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  1. schöner Server mit klasse Leuten kostenlose Deeds, eine ordenliche Map und keine übertrieben Timer/ Skillraten. Für mich definitiv der beste (deutschsprachige) Server da draußen und deshalb nur zu empfehlen. ----- nice server with an awesome community free deeds, nice map together with moderate timers / skillrates. For me it's the best server out there, so definetly recommended for german-speaking Wurmians ^^
  2. Me and a villager (both 71+ FS, high QL chain and plate armor) could get one sea serpent down to 1/2 his health while our spirit templar was tanking.. so maybe 4-6 people
  3. I will be there Edit: Well if the winds stay that bad i wont make it in time
  4. can be one of my horses.. (trolls bashed fences of my horse pen >.> )
  5. Special offers Yellow Potion (QL 48 - 30c / QL 64 - 50c / QL 80 - 75c) Snow Lantern (offer) Fireworks (offer) Rare Iron Lamp QL50 (make an offer ) Enchanted tools saw QL 61.16 (WoA 67) - 1s 50c
  6. Currently closed due to moving to Xanadu I am located at Grey Gums on Xanadu (J25 on Ingamemap). I am accepting QL 75+ iron as trade-in! (1s+ per 50kg) Blacksmithing items: hammer, file, hatchet, trowel, stone chisel, scissors, needle, showel, pickaxe, metal brush, leather knive, rake, saw, awl QL 50 - 15c QL 60 - 25c Large anvil: QL 50 - 45c QL 60 - 60c Small anvil: QL 50 - 30c QL 60 - 40c Horse shoes set QL 50 - 40c (10c per horse shoe) single QL 50 - 12c Lantern QL 50 - 40c QL 60 - 55c Iron lamps and torches QL 30 - 10c QL 40 - 15c QL 50 - 25c QL 60 - 45c Hanging lamps copper QL 30 - 10c QL 40 - 20c QL 50 - 35c Offering basic vynora priest services now (locate soul etc)! Delivery / COD Delivery on Release: 20c Delivery to Pristine and Eastern Xanadu (coast only): 40c Delivery to Western Xanadu: 60c Delivery to Indy, Exo, Deli, Cele: 80c Free delivery on orders above 2s (Release, Pristine and Eastern Xanadu only)! COD on Release: 10c COD to any other servers: 20c
  7. Hello I am selling my old deed called Montcastra. Its located at x32 y15 on Release. Its 23x41 and has no additional perimeter. Two guards are hired, less than a month upkeep ist left (see pictures below) On the deed are a few unfinished house (townhall just needs last floor, a church with only the firstfloor built... ). The "downtown" is nearly complete fenced (just some tall walls are missing where a unfinished house used to be). Sadly there is only a gold vein ondeed but zinc, copper, iron, lead, silver and more gold is close. pen/farm (horses are most likely not included) View from the upper part of Montcastra View from north Village info (further informations can be provide via PM) The deed is coming with all the writs and some additional bulk stuff but not much. Selling it for just 10s as the structures have minor damage on it Higher offers are kindly accepted.
  8. remove Malibu Bay at x47 y24 and add Lakeglen Bay at the border of x47 y23/24
  9. Nice to see that and we have to thank you too
  10. I will contact him ingame thanks for the information