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  1. Really well written Kris!
  2. Yea i mean if this is implemented my Epic toon will still have nice skills on freedom but his stamina and strength etc will be less then my freedom alt....i mean im fine with the calculations for the skills but the characteristics will take a massive hit and it seems stupid to have barely 50 strength when toons with the same skills will have alot higher just cause they been on freedom. Not gonna be easy to grind the characteristics back up to the same lvl as others either since the skills will be pretty high still.
  3. Nice change but as many others that spent most of their time on Epic i would like to see a transfer for those of us that spent years grinding on epic to have the same thing before people can start exploiting it And a new map for Elevation would be nice since the one we have now is poop for pvp
  4. Sold, please close.
  5. lol yea i wont sell for 100€ but i wish you good luck in finding an account seeing the offers you been making on toons.
  6. best enchanted items

    12.small maul, iron 70ql NIMB83 LT85 COC89 - 3s80c (+any demise for free) + Human demise Cod to Aetherion pls
  7. Pickaxe, iron, 5,6QL, 100CoC, 4s CoD to Aetherion
  8. Epic is dead and no matter what you do will it rise again. Stupid decisions and the lack of updates through the years for the PVP part of the game did this, same thing will happen to chaos eventually. There will be an update here and there to keep the hopes up for the few that still wants to pvp but in reality they are just burping out the same nonsense thats been said by devs for years is in the works, we will do this and that yet nothing happens and then you see some nice update like cooking or some new flowers or whatever. Great fun for the people that plays on freedom but kinda meh for the rest. That and the fact that devs rarely listen to the players at all when it comes to changes that actually could have a good impact on the game, i seen so many suggestions in threads much like this one and still nobody seems to read in on what the customers/players say. I myself wont pay anymore prems for this game just to get dissapointed once again. Remove epic and chaos and get a new map and a merge and have 1 pvp server/cluster is something that might keep people interested and something that would make it easier for devs aswell to focus on. But this wont happen cause it seems its better to have 20 ppl on chaos and 10 on epic instead of actually trying to get them together and have more people getting interested in trying pvp.
  9. Same thing just happened to me with my Scale on epic. Logged out with an enemy alt in local and my scale ended up inside the floor/roof. GM's could see the items but they never ended up in the pile when dropping stuff on the ground..
  10. Yea same for me, randomly fell through the floor in the mine. Relog fixed it tho
  11. The hard part is that with these locates a stealth trap is a no go cause you will get located eventually. Using 90 QL ring with a 90+ cast and it's still pretty easy to break through. Same as for Hota etc, we did it all the time when Rome/JK was still playing on epic to know if we should even try to take a fight or not. BL and us are doing the same thing to each other now. As it was before you could at least do things, now it's either you take the fight knowing your enemies outnumber you by alot or you don't go out at all. Have it like this on the home servers locating enemies, could be good for the freebies there to get some adrenaline going anyways.. Have pendulums work no matter what if you have people in local. All this change did was to prevent pvp and the randomness of things, we know exactly who is on and our enemies do the same. This is just as dumb as the info minister screaming when someone went into your lands...
  12. +1 Dumbest change ever, even tho it saved us a couple of times vs the Jk/Rome coalition it's boring and prevents pvp...
  13. Im both, i see the point of it but it doesnt really make any difference, mostly an annoying feuture. I'd be up for it if they also added something where ppl that champ up and then dont play gets removed as champs after a certain time if they dont log in and go to enemy influence. Instead of just hogging a champ spot for their own or other kingdoms.