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  1. Prices fluctuate, cheaper for bulk, etc. Generally around 10c per 10ql (25ql rune is 20c) anything low (under 10) i can usually part with 2c, pm me what you want and i can get close to the ql you want, and get you a price
  2. been looking on trade chat for awhile now, someone out there have rares??? will buy supreme in either case as well
  3. Interested in othee tomes as well, have a blue for trade, mostly want black, pm me or post here
  4. Salve of frost 25c sounds gr8 To elvenwing plz
  5. 39/40 frags and one rare, ready to go. Pickup in harmony lake, indy or can cod. Pm me a price or post here
  6. 8s for stone or wood?
  7. Lot a: 200 rift stone, 20 ql Lot b: 200 rift wood, 20 ql Will be lumped together and cod to winner Starting bid: 8s Buyout: 18s
  8. the client wont launch, i just get a message to download files from wurmonline, and anytime i try to go to the website my browser acts like its not connected to the internet, very strange
  9. Cod five of them to elvenwing please
  10. We have 5 spds in central indy, pm me on forum
  11. Currentlt out of stock, will bump again as soon as i find more 0x 20ql stone 0x 20ql wood 5c each, up to 64 can be combined for 3c cod