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  1. +1 to keeping tree collisions off until the larger trees are made into less of a problem. Maybe I'm remembering wrong but I seem to recall a short period before collision was removed where the collision box for all trees was made smaller so for the larger trees you could partially walk through them but the center was still collision. That tree collision would be okay, at least until something more "realistic" could be done about the large trees.
  2. Not until a customer finds the problem for them if the last few major fixes are anything to go by. \o/
  3. Face palm for expecting a small level of professionalism from staff? Weird world when crap customer service is defended.....
  4. I'm already running out of things to complain about. At this point I'm at annoying new cooking system and <insert comment about poor level of customer service from some staff that wont get this post deleted> Like I said before, I'm not hard to please, a few basic things and I'm happy
  5. Holy ######, another long standing bug with a fix in the works. Fatigue regen fixed, now the embark bug getting fixed.... It's almost like the staff started listening to customers that want broken crap fixed. Keep this up, this is good.
  6. Hunting for pelts

    In south Xan you are almost out of luck for hunting for one. Try asking in Freedom or GL-Freedom if you have access to a mail box, lots of good people will send you one either free or for just cost of postage(1c).
  7. +1 A hold on new content and a year of serious sit down to find and fix bugs would be great. Fix long standing problems before adding new stuff(and new problems) please. Pretty pretty please.
  8. Bugged, broken, same thing. You still insisted it was working without staff even bothering to check if it was working properly. Arium had to find the problem for you guys. So Thanks Arium for finding the problem. Anyway, after 12 pages and 6 months, something was finally done about fatigue. So at least we finally got something done.
  9. *Sniff* I think I smell someone trying to backpedal over there defence of the fatigue system Anyway, if my remark came off as snide it wasn't meant to be. It was supposed to come off as exasperation.
  10. So after that BS of trying to say it wasn't broken they finally admitted it was broken and fixed it..... Would have been so easy if they'd done that from the start. Still a crappy system but this should at least help, no more screwed up fatigue regen on days you have to log out and back in often.
  11. Like I said, it's not he fix I want, but I would be willing to live with it. As I said, I'd prefer the fatigue system be completely removed. Your suggestion on increasing the cap doesn't solve anything. All it would do is make my fatigue, starting from max, run out in 5 days instead of 4. My remark about setting fatigue cap to 99 was "tongue in cheek". Meant simply that if the devs don't want to spend time on recoding fatigue they could simply change a few values to such a point that it would effectively disable fatigue. Set max to 99, set regen to 5 mins...... Also, not really looking for common ground. We aren't discussing some complex issue that can have many potential outcomes, we are discussing a game mechanic that needs to be fixed. Common ground in this case equals "it's not fixed but we'll pretend it is." The best argument put forward by people who support fatigue is "Well if it's disabled it would allow macros." That's the best argument in favour of fatigue and that can be shot full of holes.
  12. I'm having problems with Chrome and ie(Tried ie after the problems occurred in Chrome). Seems to have been an issue since the forum migration. Not every post I make needs refreshing the browser, but some of them do.
  13. Back in my day we didn't even have an ingame map so you should be grateful you have one (Note the sarcasm) +1 to a better ingame map. Or the same ingame map but a new tool, the sextant, newbies start with a low QL sextant that can be used on a compass to get a rough idea of actual location. Better QL sextant further narrows down location. Not the first time a sextant has been suggested. Kinda going off topic though.
  14. Please give up. You're not helpful. You play your way and that's great. That's your play style, that's the way you enjoy playing Wurm. and that play style works for you. Continue to play that way as long as it brings you enjoyment. If a game breaking mechanic stops you from playing the way you enjoy playing, I'll be happy to support you in asking for it to be fixed. Until then, slow down for a sec and consider not everyone wants to, or even enjoys, playing Wurm the way you do. The Fatigue wall interrupts the play style some people enjoy and should be fixed because it stops people playing the way they enjoy playing. And consider sometimes peoples play styles change. I spent the better part of my first three years deed building and terraforming, only grinding a skill when I needed to cross a benchmark. It's what I enjoyed doing. Never even came close to the fatigue wall doing that. But two main deeds and about 10 side deeds later, the deed building and terraforming got boring and skilling became something I wanted to focus on. Can't though because of the Fatigue wall.