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  1. the client wont launch, i just get a message to download files from wurmonline, and anytime i try to go to the website my browser acts like its not connected to the internet, very strange
  2. Cod five of them to elvenwing please
  3. We have 5 spds in central indy, pm me on forum
  4. 250x 20ql stone 250x 20ql wood 5c each, up to 64 can be combined for 3c cod
  5. tried to transfer today, and it told me my free transfer is not available. someone mentioned that going to epic can causes it?
  6. All Gone!

    ill take all that metal for 10s
  7. All Gone!

    ill take the 2 rare arrows and tje witches hat, cod to elvenwing if still available
  8. got some rare bait, cheese, 80ql 2c each