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  1. I thank you for message. It is good to know that I am not alone and that was not fault of me or my bad internet connection. Please - is there any compensation for all of us, who experienced skill loss because of bug?
  2. Hello, tonight I experienced bug which caused my immediate death and skill loss. I hope I wrote all needed details and I put two pictures to this document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11TbLatd7RYCuoWBpKHU8-6B8-8lGbsPeuHfkXPaZ8CQ/edit?usp=sharing
  3. I have the same issue since yesterday, game is updating after each start
  4. Here is my official letter to PayPal: http://tenskytarou.cz/PayPal.pdf
  5. It is good to hear that we are not lonely victims in this situation. Thank you for your words. I am working on letter to PayPal. I will cc: it to Rolf and I would like to send it to you as well, Enki. What email can I use plese?
  6. Dear Martin Konarik, One of your buyers opened a case for this transaction. This means that the buyer has asked their financial institution to reverse the money for this transaction. We want to help you, and are disputing this case with your buyer's financial institution. Here are the case details: Buyer's name: Neal Hicks Buyer's email: nealhicks@gmail.com Buyer's transaction ID: 5BH72339TB213250T Your transaction ID: 2TX224629G9522223 Transaction date: 25 April 2016 Transaction amount: 33,00 EUR Disputed amount: 40,03 USD The disputed amount has now been debited from your PayPal account because of the following reason(s): This transaction was not marked as eligible for Seller Protection. In addition, you have been debited a 16,00 EUR chargeback fee. If the financial institution decides the case in your favor, we will notify you that the payment will be returned to your PayPal account. We understand that you may not have been expecting this case. If this case has made your PayPal account balance negative, please log in to your PayPal account and add money to your PayPal balance. We'll email you if we need any further information from you. Thank you for your patience during this process. We appreciate your business. Sincerely, PayPal
  7. Oh, what? Niru bought from me silvers for 33e and sleep powders for 10e. Both operations were on chargeback, my money were blocked for two weeks. I believed, that PayPal will recognize, that one scammer tries to hijack more people, but now I see, that one scammer with support of Paypal is successful. More than that - Paypal took 16euro as fee!!! Fee for what? Fee for allowing other people to take my money? Paypal didn't react to my letters and documents I sent them. I really consider what to do. I recommend to stick together and fist with help of Wurm staff try to change decision of PayPal. I know, that Wurm staff is not responsible for it and will not interfere into issues between two players, but this is aperently bigger case, at least with supporting logs or some affirmation regarding operations of player Niru. I ask all victims of Niru - please contact me by email: ten_s_kytarou@seznam.cz with short information - how much money for what and when you get from Niru and how successful you have been with PayPal. If they are winners, please share your success, if they are loosers like me, please join in fight for justice. I seriously think about going to police and make a complaint.
  8. Buyer's name: Neal Hicks Buyer's email: nealhicks@gmail.com Buyer's transaction ID: 314664016Y6664919 Your transaction ID:9NR96633P70818736 Transaction date: 02 May 2016 Transaction amount: 10,00 EUR Disputed amount: 12,66 USD
  9. Below is my reaction to PayPal ... My English is not very good, but I hope they will understand. Wurm is great game and I like its economy system. Of course the difference between (1month premium = 10 silver, 1 month premium = 8 euro, 10 silvers =16 euro) creates space for business, which is not bad until unresponsible people come to place. What I really miss in Wurm is HISTORY OF BANK TRANSACTION. I think that it could make things clear. Now if you CoD to more players something, you have no feedback who already payed. In that history should be withdraws and deposits, money from CoDs with names of players, sellings to deed token should be sumarized to day-sum. Hope devs will add it soon.
  10. Hello ... I am the next victim. I sold him 10x sleep powder - personaly delivered for 10e and 33s for 33e. I really didn't know, that someone can ask money back after a month - how can PayPal allow it? Is it serious organization? Someone pay you for service or goods, you give him something (doesn't matter if it is virtual object or real service like cutting hairs) and he after month will claim the money back? And who will return you the things you sold him or time you vasted doing some service for him? I earned this by hardwork in Wurm (digging dirt, making bricks, selling rares, atc.) and I use this money for paying premium for me and Camelie. Now the payment is close and the money are blocked. I hope that the case will be closed by PayPal with no harm to tons of their customers who were trying to be cheated by one scammer?. This is email I sent to PayPal before I was directed to this forum: Hello, this is second time he tries to claim the money back. Please look at history, you opened and closed this case alreaddy. How long will I be bothered by this case? Is this possible? He bought something from me, how could he want return money? Is PayPal so unsafe that the customer never know, who will claim the money back? Even the amount is not big, I spend lot of time to earn the money. Please infom me about this case, if it is endless. As I see it, Neal Hicks is cheater or second reason - the child who used PayPal account of parents. In any case that is not my responsibility. I put mail nealhicks@gmail.com to Cc:, why did he not contacted me, if he thinks there was something wrong? I suppose that I am not only one victim of his chargeback attempts. Hope you have some mechanism to defend your customers against cheaters. Sorry for my English, it is not perfect, I am from Czech Republic. Martin Konarik
  11. Oh, thank you very much Viti, problem solved. I thought about problem between integrated intel and GeForce, but I didn't know, that I can so easy switch it. In my dell notebook I have tool for every app to decide which will use integrated VGA and which will use ATI. Thank you once more a hope to meet you in game to give you a flower. ;-) JirkaSoukup
  12. Hello, I have to ask you for help. My friend just bought new notebook but there is some graphical issue in Wurm - on the tiles there is partially something, what is in 3-4 tiles far. For example on sand tile you can see part of field and grass and stone slab. Please have a look at pictures below. Notebook is ASUS, model X540S, it has Geforce 810M VGA, I just installed the newest drivers but problem remains. I use newest 64bit java as well. Please help, it is sad to look at such graphic. <img src="http://tenskytarou.cz/wurm/P1.jpg"> <br> <img src="http://tenskytarou.cz/wurm/P2.jpg">
  13. Hello, I have built wooden canopy in 2nd floor of one house and wooden large window in another one, both has wall in bad orientation and there is no possibility to turn them. Canopy inside the house in 2nd floor: Instead of outside: Thank you for correcting this and info how to repair it in my houses. JirkaSoukup
  14. I was standing outside ... the whole time of building that wall ...
  15. hello, I have another issue. I just built wooden canopy, but the canopy is inside the house and there is no option how to rotate it ... :-(