or at least in the following jackal servers. Since these are items that generally are bought in "infinite" time servers, it will be good to know, before buying them, if they carry over. Thanks
  15. in fact i think it's not invisible, it's just that they are "outside" the mine. Happens to me that wetas also exit locked mine doors, going outside mine.