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  1. the future of pvp mechanics

    I remember a few years back when a couple of us discussed this whole matter with some mechanic to speed skill gain up for new players to a certain level, i still think that is a good idea and at the same time i feel like removing tomes or remaking the benefits you get from them into something like a higher chance of creating rares or slightly higher imps while crafting instead of anything related to pvp would be better. Same with all the different priest there is, just have the original ones as it once was and balance them out instead of what we have now. I also agree on the HH, either lower the BC and taming required to use them or remove them and have everyone on regular horses. Would make it a lot more fun to pvp. I don't want the game to turn into something boring because people are to lazy to grind but i think there needs to be a middle ground, use Epic as a testing ground now that it's said there will be a wipe in the end once the whatever is planned in a year or so gets out...try mechanics for skill gain etc for new players.
  2. A New Elevation

    I like it, keep the map at 2k tho. Rather have a smaller map with lots of people then i giant one without anyone
  3. Give Epic The Map It Deserves

    Just bring the old Elevation map back.... Only reason this map was accepted is cause the first suggestion was the worse piece of....i ever seen. Or have Ausimus make a few suggestions and have people vote on them. Just make it the same size as the old Elevation one, pointless with huge maps when we don't have the people for it.....i remember old Ele and you would login and see it was "only" 80 ppl on so me as a new player felt that i could go work on my fight skill since pop was lower then i'd be so happy for 80 on the whole cluster with the homeservers lol...
  4. Why was PvP abandoned?

    Just reading up on answers here and it is the same vague responses as before where nothing is really explained or any hints given on where the game is headed. Maybe time to switch whoever is in charge of what the dev team is to work on? This game needs some serious changes like the one Platinum and Mclovin said, new Elevation map/the old one back and most likely something the same way on Chaos and it is needed now not in a year..... Remove the playergods and tomes and bring the game back to when you didn't have to spend tons of money on toons/materials and whatever to be able to have some fun in pvp. Bring back the old way to get shieldskill up instead of having it the way it is now, only one i seen defend it is of the people i played with hates that change, same with the archery nerf. There has been so many suggestions from players on things to do/fix to attract more players but it is all being ignored, mostly with the "we are working on something right now but we cant tell you anything" answers.... It really is time for the people in charge to get down from their imaginary thrones and talk to the people that buy your product....if i'd do the same thing as you guys do working as a chef my restaurant would not have a single customer....
  5. Why was PvP abandoned?

    I mean most people here seem to agree that the biggest problem is the lack of info, feels like we have a higher chance of getting to know the secrets of scientology from little Tom then we have of getting to know what's being worked at with Wurm. And it does not really help when the only answer is " you get to know what we work on once it is done" just be more people leaving and as always during summer numbers will go down when people do other things instead...question is how many more summers there will be before people stop coming back....might be time to get off the high horse and get on the pony and work more with the players instead of looking down on them as they would be stupid. After all they are the ones paying for the game.....
  6. Patch Notes: 21/MAR/19 New HotA and tweaks

    I would say it is cause the players and devs could see that it was way to powerful in pvp that caused it to change, apart from your group that got a huge benefit from it being as strong as it was most people thought it did to much damage. If TC was to get everything through don't you think we would have pushed for say moonmetal armour to block all spells and be more OP since we have tons of it from Hota? I can agree that 10 sec is kinda meh to eat a sandwhich, should be break out of comat with nobody hitting you should be enough tho. Personally i never used sandwhiches but seeing how people ate them and never ran out of stam in fights i would say it is a bug and it is good that it is fixed.
  7. Patch Notes: 21/MAR/19 New HotA and tweaks

    You guys think you are being followed by the CIA/KGB as well? Hiding and sneaking in bushes when going to the store so they dont see you? The paranoia is kinda funny and scary at the same time. As for the spells, yes it was broken and you could pretty much kill someone with just spells at the start and it was said to get tweeks along the way and people put in feedback for it on the forums and then it was updated. You guys could also put in feedback there so to come now and say that devs are all TC etc because you lost a few fights lately is just lame...even tho you could eat your sandwiches and what not lol...
  8. Patch Notes: 21/MAR/19 New HotA and tweaks

    Whats the fun with infinite stam in fights? Same with horses, thought you had to break combat to lead them unless they are tamed so you could just jump straight on them tho. Why not just report stuff that is broken instead of using it? Not the first time people in your kingdom decided to exploit it instead of reporting and then claim the devs/GM's are in TC's pocket when they report it...*supreme boat* If you can't win without it then maybe go back to the drawing board and come up with a new strategy instead?
  9. Priest overhaul testing

    Problem is that the range on some of the spells that do most damage is greater then tanglethingy and since they still block archery with the shield while holding a statuette in their 2 hands there is not really a good way to counter it. I think what Wulf said is a good thing.
  10. New HotA System

    I like the ideas posted, first off guards is a must cause of the alts and also a smaller area that you can build fences in, be horrible with 500 million gates to pass through. And as Mclovin said limit the spawns so you actually have to fight/cap from another kingdom in order to win it, kinda pointless with a bunch of camps where you dont have to fight the enemies to win...
  11. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave.....soon they will forget what they reported or asked... sad to see you go @Sinduskyou have done a really good job during your time on the team!
  12. Personal thank you for the PvP focus.

    +1 Really good updates. i fail to see how this would be bad in any way lol, don't have to pay 90 € for a drakeset to be able to pvp anymore which makes it easier for new people to try pvp out.
  13. The State of Raiding

    Well i don't blame Panda for not taking the fight vs TC here, like why would they? They have zero chance of winning and just a lot to loose. Problem is that you more or less have to have gear worth over 100€ to even be viable in PVP unless you have the numbers and right now TC is the kingdom that outclass pretty much all other kingdoms on chaos when it comes to number and gear. Not their fault tho more impressive that they managed to keep people around really. Implement the Epic armour code and balance raiding more n cause to be able to repair from inside a mine for example shouldn't be possible. I mean people will be way mroe careful to pvp when it is 100€ worth of gear on the line... To make raiding a lot more easy wouldn't make any difference part from the big kingdom being alone cause constantly rebuilding deeds sucks and people would just give up and leave. Im glad Panda is around on Chaos even tho it sucks to try to raid them they do come out at times, they went to our deed in the middle of the night for most of us and stole boats etc, they are just like other kingdoms and choose their times. Wouldn't make much sense for them to attack us when they know we would have a lot more numbers then them..they would just end up dying and losing their gear if so.
  14. Change SotG to be default on Chaos

    It would be a good change but still would require the rest of it to be fixed as well....even with everyone having the DR of sotg on Chaos it would be meh with half the squad hitting like a truck and the rest being elite ethiopian marathon runners... Most fights ends up with all ppl dehorsed anyways, won't be fun when ppl are legging it around with infinite stam either. Maybe shouldn't have switched to PoK instead there pal and waited a bit more hoping they actually manage to fix things now that Sin is on the team....
  15. Well not everything is good on Epic, personally i hate the new timers for crafting etc for example. One of the reasons i dipped out as soon as the transfers came around really.... The armour changes are really nice to get more people into pvp without having to spend 80€ on a drakeset, easier and cheaper and it doesn't take that much time to make a decent set of chain to fight in. Not to be like that but if you loved how the old chaos was why didn't you stick around and take the fight? It gets a bit pathetic when you sit here bashing players from Epic instead of contributing to the discussion about what is needed to be changed in order to get pvp and Wurm as a whole going again. I mean you say the Epic players know nothing yet they managed to drive you off the server if understand it correct..
  16. Well as it was on Epic when this change was made those that had it used scale cause it was still the best armour, it was just more balanced and you didn't drop like a sack of...onions if you went off deed to fight Scale and drake is still really good and yea maybe the price would drop a bit? But they would still be just as rare just not a requirement as they are today to pvp. You can use chain for example on epic and still fight vs ppl in drake/scale without being smacked down and not be able to back off.
  17. Im not sure but it feels like there would be a better market with more ppl being able to make money if it wasn't all just around drakes? Like a proper chain smith or leather worker could make some more cash by making good armour etc instead of a group running about killing a drake here and there. Drake and scale would still be really good if it is the same changes that was made on epic.
  18. +1 to this, best discussion ever where more or less everyone seem to be on the same page
  19. Yea def a +1 to this
  20. People go invisible

    Just before this i got glitched out in a mine and teleported into another.....had to walk back to get on my horse again and it was after that he couldn't see me.
  21. Wurm PvP - Why Players Don't PvP

    Biggest problem on Chaos i would say is the drake/scale that is at least 90 euros and above. Unless you have a decent sized group that is experienced enough it is really hard cause you will be penalized by using plate while being dehorsed. Right now it is more or less wardeeds as close as you can get to your enemies that is the game and it is boring in the longrun but really the only "effective" method at this point unless you want to risk it all. And people are not to willing of risking 100+ euros worth of gear. On Epic the biggest problem is the map, it is useless for pvp when there is a lot of people playing there. I think by adding the code that is on Epic now a lot would change, at the same time i think moonmetals should be removed as well. It just creates more stuff that people "need" to pvp. Keep the drake and scale but remove MM and add the Epic code to armours. Would make a bigger market for people on freedom that are into crafting and it would not have to cost 90 euros to buy armour to be useful in pvp on foot.
  22. Bumpski!