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  1. Ros-please close

    Already casted by someone else.
  2. COD Efevee all Blacksmith all 1.5s Woodcutting + 2x 1.75s ql97 all Armoursmith all Letherworking
  3. I take both charges. Please cod Efevee.
  4. Changing VBO from Extersion to Core make hellies look normal. I check it on 2 PC's and 4 accounts/profiles. Seems to work every time.
  5. Still available? If so, i will take 2 charges
  6. All Gone!

    CoD Efevee supreme saw iron 15s rare hammer iron 4s rare awl iron 8s rare leather knife iron 4s supreme kanpsack iron 5s supreme kanpsack iron 6s rare horse shoe w98 3.5s rare horse shoe w97 3.5s rare horse shoe w96 3.5s rare horse shoe w94 3.5s mask of the returner leather 3s
  7. WTS Potions

    3 x woodcutting - 5s 3 x mining - 4s 3 x armoursmith - 3s cod to Efevee if accept
  8. cod: skull shoulder pad (aoe damage reduction) to Efevee
  9. 50ql oil of blacksmith: 1s 81ql oil of blacksmith: 1.5s Oil of the armoursmith (2x): 50c/each Cod Efevee
  10. 5 Low QL Rare horse shoe = 2s each CoD Efevee
  11. Drake Peak - X13/Y15 half way between square center and top-right corner.
  12. .

    25s cod Efevee