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  1. Wurm PvP - Why Players Don't PvP

    Biggest problem on Chaos i would say is the drake/scale that is at least 90 euros and above. Unless you have a decent sized group that is experienced enough it is really hard cause you will be penalized by using plate while being dehorsed. Right now it is more or less wardeeds as close as you can get to your enemies that is the game and it is boring in the longrun but really the only "effective" method at this point unless you want to risk it all. And people are not to willing of risking 100+ euros worth of gear. On Epic the biggest problem is the map, it is useless for pvp when there is a lot of people playing there. I think by adding the code that is on Epic now a lot would change, at the same time i think moonmetals should be removed as well. It just creates more stuff that people "need" to pvp. Keep the drake and scale but remove MM and add the Epic code to armours. Would make a bigger market for people on freedom that are into crafting and it would not have to cost 90 euros to buy armour to be useful in pvp on foot.
  2. Bumpski!
  3. The settlement of Closed Pools has just been founded by Alecsander. We are currently looking for more people joining us and we really need help with our private pool area since VD's started to spread down the mountain and are dangerously close to spread throughout the waters. Preferably looking for people with the knowledge of how to treat VD's and people with some knowledge about how to chlorinate pools... Anyone is welcome tho
  4. Bump, nice, friendly and helpful people.
  5. Time to support one PVP server

    And all these things you bring up you think none of the other kingdoms did way before you crawled out of your hole? Both Rome and BL have been making deeds and went and fought at each others deeds it just comes a point when you realize there is nothing to fight over....skilling on epic is pointless since you better do it on freedom to so you can port back over and get them back if you die. Both Rome and BL been capping towers back and forth until we kinda realised that there is no point cause we had a side of hota each really....that other non relevant kingdom that just came out was still up at their starter deed...and the towers you capped was mostly down at the old VD island in the south east corner of the map far from anything anyone cares about....up until recently when both BL and Rome started to disband and you crawled up towards the old JK lands... The map is poop and i think the only good change they made on Epic was the armour one....Valrei is utter rubbish now and the rest of it as well... I mean i am sure you guys enjoy running around on a server without cheaper for you to setup another WU server tho probably and play with your mates there....
  6. Time to support one PVP server

    +1 Why even pretend that Epic is alive? There is a group of JK and some scattered people on the homeservers that never contribute to any pvp whatsoever anyway. Face it the last 2 groups that was actively doing pvp (Rome and BL) are gone now, Rome has disbanded and BL i think might have one deed left with inactive players. Why not get a dev or 2 to focus on the pvp on one server and make it good instead of a little update ever 4 months? Epic been poop since forever, only pvp like last year has been around hota cause nobody cares to go roam on a map that's flatter then a pancake with no real points to hold or fight over. Move the valrei thing and revoke it to what it used to be and then focus on ONE server and not 1 + a cluster. Only reason people play on homeservers on epic is because of the curve so turn the homeservers into freedom ones cause that is what they are more or less anyways.
  7. Light of Fo OP

    LoF in pvp sucks so much, no idea how it works now since i not tested it out but by the sounds of it is even more powerful. Why not remove the spell on pvp servers and let the Freedom people keep it so they can heal when they fall down the stairs in their castles and scrape their knees...
  8. Locate Soul range on Epic

    Rather see it removed completely, just boring when ppl sit and spam locate before they dare to leave deed
  9. Went and did the Libila mission on Epic: Description: Libila asks 1 of you to perform the Ritual of death at the Mantra Temple. It is located in the northwest regions. Done the ritual and nothing happens and i end up with 2 of the same mission in shortlist over missions, no karma and no scenario points. We had no mission for Libila on epic for a couple of days then this one came up when server reset but it doesn't seem to work.
  10. Some Epic Things

    Really well written Kris!
  11. Some Epic Things

    Yea i mean if this is implemented my Epic toon will still have nice skills on freedom but his stamina and strength etc will be less then my freedom alt....i mean im fine with the calculations for the skills but the characteristics will take a massive hit and it seems stupid to have barely 50 strength when toons with the same skills will have alot higher just cause they been on freedom. Not gonna be easy to grind the characteristics back up to the same lvl as others either since the skills will be pretty high still.
  12. Valrei International. 040

    Nice change but as many others that spent most of their time on Epic i would like to see a transfer for those of us that spent years grinding on epic to have the same thing before people can start exploiting it And a new map for Elevation would be nice since the one we have now is poop for pvp
  13. Sold

    Sold, please close.